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Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 2nd July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bhawna looks for Avni, she was about to go to see her while Avni comes. She says she isn’t hungry and doesn’t want to eat. Suket scolds her that has she started any dieting, there is no need; just don’t waste food. Avni looks at Raj who eats it. Jiji asks Raj that hasn’t he eaten anything with Avni, Jija says that he must be looking at Avni there only. Sanvri comes and asks jiji did she adopt a child yet, she says she didn’t get a call. Sanvri says that she got a call, as she is a VIP. She leaves.
Avni excuses herself to go to washroom, Raj follows. She tells him she ate so full that she couldn’t eat a single bite there. The waiter brings a dessert, Raj says that for those you love, you can share at least this much. He tells her this is the special dessert of the restaurant. She

takes a bite and says it is really yummy. She says that this all seems good, but will we always keeping meeting like this. He tells her that till Suket accept Akshit and Arpita’s love they will have to meet this way.
Avni thinks though the time was less, but each moment was precious. She begins to hug him, but stops thinking he might not like it. Raj pays the bill and thinks there should be one hug. He comes forward, then thinks Avni is avoiding. They both speak together, Raj ask her to say first but she leaves.
As she comes back, Sanvri asks her where she got a chocolate stain on her dress, they didn’t anything about chocolate. Raj and Jiji listens, jiji comes and tells them they had ordered dessert and as Avni was passing by their table, the forced her to eat it. She tells Sanvri that they just get the call from orphanage, and were elated to hear the news. Suket sees the table still empty, he tells the family to go and pays the bill. He asks the owner, did the people who reserved the table come. He says they might have changed their minds. Suket says he might be thinking too much and leaves. The owner tells the waiter that the reserved label must be removed from the table, they waiter tells them that they came and booked a special table inside. The owner says he must tell Suket sir about it.
Avni and Raj thinks that there was something missing. They both run inside, and come to each other. Hug and go back.
Raj calls Avni and says sorry. She says it was a perfect date. He says he wanted it to be tension free. She marks the date on calendar; he asks did she mark it. She asks how he knew what she was doing. He says that tomorrow is a more important date for him as the adoption results of jiji and jija will be announced tomorrow. A cute baby will come to their home and their family will be completed. She says that jiji and jija deserve this happiness, and they will be great parents. She tells him to give Prasad for Govind gi and make her sweet yougurt. She asks is he listening, he says he just want her to talk always. Akshit comes there. Raj says that this is how the hero says in that movie, and ask Akshit if he wants water. Avni says was Akshit bhai there, he says he will be my saala now.
Jiji was tensed, Sanvri comes and says that she isn’t nervous and knows she will get a child. She goes to take a child for herself. The manager tells them that they cant take a child by their own choice, jiji says they will be happy with any child they get. Sanvri brings Pooja and gives her to jiji and jija. Sanvri is shocked, as Raj and family take the child.
Sanvri calls the manager, Pratab stops her but she doesn’t listen. Sanvri says she booked Pooja, they cant give her to someone else. Manager says that child is not a car or house to be booked, and she was failed by the comitee for adoption test, she is not eligible to adopt a child.
Arpita decorates the house for Pooja. Akshit asks who Pooja. She tells him that jiji and jija got a princess in the orphanage, she is named Pooja. They arrive, Arpita greets them and is excited to see her. Pooja calls jiji mama as Akshit tells him. Arpita tells her to call jija Papa.
Sanvri cries at home. Bhawna and Avni takes tells her not to cry. She says she never understand why she cant get the happiness of a mother. She shows them what she had bought for her. She says they gave their Pooja to Madhuri? Avni says why you are blaming them both; it is a good thing that she is near you in Jaipur. Avni says you are just like my mother. Sanvri says that she can’t be happy with anything now. Avni hopes this doesn’t effect her and Raj’s relation.

PRECAP: Avni comes to Raj room and sees it out of order. She set to set all the things. Sanvri comes to Jiji’s place. Akshit goes to look at the door.

Update Credit to: Sona

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