Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 5th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 5th March 2014 Written Episode, Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 5th March 2014 Written Update

Episode continues wer ridz cmes to avni’s room.He says he want to see avni’s books n all…Avni asks him to go out.he asks if she had cooldrink.she says no..wen is abt to drink thakur uncle is coughng so she gave him.she sends ridz out n closes the door.Thankur uncle in drunken state tells suket that Avni danced wid her boyfriend infront of everyone..he points towards raj n says avni is his gf.All family members r angry..Sawri bua says he is drunken n is taking wrong meaning of everythng..bauji asks abhas n akshat to drop thakur uncle till car..Thakur’s wife apologies.All leave frm the place.

Raj is upset as avni had to feel bad bcoz of him.Avni comes der n asks abt wat thakur said.Raj says its all nonsense.Avni asks hw thakur knws he bought lehenga for her?Raj tells avni hw he gt lehenga frm dem saying avni is his gf.Avni asks y did u do dis?he asks her to give him last chance n he wont do anythng dat will make her feel bad.He says she is nt his gf.Avni leaves.

Raj’s jiji n jiju watch avraj performance.jiji is excited.avni is also watchng dance performance n thinks raj didnt cal or msg her frm nyt.Suket is angry dat thakur pointed his daughter infront of everyone..all try to support avni n raj meanwhile avni cmes der n apologizes suket.Suket asks her nt to talk or meet raj.jiji ask raj to cal avni n ask if everythng is ok..Raj calls avni n she cuts his phne.

Raj decides to go n meet avni n see if everythng is ok..jiju also accompanies him.Abhas stops raj n jiju n asks who calld u.Raj says dey came to meet bauji.Suket asks wats d matter?Bauji asks dem to cme inside.Suket says he want to ask raj smethng..Avni is watching frm up..Episode ends.

Precap:Raj standing outside n thinkng wats d problem y avni is ignoring him,avni says to herself dat suket askd her nt to talk or meet raj..Bauji is sufferingwid heary attack n calls out avni.Avni cmes to bauji..

Update Credit to: shinybandi

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