Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 3rd March 2014 Written Episode Update

Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 3rd March 2014 Written Episode, Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 3rd March 2014 Written Update

Episode starts.

Abhas on stage called Avni and her partner for performance. Bhawna worried that how Avni will manage dance. Ritz and Sisdhi smirking n Sidhi said it will be funny to watch Avni leave stage on Male voice. Just then Avni came on stage and start performing . All praising that she handled it just then male voice came and Raj came to dance. All were shocked But loved their performance. It was Best as AvRaj danced superbly. Performance finished and saawri parised Raj n Avni and Bhawna hugged Avni n Jiju hugged Raj and asked if God helped them to unite today and Raj replied he made prashad for Govind ji so he helped him for that and he laughingly said sometimes God do little too much.

Just then Thakur went outside to eat something n behaving

weirdly with her wife. Abhas again announced that Avni coming with Item Dance.Alle xcited but Suket was not happy and asked bhawna what she is going to do. Jiju asked Raj that he told Avni is very simple but this is simply shocking. Just then Music starts playing and all were shocked to see Bhauji dancing. all were happy and enjoying. performance finished and bauji called Avni on stage and blessed her for boosting his morale. He done shammi kapoor Act becoz it was his wife’s fav. all happy n Now Bauji asked for food from Avni as he was hungry. Avni went.

Just then Raj on Food stall and asked servant to put stuff with less salt. he truned n collided with Thakur. Thakur confused that who is this hawai mail. Raj didn’t noticed it was Thakur. Then Raj gave plate to Avni and both talked. Thakur had smirk on face and he told his wife that to dis is the matter that suket khandelwal’s daughter is Raj’ s girlfriend. Raj n Avni talked n Hi-five and then went from there. Thakur told now he will show suket what his daughter done and where is his rules and constraints now.

he pointed Towards suket while eating paani-puri that enjoy as much as u can then i will tell the truth. Her wife stopped him from doing all this but he refused to listen. Just then Girls performance came. Arpita, devika, Avni, Bhawna, Saawri danced on maare hibra mein song from movie hum saath saath hain. performance was good. then Arpita sitting with parents and asked her mother that she want to give first card to Saawri Bua after offering it to God for blessings. Her mom agreed and Arpita went to Saawri with card.

Saawri took it and just then she started her ranting that If Arpita dun know how to present card to someone. Arpita wrote saawri and husband name on Card and Saawri amde issue out of it. Bhawna asked Saawri reason of all this and saawri told her that Arpita wrote their name instead of elders of home. Arpita crying and Bhawna told saawri that its not a big deal but instead its good Arpita gave her Card first after Govind ji. Saawri gaian blamed Arpita and sad she should know the rules n working fo this house as she is getting married in prestigious family. she told her that Arpita need to adjust acc. to them and to leave all others for responsibilities. Bhawna shocked at her behaviour.

Bhawna went to her room and Crying and just then Arpita too came there and asked her What happned. she asked her if she too lost someone on the name of relations and Bhawna’s tears fell on her face and she touched the chain which she wore. Arpita too sad.

Precap: There was jugal bandi performance tomm. and Ritz spiked Avni’s drink before performance.

Update Credit to: ShivinkiJas

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