Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 27th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 27th March 2014 Written Episode, Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 27th March 2014 Written Update

Arpita is worried that its her first cooking and the food get wrong. What will everyone think. Avni says noone will think anything because she has already thought a remedy. Bauji, Akshit and Abhaas waiting for food. In the mandir, Bhawna tells Akshit and Arpita to pray but Bauji says that the three daughter-in- laws should do it. Then Bauji wish Holi to everyone. Bhawna greets him in return.

Avni announces that its the first cooking of her new Bhabi. Bhawna asks “did she put coconut in it?” Arpita starts to confess when she says You did it ver well. It tastes different but is delicious. Avni suggests that Akshit and Arpita should also take this food to Arpita’s parents. They will be very happy. Arpita excuses herself and leaves while everybody watches. Avni

asks if she said something wrong? Bhawna says oh no! She dint say anything wrong. Her parents had prayed to go to have ‘Darshan’ (visiting temples), and every girl wants to visit her pareents at festivals. Bhawna says she’ll watch her over.

Arpita was in her room when Bhawna goes there. She says there’s no need to worry. She will soon adjust in this new house. Arpita asked her how much time did Bhawna take to adjust in the new environment? She remembers the difficulties she had to face. Arpita repeats her question while bhawna was lost in thoughts, but A call interrupts. It was Raj wishing Holi to Arpita. He invites them all to his place for Holi celebrations. Bhawna remebers her father that he liked this festival alot. Before Arpita could ask her, she said they wont be able to go to Raj’s place but he and Akshit must go. Avni comes rushing. She was worried if Arpita disliked what she just said. Arpita asked Bhawna if Avni could also join them for Holi. She permits. Avni wonders that Raj is only a 3 member family. They must play it simply.She says she’ll also take her handy-cam as well.

Raj, his jiji and jiju were playing Holi. There was great party arrangements when Akshit, Arpita and Avni arrives. Jiji and Jiju greets them. Jiji tells them that Raj is very tricky and no one can get hold of him in Holi. He tells them he is not like that and put colours on both Arpita and Akshits faces and runs away. They run after him. Avni starts filming this. Akshit and Arpita plays Holi with each other.

Raj sees Avni filming the party. He shouts Happy Holi from behind. He says how can she go back without putting on colour. But she resists and tells him she is afraid of colours. He promises he will not by put colours on her nor will he allow anyone else. Jiji and jija comes from behind. They run from them. Avni resists jiji as well. Raj convinces her that she is missing the fun. Avni remembers what jiji told her about Raj, calls her name and put a handful of colour on his face. She enjoys the victory while Raj stand still. Jiji also comes celebrating. They all charge each other with colours. Avni is about to fell in the tub when Raj holds her in his arms.

He sees that she was really afraid of colours so he drops all the colour powder from his hand.

There jiji makes Sheru eat the sweet (mithai). Shastri g also came there. He tells Jashan that he specially came there because their cooking is brilliant. He saws Khandelwal house is also there. Jiji tells him that only Akshit, Arpita and Avni could come. He says he is looking for some good proposal for Avni as she is a good girl. Jiji gets worried at this. Shastri ji tells them her parents asked him so but also requests jiji to keep it confidential. Jiji tells him not to worry. She thinks to herself that it cannot happen.

PRECAP: Raj tells jiji that whether Avni lives with me or not, she will always have a place in my heart. Avni over-hears. Raj also sees this.

Update Credit to: Sona

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