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Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 28th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kaka takes the dishes from Avni. Avni tells him that she is leaving for market, Kaka asks what to prepare for lunch as Suket sir will have lunch today. He gives Avni some bills, Avni sees that it is the last date to pay them and tells him to go for the payment. Raj calls Avni, she tells him she will be late for market.

Sanvri was telling Pooja a story about lie. Akshit and Arpita stood behind, Sanvri takes Pooja upstairs. Arpita says that she is pouring all her anger on Madhuri and Jashan. Akshit says he will talk to her, Arpita says she must leave before he talks. Sanvri comes downstairs, Akshit talks to her. Sanvri says that she is just performing her duty as a trustee at the orphanage and she thinks Madhuri and Jashan don’t deserve to be her parents. Akshit thinks about all he noticed

in the house, but he says to Sanvri that they love Pooja. Sanvri tells him to look after Pooja and help her in the decision. After Akshit has left, she thinks now my spy is also in the house.

Avni is done with cooking; she gets Raj’s call and tells him she is just coming out. She gets Gopal’s call who says there is a long queue for bills here; it will take him a long time here. She calls Raj and says she will have to make the roti’s before coming. She goes to take the flour, and hears Raj cutting the vegetables. Suket comes home. Avni gets worried and asks him to go out, but he doesn’t. Suket comes to the kitchen; Avni tells him that he was just helping. Suket says good and goes away. Avni wonders what it was, Raj tells her that her dad called him in his room and asked him if he knows there is some boy in Avni’s life. He must stay with Avni to get to know if there is some boy in her life. Avni says that she didn’t know her dad trusts him so much, but they are doing wrong. Raj says he will tell Suket sir himself one day once Akshit’s matter is settled. Suket offers Raj lunch, and asks did he get to know something. Raj says the job isn’t easy. Suket asks is there any guy who likes Avni? Raj appreciates Avni. Suket asks Raj does he feel awkward doing what he has been given. Raj says it is a bit awkward, but he can do it. Suket says he can give this duty to Abhaas, Raj says he will do it as girls share these things to their friends. Suket says that he is worried about Avni. Raj says he is sure she won’t let her family down anyway. Suket says that first he wants to know who that guy is in her life.

Sanvri was thinking that she will need Akshit’s evidence to make Madhuri and Jashan let go of Pooja. She thinks another idea and calls someone. As she was talking on phone, the guard comes and asks her to sign some papers which came from orphanage.

Akshit gets disturbed by the voice of television and complains to Arpita that it is time for Pooja to sleep and they don’t care. He goes to complain them. Arpita follows. In the room, Jashan was even getting disturbed by the voice of TV. Madhuri comes and says to him that she know he is getting disturbed by the voice but Pooja doesn’t sleep without this loud cartoon music. Jashan says he has no problem until Pooja hasn’t sleep completely. Arpita closes their room’s door and tells Akshit how much they care about Pooja; how wrong is Sanvri about them.

In the morning, Jashna was getting the arrangements of order done. The manager says that the whole house will be ruined; Jashan says that until their kitchen is renovated. Madhuri tells Pooja that they will stay here in the room as papa is doing some work out. A lady comes with the cheque and gives it to Jashan thanking him to prepare their order is time. Jashan tells her to sit, the lady says  Sanvri told me the girl will just be here but where to look for it. Jashan comes to Madhuri, and Pooja comes downstairs. The lady asks Pooja to play catch catch with her ball with her, and she will give her chocolate. The lady sees Akshit and throws the ball in the sauce pan. Akshit runs to her and saves her. The lady says how can one leave a small kid with how saucepans. The lady says thanks god you came to save the girl. The lady calls Sanvri and tells her they did it. Akshit calls Sanvri and says you were right. 

PRECAP: Avni asks where are they going. Raj tells Avni they are going for a dinner date at a restaurant. Suket tells Kaka at home he ordered the food from Avni’s favourite restaurant, he will eat with her. Avni finds Suket at the dinner table, he asks why is she coming so late.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Akshit is so ungrateful

  2. Akshit will regret what he is doing to Raj’s family i now see why sanvri was not blessed with a child of her own in this story

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