Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 4th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 4th February 2014 Written Episode, Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 4th February 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with avni who is in the bus and raj in the car, avni looks at raj’s car and thinks that why is he following her? there a man plays song on tape and avni is getting irritated and she is sad and is sitting there, in car raj who is following the bus he says to himself that this girl is so stubborn and does not listen and says that he is also not less stubborn and says that he will not leave her until she reaches her family safely. There abhaas has come to a toll booth where there is checking going on and he asks a police man that he is finding a girl her name is avni and she is his sister and he shows photo and tells him to come with him to find.

There as the bus had broken down the bus is repaired and everyone again get on the bus and all sit there ,

avni looks there where raj has also stopped his car, avni says to herself that today this boy will not leave her. raj thinks there that he cant leave this girl alone on the bus with strangers and he should go with her, the bus is departing and raj gets down from car and goes running and climbs on the deck of the bus and sits there, then the bus is going and raj then says to avni that his car also broke down so he came in bus, avni says to herself that why is he saying this to me? Raj then tells her sorry that he is doing wrong by following her but his car broke down so he came in bus, raj then removes mobile and tells to give number, avni says to herself that he is saying sorry and then also taking her number, avni tells him that why should she give him her number, raj tells her to dial it on his mobile, avni says that why should she dial her number on is mobile so that he can call her anytime he wants, raj says not her but her parents as she can call them and tell them as they are very tensed for her, avni says to herself that he si saying right and she should call and she takes his mobile to call but there is no network, raj says that his jiju always says that whenever all ways are closed then one should shout in air like this that give me more difficulties god, avni gives him mobile and then looks in front, raj looks behind and sees that three men are looking at avni with bad intentions and he comes in between so that they are not able to see.

After sometime the bus waits at a eatery and is waiting for 20mins, avni is getting down and raj is standing there so that avni gets down properly and she gets down and she goes at the eatery, avni looks at the food and then says she has only 5rs and what will she buy in this money, raj listens and then goes and offers her that what will she like to have, avni says no thanks and she goes at a small stall and takes a lays from there, there those 3men are also there and they come and sit there in front of the stall and are looking at avni with bad intention and seducing expressions. Raj looks at this and that time the lays packet form avni’s hand falls down and she picks it up but dupatta comes out so she takes it on hand, raj looks at the men looking at avni with bad intentions, raj goes there and he takes that dupatta and he puts it on avni’s shoulders and avni gets angry and shouts at him loudly and tells that since when she is watching he is not leaving her and is continuously following her and now enough is enough and he is now trying to touch her and he thinks that she is alone so he will touch a lone girl, raj tries to explain that he was just trying to save her from the bad looks of those people but avni does not listen and then those same three men tell avni that mam if again this boy troubles you we are there and she can come to us and those men give cunning smile and raj gets angry at them and avni goes. Raj goes again behind her but then avni goes at those men and she tells them that this boy is trying to follow me since when, the 3 men tell that they will see this boy and till then she can sit with them and they will see that who will touch her again and they smile, avni says she will go and drink water, avni goes and raj looks at the men angrily and men say that the girl is an item and she will sit with them and in bus also when she will sit with them and when the brakes of the bus will be put that time the girl will keep her hand on them for support and listening this raj gets angry and punches one and the other two get scared and run away, raj hits that one man and tells him to repeat what he said and will he do it again, till then avni comes and sees him and she again goes angrily thinking this boy is such a goon.

raj gets up and tries to stop her and then goes behind avni and he then calls her by her name and avni thinks that he is such a goon and he also knows her name, finally they come beside a cliff and raj tells avni not to misunderstand him and he is just trying to help her and that time avni tells him to go away from there and avni is going behind step to step and raj is going towards her to tell her but avni goes back and comes at the end of the cliff and is going to fall when raj catches her and pulls her back and then he tells her that see down and tells that if today she would have fallen then something would have happened to her and tells that form when he is trying to make her understand and help but you are not listening to me and even now he was helping her and he was only following her to ensure that she reaches at her family members safely and he came in the bus but just to save her from the bad intentions of the people and he also fought with that guy only because they were talking bad things about her and he was just helping her nothing else and if it is wrong to help and fight with someone then he is a goon and raj tells that love in life and loving life , both are important and raj goes away. Avni understands her mistake and she recalls that raj had saved her in concert as he had said the same line that time also and this time also he saved her and he also offered her lift and gave her money and also came in bus but only to save her form bad intentions of the 3men and he was very caring.

avni says to herself that what has she done and has mistaken a good person to be a bad one and she said so much bad to him and also thought bad about him and she has to first say thank you and sorry. Avni goes then to find raj but she cant see him and then she sees him taking bottle and she calls him and raj turns and avni runs towards him and raj is walking there towards her and he is smiling, avni is coming but abhaas comes with car in between and avni gets happy and raj sees that abhaas is there and he turns back and goes as he was that boy. Abhaas is happy that he found avni and he tells her sorry and avni says its ok and he tells her to get in car, avni tells abhaas that one boy took care of her till they came here and she shows him but raj is gone and so they sit in car and go.

There everyone have come in the bungalow which they had hired and suketh tells that abhaas is not picking up his phone and I don’t believe this boy and he will not bring avni and suketh tells akshat that they will arrange a car and lets go and find avni, akshat says ok but bhavna comes down and tells there is no need as she got a message from abhaas that he got avni and they maybe coming now, till then abhaas and avni come, bhavna and avni hug and everyone thank god and suketh is happy and savri tells avni that now she will be there with avni and they both will go together, everyone are happy. In the evening in room avni is looking at the bracelet and she remembers raj’s words and she smiles and looks at bracelet and abhaas comes with tea and avni hides bracelet under pillow and abhaas comes there and tells that he is sorry and it was his mistake and he was so angry because of his and dads fight that’s why he went away angrily, avni says its ok, bhavna comes and tells that when avni will be sent after, marriage abhaas will only cry the most, abhaas tells that he will never let avni go and not leave her in hands of anyone, they smile.

Precap: avni is saying that why did he stand there in such cold and then says that they both will meet someday again and it is sure that they will meet and avni smiles.

Update Credit to: Vishwal

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