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Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 4th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bhawna tells Pratab that Sanvri went to meet Pooja last night and that she also gave her gifts. Pratab says that he still cannot believe it. Bhawna is thankful that Sanvri did not meet Akshit and Arpita there. Meanwhile Sucket comes down the stairs saying he has news about Akshit and Arpita. He says that the airline has confirmed that none of them have gone by that flight. Before Sucket can conclude anything else Bhawna says that now it’s none of their business besides they are to have no relationship with them. Pratab stands up and says that that chapter closed a long time ago. He asks Sucket if he is worried about them. But then immediately apologizes to him as he knows that it will have no effect on him.
Avni is making a frame of her and Raj but is also anxiously waiting for Raj’s phone

call. She then looks at the frame and finally decides to call her but as she picks up her cell phone Raj’s call finally comes. She asks Raj if he has called the right person. Raj replies that he has called the correct person and wants to talk about yesterdays chat. Avni replies and says that she has no forgotten yesterdays talk therefore she wants both of them to meet so they can decide who loves more. Raj agrees and says lets meet then. Avni is confident about her frame and says that it will definitely blow raj’s mind.
Jiji calls her husband and tell him that Pooja is not eating because there is no cartoon to watch. Sheru says that there is nothing to worry about they will watch live TV today. He starts acting and Pooja finally starts eating. After eating Pooja kisses her mother and asks her father that can she leave now and he says yes. Jiji comes towards Sheru and says she did not know that he also had this talent.
As soon as Avni arrives Raj says that he has been waiting for her for a long time which proves that he loves her more. Avni replies that she gave her that watch so that he can come on time. Then she asks if he has brought any gift for her, Raj asks back and says have you and then she shows the frame she had been making. She tells Raj that she had who wake up all night to make this frame. Avni says that no one can love more than her in the entire world not even you (Raj). Avni is full of excitement and asks Raj of what he has made or done to prove his love; however Raj replies that he has done nothing. Avni gets upset and hit the frame gently on Raj’s chest and he feels pain. Avni asks if Raj is okay and urges him to come to the doctor. Avni asks Raj to show him the wound but when Raj removes his shirt it’s not a wound but a tattoo with Avni’s name.
Avni tells Devi who is shocked to hear what happens and says to Avni that Raj has proven that he loves you Avni more. Devi tells Avni that there is always a person who love the other one more and in their case its raj. Avni out of jealousy says that she loves Raj more and is also going to make a tattoo. Devi says that you are even afraid of an injection how are you going to make a tattoo. However Avni says that she is going to do this for Raj.
At the tattoo parlor they decide to make a tattoo on Raj’s name and decide it to be on the neck as no one will see it. The artist warns them that making it on the neck will make it hurt more and after making it will pain for two to three days and dizziness can come. Avni keeps remembering her moments with Raj and hence keeps her mind of the pain. Both Devi and the artist are shocked to see her as she did not cry. In the process Raj’s call comes but Avni refuse to take it. In the end the artist gives her a cream to avoid any infections from the tattoo.
Jiji says to Sheru that today she wants to do something for her daughter and decides to make her favorite butter chicken for her. Akshit stares with amazement as he and his wife are non veg. Arpita says that they will order from outside but Sheru said that since they are their guest they will not order from outside. They told him that it’s not about the food it’s that they are vegetarians. Sheru says that then they will make vegetarian then. Arpita says that she also missies everyone a lot. She wants Akshit to cheer up as she does not like his sad face. Although Sheru and Jiji are making food of their choice he does not approves of it. Arpita brings a photo of the family and both of them stare at it.
Bhawna is also looking at the same photo with Akshit’s favorite dish and Pratab comes behind her and asks what’s wrong and she says she just misses everyone. Pratab says that Akshit is coming home very quickly. Tears come out of her eyes but as she sees Sucket coming down the staircase she runs in the kitchen and wipes them off.
Madhuri receives a call from Sanvri who invites them for Lunch. Although her husband does not wants to go as they had plans for Pooja but Madhuri agrees and says to Sanvri that they will all come. Raj is also worried about Avni as she is not answered his calls at the instant Avni calls Raj. Raj comes to know that she is hiding something and Avni asks Raj to guess after a few guesses she says that she will tell Raj tomorrow.

PRECAP: Avni wakes up with a severe pain in her neck and her mother thinks that it as an injury but she tells that it is a tattoo.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. wow avni iz geting wicked

  2. Raj teeth looks like bugs bunny own. My stomach sick of avni an raj love. I want to c bhawna secret revealed an arpita an akshak reunite wit their family

  3. today’s epi was just superb . in reality both avni and raj love each other a more as they dont know the feeling of the other one……………..
    .Avni &raj you both are just a fab couple , look wonderful when fighting an smiling together……………………

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