Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 4th November 2014 Written Episode Update

Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 4th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Avni and Raj’s residence
Anjali collapses as she recounts what all she had to gone through after her marriage with vikram, along with his own sufferings. she says that all this is due to bhawna, and that she is guilty for her as well as vikram. Raj is apalled. Meanwhile, at avni’s residence, bhawna relaxes in avni’s lap, and then she gets scared and tensed, as a family pic falls on the ground, breaking into pieces, by the heavy winds, indicating turmoil in the family. Avni is distraught.

Virat instigates raj, by asking him how did avni’s family get to know about sangeeta’s past, and that who other than bhawna knows this truth. raj thinks its avni, and wonders why would she do this, and if she did, how could she do it. He calls

avni and asks her to meet him straightaway as lots of questions need answers.

Scene 2:
Location: On the road
Abhaas angrily asks virat why has he called him there, in the middle of the road. Virat taunts him that his mother kept a secret from them for so long, and now his sister too is doing the same. Abhaas grabs him by the collar and asks him not to malign avni. Virat shows abhaas Raj and avni’s marriage certificate, and he is shocked, while virat is amused. Virat asks abhaas to do whatever he wishes to do with avni, but not touch raj. Abhaas gets enraged that he would teach raj a lesson, for trapping avni like this. He leaves. Virat is amused that abhaas played right in his hands.

Meanwhile, on the road, avni and raj get into a verbal scuffle, each siding with their families. Avni tells raj that she regrets how and why she married him. Raj says that if this is so, then as it is, noone knows of their relation and he frees her from this marriage and asks her to get out of his life, and that he never wants to see her face ever again. She too angrily supports him, and that he may have never loved her, but she doesnt care. They both storm in opposite direction, amidst heavy downpour.

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Scene 3:
Location: Avni’s and raj’s residence
Avni comes drenched in rain, remembering raj’s words, and is shocked to find suket, sitting gloomy, and akshat too avoiding Bhawna. She goes inside. Behind her, abhaas enters, remembering the certificate. Avni finds arpita sitting gloomily too, and then again remembers raj’s first proposal and his betrayal earlier in the day, thereafter. She takes out raj’s pics, and says that its all her fault, and she shouldnt have married him, and that they tried to unite the families, but in vain, and now the enemity is such, that instead of enemity, nothing can rise, and now they too keep fighting, then whats the point of the pious circles around the fire. She breaks into tears. Abhaas finds her distraught, and saying that she loves him very much, and when the first time the marriage was called off, she coped up somehow, but what to do now. She tghen resolves that she cant be this selfish, and if her family doesnt accept Raj, she would have to forget him, as he cant torture them. she tears raj’s pic to pieces. Abhaas is apalled to see her like this, as he remembers hius promise to avni, that he would get her united with raj, and is resolved to solve all differences between them.

Virat finds raj coming back distraught, and is amused. He pretends to be concerned and asks what happened and if all is okay, and then asks where had he gone. Raj gets abhaas’s call. He says that he wants to meet him. raj asks him not to interfere, as he is in a bad mood. Abhaas calls up raj, and tells him that he knows of their marriage, and that they must have suffered a lot, and that if he still wishes to unite the familes, and solve it all, then he should meet him rightaway, at an undisclosed location. raj is shocked, and reiterates the address. virat says that abhaas called him and then asked him to meet him. He gives raj a hockey for a precautionary measure. raj says that this wont be needed. Virat still agrees to keep it in the car.

Abhaas goes to Akshat’s room, and finds him upset. Abhaas tells akshat that when suket was angry at him and arpita, then bhawna was the one who got suket to agree, by giving him the advice, that if hatred continues, love shall never blossom, and reminds akshat that now its his turn to reciprocate the favour. He says that he is leaving for sometime, and till then, akshat should tell arpita to take care of bhawna. Akshat complies. Abhaas then goes to bhawna’s room, to find her asleep. He presses her feet and she gets up. He tells her that he loves her, and for him, she would remain the same mother, and he is still as proud, and that she has taught him, that only situations are wrong, not people, and that he would change the circumstances, and promises her. She eyes him overwhelmingly, as he kisses her on the forehead. he leaves. The screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Virat hits abhaas badly, and then throws him down a cliff, in unconscious state. later in the hospital, abhaas is fighting death, when his family desperately tries to find out who did this, abhaas barely manages to say Raj, and then he flatlines. His family is shocked and distraught.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. wonderful i no aabash is de one to bring them together

  2. do something about this mad man virat look what he did to abhass please do not let him die let suket find out that it was virat who hit abhass and threw him over the cliff. I am getting fed up with all these mad people now it should have been virat who fell off that cliff. avani stat thinking who has more to gain from family but virat. virat is a loafer and all he is doing is destroying peoples lives please let him be caught by his own nephew raj and make him pay for what he has done to abhass.

  3. Please don’t kill abhas he is my sweet heart

  4. pls don’t let Abhas die pls… he is so sweet :-*… instead let virat truth come out n pay him what he has done…

  5. I loved this show because it was innocent and sweet… reaching to evil heights like murder? Sigh….so disappointed. Why are all the Zee shows going to a ridiculous place all of a sudden!?!??!

    1. Exactly! I loved this show because in the world we live in today no one really believes in true innocent love that lasts forever. This show is getting just as dumb as other shows where things are only okay in the beginning and then after the marriage everything goes bad. How can Raj say that Avni is free from the marriage? I hope Zee gets it back to the cute love story.

  6. pls don’t kill abhaas

  7. I luv dis show Bcoz of there values but now dis is height . How could someone b so evil. Avni n rajs luv is v sweet . Is luv really sweet God knows. I wanna ask 1ques to u people who’s nature do u like avni’s or Raj’s

  8. Plz …..plz…. Plz…. Plz….don’t kill aabhaas… He is very cute ….I like him very much

  9. Every comment has passed the normal state of human life and normal thinking,why should one person destroy the lives of so many?he succeeded in killing vikrams family and sangeeta bore the blame,all these yrs now he is ruinning the innocent lives of avani, raj even his sister anjali can some body put the recrds straight why he is still single and not married?if for the number of years vikram and sangeeta had moved on why is virat not married,he was already grown to be able to plan evil against vikrams family cant anyone come up to expose him? this is one of the situations i hate to see in the serial i also was of the opinion that this is different but as it is going to the extent of killing innocent guy is out of it ,this was done in qubool hai and it lost it credibility making so many fans to stop watching it,now if the director and the script writers know what is right pls change the death to being in coma,so that abhas will fulfill his promise to the sister and help unite the family,pls bring bauji back as the most senior he knows what to do

  10. Abhaas.. death.. Bringing more complications… when this Virat character cruelity will end.. He wants to Kill RAJ.. where abhaas.. Died instead.. Ridiculous.. Drama started.. But not good.. Paining to watch also…

  11. This is height of inhumanity . Abhaas should not die or else Raj will be behind d bars . Virat should b behind the bars when dis suspense will b disclose. Abhaas don die. I can’t c dis . Who will put an end to it

  12. I hate Avni’s attitude Her innocent ness is no more she is v un thankful to Raj is dis her love
    Love is based on trust
    Avni has lost her trust on Raj

    1. I mean over Raj

  13. what is going on?why did you kill abhas who will expose virat sicret there is no way to watch this serial b/c abhas is the best guy in this serial plz don’t kill him say he will be out of danger without him the serial will be boring plz don’t let abhas go he is the only one who knows virat secret why bhavna isn’t speaking ?

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