Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 5th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 5th February 2014 Written Episode, Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 5th February 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with everyone coming out of the temple of khatushyam and they come to the market, there savri and bhavna tell that lets shop in the market, avni says yes and they are excited and avni then shows some signs to abhaas, avni tells akshat that you also wait here and you can come with us and help, akshat says ok and tells yes and savri says why, he tells there is so much crowd and he can help, savri tells that till today he did not ask them and why now, she then tells abhaas and akshat and to go and not get into women, they are forced to go and avni gets sad as akshat went. There savri sees a shop of jewellery and she says lets go there and they go, all go in shop and avni stands out to see the necklaces in the case kept out, from behind raj is coming talking to

jiju on phone and he tells that he gave the shagun to god and soon sis will be a mother and be ready and he laughs and keeps the phone. Raj sees a shop with statues of lord Krishna and he likes one of them and buys one and there arpita calls avni in and that time raj turns but avni has gone in.

In avni and arpita are seeing necklaces and raj is seeing bags and everyone come out and they go in spices shop, there arpita gets cough and avni goes to take water and she suddenly spots raj and same time raj sees her and avni gets happy and she smiles and raj also, avni goes towards him and raj also comes there, avni tells him that she wants to say something but then savri calls her and avni tells raj to stand there and she will come after sometime and till then you wait here, raj says ok and there avni goes. Avni goes with family and she looks behind twice and smiles bhavna and all go then in the statues shop and are looking at statues and avni thinks that she has made him stand and he must be angry on her already and did she do right, raj thinks there that has he done right waiting for her, he then says that yes and says she has told so he will wait and that time a persons bag falls and raj bends to help. There they all go and avni thinks how will she go at him, she then looks there but cant see him as he has bent down and avni thinks that he went and good but she had to say sorry but she will meet him again and say next time, they go home. Raj gets up and then he does not see her and then says that he will wait there until she comes as she must be busy with her family.

At home they all come, avni is thinking of raj and is smiling and she looks at his bracelet, in the evening she gets devikas call and devika tells her that the concert photos have come on net and she can watch them, avni then tells her that you know that boy who sung that song was good too, the call then cuts, she switches on the net on laptop and devika again calls and avni tells her that the pic is being downloaded and she will see and call her again, the pic gets downloaded and it is raj’s pic singing, avni smiles looking and abhaas calls her and tells her to come down as all the elders have gone to sleep and fufaji is telling ghost stories, avni says ok and she will come, avni then takes another pic to download but it is not so she says to herself that the pic will take time so she will go as abhaas called her, as avni goes the pic downloads and it is a pic of akshat and arpita in the photo.

Down there fufaji is telling the story and abhaas is making the noise in background, arpita and savri are scared and fufa tells that the door opens and then……avni comes from back and shouts and savri and arpita shout and get scared, avni then tells that as it is very cold and lets go and have tea and samosa, savri tells she never experienced such a cold ever, savri tells she and fufa will not come as its cold and they bring parcel for them, abhaas avni and akshat and arpita go. At the tea point near market they have tea and after that abhaas tells avni to sit in car and he will pay bill,

avni goes and is opening car door when she sees in mirror that someone behind is shivering with cold and who is he and she turns to see and that time there raj is there and he is the person shivering and he says that he will wait here till she comes and he then turns and avni sees that he is here and she goes there running and then takes out her shall and puts it on his shoulder and asks that since morning was he standing here and waiting for her, raj says yes, avni then looks at him and smiles continuously and then says that why and tells that it was her mistake that she told him to wait, raj says its ok, avni asks that if she would have not come would he wait till morning, raj says yes, avni smiles and then raj tells that shall he wait more, avni says no and tells that she wants to say something akshat calls her from there, avni tells him to go home and tells they will meet again, avni then goes away as akshat called and on asked by akshat tells him that she gave the shall to a man who was shivering there, akshat tells its so cold and she is doing charity and he removes coat and puts on her, when she is sitting in car she sees at raj and smiles and goes. At home avni thinks in room that he was waiting for her whole day and even in cold she tells then that they both will again meet someday and it is sure and she smiles.

Next morning there akshat and his ceremony starts, akshat is being given sweets to eat by his father in law and then gifts also and abhaas is taking photographs, avni quietly comes at the stairs and looks and again goes up smiling and she tells bhavna that she also wanted to go bhavna tells it is mens ceremony and she cant go, avni gets sad, bhavna then tells that arpita is going out alone and we will not be there and so only you can go, avni gets happy and she hugs arpita, arpitas mom comes and tells she never experienced such cold ever and they all smile.

Precap: arpita got allergy from garlic and avni is panicking and akshat comes running and he tells arpita that she has allergy for garlic and why did she eat it and she got it before also, avni gets shocked, she brings water and then asks akshat that how did he know arpita had allergy from garlic and had got it before?

Update Credit to: Vishwal

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