Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 3rd February 2014 Written Episode Update


Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 3rd February 2014 Written Episode, Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 3rd February 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with avni sitting with bhavna and then bhavna asks her that what is she thinking? Avni tells that nothing she was just thinking that how did bhavna and suketh dad do their marriage, bhavna says that does she always think of this, avni then asks her that how did she say yes to dad and how was their marriage done, bhavna tells blushes and says be quiet and savri says that please say, bhavna gets up to give suketh his tablets and that time savri says dadaji and dadaji tells bhavna to tell them as they will not leave her easily, bhavna then tells that she had done the decision by taking the photos without looking at them and then she kept them in a line and she had a sweet parrot and she left the parrot to decide to take the photo and whichever it chose she would

marry that man and luckily the parrot chose sukethji, then everyone say ohhhhhhhh, bhavna goes to give tablets and suketh says that ohh that she did not chose him and the parrot chose him, bhavna says him that who knows the parrot only listened to her. there raj is also in the car and he then gets sis’s call and sis asks him where is he going, raj is having the shagun with him on neighboring seat and he tells her that he is not jaipur and out of jaipur for a drive, sis asks where is he and why didn’t he ask her and jiju before going, raj then tells that he is going to the khatushyam temple and he is giving that shagun in the temple, then sis tells that what you are going to the khatushyam temple, jiju listens and gets happy and there raj tells sis that she is not the only one who wants a child and he also wants a small one at home to play with and who shall call him as mama, sis gets happy and raj says bye and says he will call afterwards, he keeps the phone and there sis hugs jiju.

There everyone have stopped at a place and are having lunch happily and finally avni removes gajar ka halwa and she gives one spoon on bhavna’s saying to dadaji and they all enjoy having the lunch, avni says that mom and dads couple is the best and after that its akshat and arpitas. Arpitas dad tells dadaji that their children are very respecting towards elders and they have learnt traditional values, dadaji says that yes they are good and dad tells that he is happy to have given his daughter in such good family. Suddenly abhaas gets a call and he takes it goes far to talk, on the call he is told something and abhaas gets very angry and says that he will not leave those rascals and those corrupt people and will put a fight in the rally. He keeps the phone, everyone have heard this and suketh who was angry goes at him and tells him that he thought that at least he would be good today but here also he is very abusive and avni comes there to change the topic and she asks abhaas that does he want halwa, suketh then goes from there and avni tells abhaas not to fight today. Abhaas goes angrily in the car, there everybody get up as the luch finished and sit in bus, avni asks bhavna that can she go with abhaas bhavna says yes and avni goes at the car and keeps her bag in car, abhaas tells avni not to come with him as she will get bored and he will continuously take calls and abhaas goes , there avni says that he is so angry and she is walking towards the bus, in bus driver tells that car has gone ahead and can they go bhavna says ok and the bus also goes, avni who is there sees them going and she shouts and runs behind the bus but it does not wait and the bus goes, avni gets sad and thinks she will call them and tell but her phone was in bag in abhaas’s car, avni gets sad and scared and she walks the street till there comes a small stall shop and she goes there and asks mobile but he tells that there can only be done incoming calls and not outgoing, avni gets sad and shopkeeper tells her t ask the boys standing there, avni goes there but they are very bad and the boys tell they will help and of course and they come nearer to her and avni goes back but shopkeeper comes and shouts those boys and shoos them away, then avni goes near shop and prays to god to help her and as she is praying raj’s car comes and raj sees her and he stops there , avni sees that there is again one goon here and she ignores him, he asks what happened but she says what is his problem, raj the goes at the shopkeeper and takes a water bottle and then asks him about avni and understands and then he asks her that can he drop her anywhere but avni says no and tells she is waiting for bus and raj tells that the bus will not come early or maybe not even come, then raj says ok and tells at least he can give her money and he removes 5orupee note and gives her but she says no thanks but raj tells that it is not any loan but it is her own note which she gave him in temple and avni thinks that she already needs money as she does not have and she takes and raj goes back in car but is waiting there, avni thinks why is he waiting here?

There abhaas has stopped to eat corn and even the bus has stopped. And everyone get out and bhavna goes to abhaas and she offers him revdi and then tells him to give avni also, abhaas tells her only to give to avni as she came with tem, bhavna gets shocked and says no and tells she did not come with her and she told she will come with him, abhaas gets scared and even bhavna and then everyone come there and they understand and suketh shouts abhaas and abhaas tells they should find avni first and then shout him and he gets in car and goes to find her and they all also get in bus.

There the bus has come and avni standing there is getting in the bus, there is no place to sit and the bus has overloaded with people down and avni asks where will she sit conductor tells up on the deck and avni has to go up she goes up and she sits there adjusting, raj gets an expression of tensed feeling, the bus goes and raj takes his car behind that bus and follows it.

Precap: the bus has got down at food plaza avni gets down and takes a packet of chips and she is opening it, unaware that she is being seen with bad intentions by some men, raj sees that and he takes a dupatta and he puts it on avni’s shoulders but avni gets angry and shouts him and tells that he is such a and it trying to touch her and taking disadvantage of an alone girl, raj is trying to tell that he was just saving her from those men but avni does not listen.

Update Credit to: Vishwal

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