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Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 29th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Avni’s residence
Avni is scared at the ceremony, due to the nightmares, that she had earlier in the night, of raj being hit by a bullet, by some murderer who crashes their party. But raj assures her not to be tensed, as nothing would happen to him. he leaves. avni gets a phone call from the lawyer, telling that virat got the corporal punishment, and avni is happy and relieved. Meanwhile, virat taunts the lawyer as he is being taken away, that he would settle one last work.

As they drive off, Virat, in the van asks for water, trying to get their sympathy, and emotionally blackmails them, saying that its just a matter of a few days, that he would die. He also asks for tea, as they shop at a tea shop, and manages to carefully slide the keys on the seat,

out of the pocket of the hawaldar. As they all get down, he sets himself free, and then manages to grab a pistol from one of the people, and forces them all to get inside, and tie their own hands, and then takes all their mobile phones. He then locks them inside the van, drives the van himself, saying that he is to be hanged to death, and his last wish before that, is to ruin someone’s life, and tells the hawaldars, that before being punished, he wants to settle scores with avni, who’s responsible for his ruin and condition today, and he knows who he needs to kill today. he gets down the van, and walks off.

Arpita’s Godh Bharai ceremony is celebrated by ladies of both raj’s and avni’s family. As akshat becomes extra careful, all tease him for his concern for arpita and the men are thrown away from there. Avni finds raj and akshat sneaking in, through the window, and shuts the curtains, amusingly. the cast of Satrangi sasural, also wishes arpita for a healthy baby. All are happy. Buaji expresses her concern as to how seven ladies wont be able to get an adjustment- controlled daughter-in-law. They all point out, that they shall definitely get a wonderful bahu, for their Vivaan, and they assure buaji, that they would get a wonderful bahu too, who spends life wonderfully with them. raj and the men discuss as to how wonderful it is to become a parent. He then starts to crib to avni, dearingly, that he too wants to have a baby, and she shyly accepts. in her excitement and happiness, he carries her in his arms, and she is amused. He again asks for a kiss, and she is nervous of people’s presence, but gives in, when raj leans in on her. Buaji comes and amusingly sends raj out, while he is frustrated and avni is amused.

Meanwhile, virat stealthily approaches raj’s house, and overhears the celebration, and decides to convert this happiness into grief, and asks them to live on their last breaths, as he would soon come to finish them off.

Inside, avni is teased by Bhawna and buaji, as to what raj was doing in the kitchen. They starts discussing as to arpita would have a boy or a girl, and they start discussing names and avni is reminisced that this is exactly like the dream that she saw. she goes out to check on Raj, and finds his kurta burning from one end, and he being oblivious of it all. Then avni reprimands him for being so careless, and she begins to compose him. They all go inside. AS the celebration continues, Bhawna is shocked, when she finds suket coming in with her brother, who had shunned her years back, and she is overwhelmed with emotions, while he too apologises for his stern and mistaken behaviour with her. She greest and hugs him emotionally, while he presents arpita with gifts. They all pose for a family pic, which jaichand takes.

Meanwhile virat doses one of the waiters into unconsciousness, with chloroform, and then dressing like one, he gets inside, with lots of boxes of sweets in his hands, to cover his face. He then gives sweets to the hawaldars, and they leave. He then throws the boxes away, and gets inside, with the pistol in his hands. meanwhile, avni intuitively, feels something is wrong and is restless. jaichand sees him, from the back, and orders him to get the food ready. Virat complies. meanwhile, buaji clears up all the misunderstanding between them, apologising for the way she behaved, and how she always rebuked her. Arputa thanks her and says that she wishes she too had a child. buaji shows her the filled adoption form, and says that now she is ready too to have a baby. all are happy for her and amused.

In the kitchen, while virat has his eyes on avni and raj, he overhears them talking, when avni apologises for scolding him, and then says that she gets extremely tensed, whenever something happens to him. Virat retreats the pistol, as he hears avni professing how she is in double pain when he is in any trouble. She leaves, saying that he is her life, and kissing him on the cheek, she leaves. Virat thinks that avni would be tortured more, when he kills raj, and she does every single day, in his memory. he decides to kill raj, for this novel plan. But he finds raj gone, by that time, and is baffled. In the drawing room, all compliment avni for a very successful planning of this ceremony. Akshat and arpita give a locket of lord krishna to avni, as a return gift, and she is very happy to receive it.

Outside, as raj mingles and gives orders, to the waiters, virat has his keen eyes on him, but he loses sight of raj. Then someone orders for a glass of water from him, and virat says that he would get it rightaway, and raj overhears this voice, and recalls it. he sharply turns around, but is unable to recognise virat, as he has his back turned on him. meanwhile, avni interrupts him, asking whats he doing here, and asks if he is okay. She takes raj aside. Avni gives the locket to raj, saying that her safety would be ensured by his safety. raj asks if she is happy, and she gets tensed. He asks her whats the matter, and she tries hard to conceal her tension. they all go inside.

Inside, all have dinner, and suddenly the phone rings. bhawna picks it up, and the inspector tells her as to how virat has escaped from their grasp. She is shocked, and distraught when she finds virat walking in, stunned. He comes with a pistol, while all are shocked. raj tries to get to him, but he aims him gun at Raj. Avni is reminiscient that she saw exactly this in her nightmare. Virat says that they are all celebrating, getting him convicted, on the day when he was declared to be hanged. bhawna asks him to leave, but he says that now he would do, and do with a bang, before dying, and shall give another death. bhawna is shocked, while he says that they shall keep grieving for this person forever and shall ruin their lives. Virat says that he cant be hanged twice. all are shocked and apalled. Virat comes and points the revolver at avni, saying that having gotten him hanged to death, they are all ejoying here, and that he wont let one of them live. All are tensed. Avni begs him to kill her, as she is his biggest enemy, but not do anything to raj or her families. virat taunts her for her selflessness, and says that she wont be dead by this bullet, as she would stay alive, so that she can die every day, every single second, and that if he kills her, it would be a favour on her, and he wont do that, and hence he would kill the person who is her life, meaning Raj, his nephew, and is shocked. Virat proclaims that both the families shall lose their son and that this is her punishment that she lives a life worse than death. He fires a blank in the air, and then points it at raj, who covers up avni, by standing in front of her. All are stunned into silence. He fires, and all are shocked and apalled, as raj falls clutching his chest, and they rush to him. Bhawna is shocked and distraught. they find that raj has been saved by the locket, and virat is enraged. He fires again, and avni comes in the way, and she takes the cullet in her chest. all are shocked and apalled. Suket and akshat fight with him, and the police comes to take virat away. The ladies scream in grief. raj keeps assuring avni that nothing would happen to her, while she says that she loves him profusely. All are shocked, as avni falls unconscious. The screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Raj cuts his finger with his knife, and fills avni’s forehead with his blood, marking it as vermillion, and avni is overwhelmed with emotions. raj eyes her lovingly, as she lies on the hospital bed. Later, The doctor tries to cover her face, as she is dead. Raj refuses to let him do that, shocked and apalled. The doctor tells raj that they tried a lot but they couldnt save avni. Raj is distraught while both the familes are stunned and refuse to believe it.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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