Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 30th July 2014 Written Episode Update

Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 30th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Arpita prepares vegetable soup for Akshit. She thinks about preparing cheese for Raj as he is on protein diet but thinks she cant put tomato in it as Pooja is allergic to it. Madhuri calls that she is teaching Pooja, can she prepare cabbage paratha for them. She gets frustrated for doing a lot of work.
Raj calls Suket and asks where has he gone. Suket says that Akshit wants to grow in life, he is now going to godown and doesn’t want to listen to anything. Akshit comes out and sees Raj disappointed.
Madhuri asks Sanvri what they did. Sanvri says that they are careless even in the probation period. Jashan says she is always creating problems for them, how can she say anything without any proof. Sanvri says that she has an evidence of someone who lives with them. They both see the signatures.

They were shocked to see it. Sanvri says that they must take a strong action against them and they have decided to take Pooja back from them. Madhuri begs to her, Jashan also requests her. Sanvri calls Pooja. The management gets involved and says that they have to take the other trustee’s consent in the matter too. Sanvri asks who the other trustee is. Arpita calls from upstairs that she is. She comes downstairs and says that she is the other trustee. She says she got impressed looking her doing such great work so she said to Bauji. And then she thought of helping her with Pooja’s consent. She says that Madhuri and Jashan are the best parents and Akshit might have some misunderstanding, she will make him understand. She mailed her report to the orphanage committee so Pooja will now stay here.
Akshit asks Raj if dad hear all the thing. Raj says may be he was upset and left half way. Akshit was frustrated that why he even listened to his immature ideas. He must never have listened it. Raj says that we should never take the defeat. Raj says that you, your family and your thinking is all weird. I and my dad have different brought up. Raj says that you should tell Suket sir why you went there to meet him, this is his suggestion. Suket comes to godown and says to the workers that he has nothing to do with Akshit, they must tell him the problems he has and come in. Akshit comes there, Suket tells the guard to say that he must go from here. the worker says that he isn’t allowed to go inside. Akshit takes him along. The guard comes there and watching the door open locks it. Inside, the circuit gets the fire, Suket is trapped inside coughing. Akshit and fellows run to the door but finds it locked. Suket gets suffocation. Akshit runs to get the watchman, and comes back with an iron stick and opens the lock. There is fire inside, everyone stops him but he runs inside calling Suket. Suket had fainted inside; he holds Suket and throws him out of fire. Raj comes there talking on call, he sees the fire. The men tell him what happened and struggles to go inside too. He goes calling them; he hears Akshit coughing and finds them. He holds him out of the godown and goes inside again to find Akshit and struggles to hold him out too.
At home Bauji was lost, Pratab asks him what is he thinking. He tells him to sit down and says he doesn’t understand what happened to this house. Pratab tells him not to lose hope. Bauji says in this age only hope is the medicine. Bauji says that Akshit and Arpita aren’t here now. Avni comes and says that he will now see the face of Akshit and Arpita’s children. She says she hopes to get good news today. She gets Raj’s call and listens to it. She looks at Bauji and Pratab talking and cries. She calls Pratab, and says her friend is getting married and want to give a jewellery order. She politely tells him that there was fire in godown, and dad and Akshit is in hospital. He tells her to go to hospital.
Arpita consoles Madhuri. She thanks Arpita and tells her not to cry. She says she knew Sanvri will try to take the revenge. Madhuri says what if she takes another step again. Arpita says that she will talk to her and goes downstairs. Sanvri was annoyed when Arpita brings tea for her. Sanvri says that she isn’t here to drink tea. Arpita asks why is she pouring her and Akshit’s revenge from them. Sanvri says that she always knew that she is from out of the family, and will remain so. Arpita says that she wants Pooja’s happiness and Akshit’s house is her house. Sanvri says that isn’t her house. Arpita says she is crossing her limits now, she will definitely return to her house. They both get calls and are shocked.

PRECAP: Suket says to Akshit that whatever he did for him in the meeting and what he did for him today made him proud but he didn’t get time to tell him how he feels about him.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Wat’s happening in this serial. How many days a simple point can drag upon.. Y suket is so rude.. How come a father is so rude.. Serial is going on boring day by day.,…

  2. savri is a fool

  3. savri is not just a fool shes also a devil idiot

  4. Post the 31 episode fast………..

  5. Pls post 31 july

  6. Epi starts in hospital Avni comes n sees Akshat-Suket in ICU n cries..Raj wipes her tears n makes her understand tht everything will b ok as every dark night has an ending.

    Arpita comes n doctor says they’ll b transferred into cabins. Sawri n pratap comes to suket’s cabin n sawri gets to knw tht as akshat is not there tht’s why Su went to godown.

    Akshat comes to sense n goes to suket’s room…where sawri blames him for everything n lets him to go..Akshat leaves n sad n remembers abt his happy moments. Raj is very upset.

    Raj goes in n says to sawri tht she’s wrong..suket comes to sense n says Raj 2 behave ..Raj tells tht Akshat saved him n he’s one ideal son n tells abt his plan abt Mr.gupta.. Avni n Raj wants Suket’s decision but sawri tells Raj to leave..Raj does.

    Avni comes outside n sees raj angry n upset n tells tht everything will b ok..n sees tht raj is hurt..avni does his bandage n tells tht he did sooo much 4 her family only bcz he loved her.. in any circumstances she’ll love him alwyz.

    Suket comes out n tells thm to take him to Akshat’s room..there he sits with him where others r also present..Suket thnx Akshat n tells he wants to end all this..all r happy..but thn suketb tells Sawri-pratap to transfer half property to Akshat’s name..evry1 shoched..Ak tells tht he don’t want all this he only wants Su happy..Su tells he’ll b happy if Ak takes the property n leaves d city n leaves.

    Akshat cries n tells arpi tht their love is defeated.Avni gets angry n leaves.Raj follows..Su tells Sa to pay d bill of Ak also..they leave 4 home. Avni tells Raj tht she’ll talk to Su abt all this..n make him understand tht he’s wrong.

    Avni in car when Raj calls n tells not to talk 2 it’ll b not gud other is her wish.Both r tensed.

    Precap: Avni on phnn tells raj tht Su is not talking abt Akshat..Raj tells tht 2mrw Bhawna is coming n promises tht 2mrw AA will b at their house.

    1. How come Suket is so egoistic.. How can he say he’ll share the assests to 2 parts.. and give it to akshet.. and the account is balanced… valuing in money about the father & Son relation ..
      Great msg serial story is telecasting… [email protected]@@@@@@

  7. 31st July Episode written update

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