Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 3rd November 2014 Written Episode Update


Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 3rd November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Food and beverage control office.
As madhuri and anjali come dishevelled, raj tells them that the hearing has started. they all come in, while raj leaves.

Scene 2:
Location: Raj’s residence
Virat overhears Raj trying to solve dfifferences between vikram, by asking him to be the bigger person, and not follow the principle of An eye for an Eye, but Vikram is unconvinced. Raj says that they would keep trying till the suket family dont agree and resolve to finish their disparities. He asks vikram to go and take the box of sweets and resolve differences between them. Vikram is overwhelmed and agrees to do that only. He takes the box of sweets. raj takes leave, and virat ducks so as not to be seen. after he leaves, Virat thinks that something

would have to happen that ends all promise of compromise.

Scene 3:
Location: Food and beverage control office.
Raj comes back, just in time, to hear suket aquit Jairaj of all the accusations, as it has been proved, and that he wont be held for any punishments, and they shall focus on finding who tried to trap Jairaj. akshat tries to speak, but suket shuts him up, saying his descision is final, as the chairman of the committee. Abhaas finds Raj smiling at avni, but she leaves off. Raj is tensed. anjali and her family is shocked and thoroughly pleased at the descision. Anjali is shocked and throughly pleased with his honesty. She decides to call Vikram.

Outside, raj tries to reconcile with avni, while she bitterly states, that she proved that she and her father just go for honesty and not feudal enemity. Raj tells that he loves her and her family, and that he has also done something mindblowing, and that he has sent a box of sweets, to start afresh. avni says that she made her move, and hopes he knows what he is doing. she leaves, while raj stands tensed.

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Scene 4:
Location: Avni’s residence and on the road
While bhawna is tensed and shocked, as she wakes up with a startle, to hear virat’s voice hovering over her. she is very scared and tensed. Virat tells her that vikram was planning to come, but instead he decided to. Avni and akshat come angrily, asking how dare he come here. Suket stops them from fighting. Virat says that he came as a good will gesture from raj, asking them to stop this forever. Virat presents him a box of sweets as agesture of good will, and as suket takes a sweet, he finds a photo of vikram and bhawna from the past, in the box of sweets. He is enraged, and grabs virat by the collar, asking him how dare he pull this dirty prank on them. Virat pretends to be shocked as to how it came here, and how did the past come up like this. Suket angrily asks what past is he talking about. Bhawna takes the pic and is stunned. avni is distraught. akshat and abhaas are boggled and shocked. suket grabs him and asks him to speak up. Virat says that he cant, and when suket insists, he tells bhawna addressing her as Sangeeta, asking for forgiveness, as he doesnt know where and how it came here. Suket tries to connect the past dots together, and is hurt and feels betrayed. Suket threatens virat that he would kill him, if he doesnt tell the past. virat says that there’s a past that his wife has hidden from them. virat smiles evilly, as Bhawna is distraught. Suket is shocked. virat explains everything, while abhaas and akshat are shocked.

Meanwhile, on the road, Vikram tells Raj that he is going to kandelwal Niwas, to thank suket for his generosity, and that he doesnt want to bear the grudge against them anymore. In avni’s house, virat discloses Bhawna’s past in front of them, and as suket asks bhawna if she actually is sangeeta, she is speechless. Abhaas is enraged and tries to hit virat, when vikram comes in asking how dare he do this. suket shows him the pic, and vikram is shocked as to how it reached there. Vikram asks him to let it be in the past. Suket gets enraged, and asks his sons to throw them out. they comply. Avni asks suket to stop them, but suket says that she is very innocent to understand all this, and that despite the past, they came back to seek revenge, as all that their family bore, was due to their well planned conspiracy.

Outside, virat comforts Vikram, that maybe suket found the pic in sangeeta’s old stuff, hence he got so angered. Vikram is convinced and angry and leaves too.

Inside, Bhawna tries to speak, while avni asks suket to calm down and listen quietly. But he storms ahead. She tries to go to akshat. Akshat and abhaas tell bhawna that she used to be their ideal, but today they are ashamed to even refer to her as their mother. They both leave, while bhawna collapses. A shocked avni comforts bhawna, while she is distraught, Avni wonders how could raj do this and if this was his ditch attempt, at trying to salvage the situation, by bringing up the past of Umagaon like this, so crudely, it was utterly disgraceful.

Scene 5:
Location: Raj’s residence
As madhuri attends to vikram’s wounds, anjali thinks that it was their double standard all along. Raj and anjali are shocked, as vikram says that they got to know the secret of Umatgaon.

Scene 6:
Location: Avni’s residence
Avni tries to give bhawna meds, and console that she isnt at fault. She asks suket to get bhawna to agree. he comes inside stoically. He says that he would never be able to forget and forgive her, and this is also true, that she is the mother to his children, and hence he would have to accept her, and he doesnt have any other option too. He gives the meds to her crudely, and she is hurt. Suket tells bhawna that what Vikram did to her, and what raj did to avni, he wouldnt forget it ever and shall forever hate them for this. He storms. Bhawna breaks into tears. Avni wonders what and how did Raj do this. The screen freezes on her angry face.

Precap: Virat shows abhaas Raj and avni’s marriage certificate, and he is shocked, while virat is amused. meanwhile, on the road, Avni tells raj that she regrets how and why she married him. Raj says that if this is so, then he frees her from this marriage and asks her to get out of his life. They both storm in opposite direction, amidst heavy downpour.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. awww.. wer s dis headin?? thought virat s plan would be exposed

  2. Raj family is so stupid!!!! From my fav characters to idiots!!!! If Bhavna begged each one of them to hide the fact that she is Sangeeta and their past with her, would she have any proof in her house about it if she is hiding it from her family??!?! Obviously the proof had to come from their side. Virat’s p[lan should habe

    1. Raj family is so stupid!!!! From my fav characters to idiots!!!! If Bhavna begged each one of them to hide the fact that she is Sangeeta and their past with her, would she have any proof in her house about it if she is hiding it from her family??!?! Obviously the proof had to come from their side. Virat’s plan should have came out then and there. It is non logical that he could have convinced them otherwise…..I don’t mind the challenges between the couple, but I hate this illogical directions.

  3. this is where virat the evil will be exposed

    1. I really hope so… sigh

  4. Stupid serial
    …no story in it anymore. …hate it

  5. Original idea is off. What we are seeing now is no more aur pyar ho gaya.

  6. Abhaas is going to die in the coming episods by virat and blame is going to come on raj.

    1. smh…..this reminding me of kum kum….writers trying to hard and failing

  7. So many conflicts ,so many misunderstandings. Both the families r threatened by only one person by Virat n this is coz of Bhavana . When will all this resolve. Actually they didn’t hve any story.

  8. this is very good for bhavana too much hiding of her past it must catch up with you after a time. even her father in law continue with this hiding and for what if you have a husband and family that loves you there is nothing to be ashame of to hide whatever happened in the past imagine you did not even know suket at that point in time so what does it matter. I say it is very good for what is happening to her I am not sorry all I want is for them to find out about virat quickly.

  9. Nice ep… Bt. Rj nd Avnis’ bd time is running ..cozz of Virat :'( So Sad

  10. Plz improv the serial story … This virat drama is too bad evil and stupid plz don’t strech virat now its enough

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