Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 28th November 2014 Written Episode Update


Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 28th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Avni’s residence
Bhawna and suket ask buaji to come along, but she refrains saying that she wont be welcome there, and the might even blame her only for the kidnappeing. bhawna asks her not to think like that, as this isnt the time and avni and her family needs their support. Buaji is reluctant, but bhawna drags her out.

Scene 2:
Location: Raj’s residence
Madhuri and jaichand, in front of avni’s family, tells the inspector about what happened and avni shows him the ransom note. The inspector says that they should accept the call at anytime. The phone rings and all get tensed. He asks raj to pick up the phone, and its revealed that its actually vikram, who tries to talk normally, as vikram asks about Pooja, and raj maintains

a calm face, as he didnt want to disturb Vikram. He then cancels the call, and all are apalled. raj is tensed. avni rushes to him, saying that life doesnt let them be happy for long. The inspector assures them that all steps have been taken and pooja shall soon be found. the phone rings yet again, and all get tensed. Avni picks up, and its Pooja’s voice from the other end, and she puts it on speaker. Raj and avni’s family sit together, along with Buaji, while the kidnapper emotionally blackmails them by making them hear pooja’s wailing voice, and after that demands for 1 crore, and within an hour. they are all tensed. the police immediately starts to get into action. The kidnapper also mentions, that if they were foolish enough to bring the police or even intimate them, the shall just land their hands on Pooja’s dead body. all are shocked. Avni assures the kidnapper, that they wont do anything like that, and ask him for the place to keep the money and is told to keep it near the templ,e in the mountains. He cancels the call abruptly. All are tensed. Buaji starts reprimanding them for being so careless, especially the parents. Madhuri starts blaming herself, while bhawna composes her. Avni says that she isnt at fault, and then goes onto reprimand buaji, and asks if what she said is true. buaji defiantly says that its true, and she just spoke the truth. Avni takes madhuri’s side, and says that buaji shouldnt say this. She says that the truth is that she is just a witness to the drama, but not for them, and that she is selfish, and when she wants something that the other perosn has, she likes when that person is hurt or troubled. buaji blames her for siding her in-laws. Avni says that she is saying this, as she is fed up of her irritable attitude, and why is she so selfish, and asks how can she blame a mother like this, and asks if this is the time for all this, and she doesnt understand what is at stake, as to how pooja might be in grave danger. She says that if buaji cant understand or help them, then she can leave from here. Buaji is shocked, and leaves in rage. Avni is tensed. bhawna and suket get tensed. Avni apologises to madhuri for buaji’s statements. Madhuri cries inconsolably.

Outside, buaji starts reprimanding avni and her behaviour, on the phone in front of Pratap, when an idea strikes her, when she pays attention to the background noise of the kidnapper’s call, and deduces the location. she decides to go there to prove that avni is wrong. Inside, raj and jaichand arrange the money, asking suket to be here only, as the family needs his presence. They leave, while all wait tensedly.

Scene 3:
Location: Near the temple
Buaji reaches the place, and finds pooja crying, while the kidnapper leaves for the collection of ransom money, while a lady stays behind. She identifies it as the same woman, who she had bribed once. She is shocked.

Meanwhile, Raj and jaichand reach the temple, and find a policeman in hiding, undercover. They assume that he is with them. When the inspector comes and says that he got a little late, he is surprised when jaichand and raj talk about his agent already being there, and tells them that he didnt send any agents. When they turn around, where they sw another policeman hiding, they find him gone along with the money bag. they are apalled.

Buaji immediately rushes inside and goes to save pooja, and starts reprimanding the lady, for being so jealous, that she is ready to bargain for her own mother. Buaji starts reprimanding her for her motherhood, saying that madhuri is a far better mother that pooja’s real mother, as she is dying right now for her girl, while she is using her own child for money. Buaji tries to set pooja free. the lady says that she cant open this girl, but buaji is defiant, and says that she would get her free. She then throws the lady away, and frees pooja. Buaji tries to get out with pooja, buty finds the man coming in, and hits him with a rod, and he falls unconscious. Buaji leaves with pooja and the money.

Scene 4:
Location: Raj’s residence
Jaichand and raj come back without pooja, and madhuri gets distraught asking where’s pooja. All others get tensed too, as their plan is a failure. Madhuri breaks down, but is then shocked, when she hears Pooja rushing in, calling out to her. They are relieved and all smile, as madhrui hugs and kisses her profusely. pooja says that Buaji saved her. all are shocked, as buaji comes with her head hung low. Pooja explains everything, while madhuri is overwhelmed and thanks her profusely for this. Jaichand too thanks her for giving her a new life. Buaji says that they shouldnt say thanks, as somewhere she herself is responsible for this. Buaji says that the kidnapper was her own mother, and tells the entire story, of how she bribed pooja’s real mother. she also tells avni that she is right, in blaming her to be evil, as she had become terribly selfish, and she was right to reprimand her. Avni says that she is very good, and that she spoke out of tension. Buaji says that she was right, and whatever happened was for the good, and that now she is relieved as she got to know that pooja cant have a better mother than madhuri. All gets emotional.

Raj applauds avni, that even in her anger and hatred, she got buaji to take the right direction in life, and walk on the moral path, and they became one big happy family now. avni smiles at him. As madhuri prepares pasta for pooja, she takes it to buaji, and apologises for calling her bad, and shares her food with buaji, who happily feeds her. all smile looking at them.

Scene 5:
Location: In the jail
The lawyer tells virat, that there’s a very strong case against him, and that life imprisonment is a surity, he also faces the fear of capital punishment. Virat is frustrated. Virat says that all of this is due to avni, and is frustrated at her. He asks the lawyer, that even two murders shall give him capital punishment once only, and that he would kill avni too. The screen freezes on virat’s tensed and avni’s smiling face.

Precap: Arpita’s Godh Bharai ceremony is celebrated by both raj’s and avni’s family. All are happy. Just then, Virat comes and points the revolver at avni, saying that having gotten him hanged to death, they are all ejoying here, and that he wont let one of them live. All are tensed. He fires, and all are shocked and apalled.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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