Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 31st July 2014 Written Episode Update


Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 31st July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Avni comes to the hospital and cries seeing Akshat and Suket in ICU. Raj consoles her and says everything will be okay as every bad thing has an ending. Doctor informs everyone about transferring them to a cabin. Sawri and her husband come to Suket’s cabin. Sawri finds out Akshat wasn’t there, that’s why Suket went to storage space.

Akshat regains consciousness and comes to Suket’s room. Sawri yells at him and blames him for whatever happened. She asks him to leave from there. Akshat becomes sad as he leaves. Raj gets upset seeing that. He goes to Sawri and tells her she is wrong. Now Suket regains consciousness and tells Raj to behave. Raj says it was Akshat who actually saved Suket like an ideal son. He also tells about his plan for Mr. Gupta. Before Raj gets to

hear anything from Suket, he’s asked to leave by Sawri. Avni follows Raj.

Raj is not happy, but Avni tells him all will be okay. She then sees Raj is injured. She does his aid. She tells him he has done so much for her family as he loves her and no matter what happens she will always love him.

Suket goes to Akshat’s room where all others are. He thanks Akshat and says he’ll end all this. All get happy. Suket then tells Sawri and her husband to transfer half property to Akshat. Everyone gets shocked. Akshat interrupts and says he doesn’t want anything, he only wants Suket to be happy. Suket says he will be happy if he accepts the property and leaves the city. Akshat cries and tells Arpita that their love lost. Avni is angry and leaves. Raj follows her.

Suket leaves after telling Sawri to pay Akshat’s bill as well. Avni is not happy and tells Raj she will have to talk to Suket about this and make him realize he’s wrong here.

Avni is in car now. Raj calls her and suggests her not to talk to Suket, rest is upto her. Avni comes thoughtful and they both are tensed.

Precap: Avni tells Raj on phone that Suket is not talking about Akshat’s topic at all. He is pretending like nothing happened. Raj tells her to relax. He tells her about Bhawna returning tomorrow and he will go to pick her up. She asks what he will do? He asks if she trusts him? She says more than herself. He promises her Akshat and Arpita will be in her house tomorrow.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. This show is getting ridiculous day after day. No father does dis so pls stop dis scrap, someone needs 2 put Saviri in her place 2 go 2 her husband house nd try 2 have her own children instead of separating her stupid brother from his children. Their father needs 2 question d kind of upbringing he gave both of them dat dey have no family values about love

  2. what’s wrong with writer of this show is he mad or pshyco no dad can do this to his son >:o and ya akshit wo bhi to bada bala hai -_-

  3. I don’t like this episode. Suket is stupid he has no heart at all.

  4. So stupid…,pls stp d crap

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