Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 4th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 4th March 2014 Written Episode, Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 4th March 2014 Written Update

Episode Starts

Bhawna and Arpita in Room and Bhawna turn towards Arpita saying as its nothing much like girls have to leave behind his famly, plays friends for coming in new home and many things realted to childhood left somewhere behind. She told Arpita not to worry and told her to go and enjoy the sangeet. Arpita left and Bhawna again holding her chain said a girl has to compromise everything at each phase. Its not easy for a girl to adjust and Marriage is everyones dream but sometym it becomes unlimited race of responsibilities and sacrifices. She cried and then left from there.

Ritzz and Sidhi taunted Avni as she will gonna loose jugal bandi as her partner is not there and Avni told them thats he knew that dey done something wrong with Abhay.

Both smirked. Avni worried for jugal bandi performance. Raj came and present Avni Pani-Puri and asked her to eat Pani puri as its the best treatment for Nervousness. Avni confused then she ate it and Raj insist her toe at more. Avni told him it works miracle because she forgets about nervousness. she asked Raj how he get to know about this cure and Raj replied he do when rarely he feel nervous and today he is nervous also. Then Abhas annpunced for Jugal bandi. Avni and Raj danced from Boy side and Ritz and Sidhi danced from girl side. Jugal bandi going superb. Jiju happy watching Raj. Raj and Avni danced very well but sidhi n Ritz stopped in between and start fighting. Dance ended on Avraj Eyelock. All parsied Avni and jugal bandi and only jiju praised Raj. he was happy to see Avni happy. Then abhas announced boy side as winners and Avni got selected best performer and she danced solo. Avni danced very well and she dedicated her dance to her dance teacher (That is Raj). Raj was standing on side and showing Avni steps in between. Thakur uncle smirking at side to get revenge.

Performance ends and all gain praised Avni and Abhas called everyone for dinner. Suket n Bhawna talking and bhawna gets emotional and said she never knew when their daughter grows up and now she danced so beautiful. She wanted to thank her dance tecaher who made her daughter dance like angel and hsow confidence in her. Suket console her and give bhawna a side hug. Raj n Avni talked and Raj told her thats he danced superbly well. she left thanking him to change. Thakur Uncle went to suket . suket asked him if he had dinner or enjoying the sangeet.Thakur said nothing is gud. Suket asked him the reason he replied its not gud for Suket as her Daughter Avni but sawwri came and interuptted Thakur. she forced Suket to come for dinner. She said Thakur is just pagal and even his brother-in-law too idiot. Suket laughs.

Avni talking on phone and just then ritzz came and started prasing her and said he was wrong as she looked hot in that dance. Avni asked him to stop this nonsense and left from there. Ritzz got idea to spike Avni’s drink. Ritzz went to Avni who was drinking coke. Ritzz asked forsry frm Avni and he mischeiviously spiked avani’s drink on back side . Avni wasnot aware of it. Ritzz left. Avni took glass to drink just then Abhas came there. Abahs asked Raj what he is doing here as they asked him to serve starters. Raj nodded okiee. he was about to leave and just then bhawna came and told Abhas to let Raj hv some Rest as he worked whole day and he must be tired by now. Then Bauji cam with Jashan jiju and prasied him N raj from their dedication towards work. Bauji said with payment dey will serve them food with their own hands. Raj said bauji said this enough for them. But Bhawna n Buaji refused to listen and bauji told Abahs to bring food for them n Serve them Abhas was not happy and then Avni told him to go.

Abhas was serving food and told Raj as he cane eat full of capaciy as he is serving him only today. Raj annoyed as Abhas was putting more n more Rice in his plate. Raj told him not to do so as he don’t like rice. Abhas amirking and told Raj to eat it and no leftover is allowed in plate.Raj irritated and angry looking at Abhas. Avni standing near and again started to drink softdrink.

Ritz and Arpita on terrace talking about Avni and ritzz prasing Avni and so was Arpita. Avni was feeling giddy and Ritzz saw dis and amirked as his work is already done. Avni went to her room and ritzz came there. Avni shocked to see him there and asked him what he is doing there.

Precap: all were gathered in garden Area and Thakur was balming Avni N Raj. He told suket that Avni was dancing with her boyfriend. All shocked. He pointed towards Raj and told that boy is Avni’s boyfriend. Raj shocked to hear all this and Avni too.

Update Credit to: ShivinkiJas

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