Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 29th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 29th March 2014 Written Episode, Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 29th March 2014 Written Update

They were sitting on dinner table. Suket asks Akshat how the party was. He asks how the party was. Akshat tells that it was good. Suket asks why you people didn’t come for lunch. He tells him that they had eaten much sweet at the party. Suket asks ‘had they only eaten sweets or had drunk something as well’; He scolds him that he cannot cheat his father. He should get serious now as he was married, and he went to the party with his wife and sister. He also scolds Bhawna for covering the parties. Baugi interferes and reminds that Suket had also once did the same. Suket resists, but Bauji tells him that he knew how his mother had taken her to his room. Avni asks excitingly had their father also drunk but Suket scolds her again. He thinks to himself that no one was taking him seriously;

recently there have been changes in Avni as well. He must talk to Shastri ji again.

Arpita brings lemonade for Akshat. Avni is watching them from the window. She tells him that her head is also aching. He tells her to lie down while he massages her head. He tells her that he gave him a lot of tension today. She said not at all, you said a lot of good things about her today. Akshat says he doesn’t remember anything. Arpita calls Avni and gives her the lemonade. She tells her that she had seen Akshat massaging Arpita’s head. Arpita says that Akshat is the kind of husband she had wished for. She wishes that Avni also gets a husband like that. Avni thanks her but wonders what kind of a guy he wants.

There Suket is saying to Shastri ji that he already know the kind of guy he wanted for Avni.

Avni is thinking that she wants a husband who was disciplined like her father, naught like Abhaas and loving and romantic like Akshat; but how will she find all these qualities in one man. She thinks she just want that he should be someone she can smile looking at, like Arpita does.

Suket is telling Shastri ji that he wants a guy who can keep Avni happy. He should be from a well-mannered family like theirs.

Avni and Abaas are running after gevar (a sweet). Bhawna protects the dish from the attack of them both. Arpita is also there. Bhawna says that she won’t give it to any of them. Avni says that f0r 18 days from today mummy will not eat anything. Abhas asks how do you stay hungry for this long. Bhawna tells him that when you love someone, you can stay hungry for him as well. She tells him that Goddess Parwati kept this fast for Shiv ji. Since then every waman fasts for her husband. Arpita says she is also excited about her first fast but a little nervous too. Soon Bhawna realizes she had to do Bauji’s packing as he is going to village for some urgent work. She hands the dish to Arpita and tells not to allow both of them to touch it.

Its morning. Raj is talking in his sleep about his love with Avni. Jiji sits near him, takes the camera from his hand. She wakes him up and tells her to get ready quick. He had to go to return Avni’s camera as well. She reminds her that Gangor is starting from today. He tells her to pack some gevar for Avni as well. She leaves by telling him to copy all the videos on laptop.

Bhawna and Arpita take arti of their husbands. Avni asks can they also eat it now and attacks on the food. She asks how her mother had controlled herself. Bhawna tells that with love comes the will power as well.

Sheru tells Jiji that she doesnot need to do any more fasting. He tells her that he will also fast as he wants the long life of his wife as well. The video was playing. At the Raj’s confession scene, they both get their attention towards it. They get worried and thinks that they should remove this video at any cost. Jiji thinks that she should call Raj. There Raj arrives at Avni’s house and forgets his mobile in the car. Bhawna introduces her daughter-in-law to a friend Sonali when Raj arrives from the back and tells her that she brought special gevar for her sister and everyone else. Shastri ji arrives then. Everyone goes to greet him whil Raj gets disturbed and remembers what jiji had talked to him about. Avni sees her handy-cam from Raj’s hands and thanks him for bringing it back. She comes inside watching the video in the camera. Bhawna tells her to prepare for prayers. She leaves the camera there and goes inside.

At pooja, Bhawna asks Arpita to get something from kitchen. Arpita finds the camera on dining table and starts watching the video. There Raj gets into the car and sees the missed calls from jiji. He calls back. Jiji tells him that video also contained their conversation. He gets out of the car to take back the camera. As he comes out of the car he sees Arpita and already standing on the door.

Arpita leaves while Avni stays. Raj tells her that she was getting him wrong. Avni says that she thought he will never break her trust, but trust kept afar, he had broken her heart. She tells him she does not want to talk to him, goes inside and closes the door. Raj complains to God that why did she get to know about his love in such a way. Avni and Arpita comes laughing and open the door again. They tells him that they talking about his expressions when he gotta know they had eaten bhang-wali qulfi. Raj gets relieved.

He asks them had they watched the full video. They tell him that Akshat had taken the camera to his site and he wanted to record something but they did not know where his site was. He reaches the site with his jiju who had called the office to get the info of sit. As Raj reaches there, Akshat was watching something on the camera with serious attention. He stops to see. Akshat comes to him and asks what he was doing. He tells he just came to meet him as he was passing by. He asks for the camera bit Akshat says he has some recording he could not delay to show his dad. Raj says he will have to do something soon. Akshat brings the camera to dad but Bhawna calls them as it was time for breaking fast. Jiji, jija and Raj also comes to break their fasts with them. As jiji was about to delete the video from camera, Divika comes and takes it from her to do the recording. Avni comes to Raj and appreciates him for bringing jiji there as well. Raj was disturbed and Avni noticed it. She asks but Raj was quiet. She then sees Divika with the camera and tells Raj to do the recordings as he knew its function. He gets hold of the camera and was deleting the video when Abhaas comes from behind, snatches the camera and tells him that the button he was pressing was of DELETE. He tells him he will do the recording and goes away. Akshat takes the camera to dad as he was in a good mood.

Shastri ji tells him to keep the camera in the foot of God before viewing the progress. He obliges. Bhawna announces that everyone was leaving. Suket goes to bid them farewell. Raj takes the camera, as he was about to delete the video Suket calls and scolds for holding the camera. Raj prays for some magic as he hands the camera to Suket. He drops the camera from his hands; it breaks. Suket scolds Raj for the camera. Bhawna tells Suket to calm down and not be angry. Jiji and jija heads to leave also scolding Raj. As they come out, the three of them celebrate. Avni comes from behind and stops him. She says that whatever his problem was has got solved now. She can see it on his face. He tells her he’ll gift her new handy-cam. She refuses to accept such a gift and tells him that she is happy because he is. He leaves.

Akshat and Bhawna discuss how they can improve dad’s mood by showing him the present Bhawna had bought for him. Arpita comes in Suket’s room and tells him that they can retrieve all the videos of camera to the laptop. Suket appreciates her work.

PRECAP: Avni calls and tells Raj that bhabi had retrieved all the data of camera on laptop. He does not need to get upset about the Holi videos anymore.

Update Credit to: Sona

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