Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 27th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 27th February 2014 Written Episode, Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 27th February 2014 Written Update

Bhavna and Arpita’s mom are looking for their gals when raj says he will look for them and he over hears arpitas mom saying to bhavna that though its arpitas sangeet avni is highlight in her lahenga, and that brings a smile on rajs face, he then calls up avni and tells her she is looking beautiful and she asks him how can he say that, as he havent seen her yet, he says he knows as every one are saying she looks stunning in it, and when avni says she will send him her pic he refuses saying it will only spoil the fun of seeing her in front of him in lehanga than in pic and ends calls, sheru jiju comes there and tells him how beautiful avni is looking and raj says he knows and he has to wait to see it.

Arpita’s cousin is laughing at her brother who is dressed as a women

and he says he wont care as he wont forget what raj has done to him by supporting avni and he will know on what song she is performing, and they head to the room where ladies are getting ready and over hears arpita asking avni about her dance and avni says she is prepared and has stored her dance song in her clutch and says she wont leak it until sangeet. Raj is wondering about how to get to gals room and sees waiter taking drinks he stops him and asks him to look for other work and is heading towards ladies room saying they must be thrusty,

Arpita’s cousins enter room and when the guy was about to take clutch and walk off sawari catches him and scolds them and then sends them off the room and sawari calls up abhas and asks him to keep a eye on the room and let no guy enter as all ladies are getting ready, and abhas is guarding when raj was about to knock on door abhas stops him and raj says ladies has asked for drinks , abhas knocks and devika comes to door which makes raj a bit sad and disappointed as he was expecting avni to open door as he heard sawari calling avni to open door. Raj unwillingly hands the drinks to devika and walks off as abhas chases him off and bhavna asks arpita to get ready first instead of helping others and asks some lady to help arpita with hair and she tries getting hair dryer in plug but when it wont work she changes the piece with which sawari changed earlier and when bhavna asks sawari to get ready she says she just need to adjust hair and is watching arpita with a smirk on her face hoping she will be helpinng arpita when her hair gets damaged but it turns up the sawari hair is totally damaged due to high temp.

Raj finds a way of calling avni down by taking help of akshat but while raj is waiting for her, babuji comes there and asks raj to make a dish before pooja and raj is off to make it while ladies and bhavna are trying their best to set sawaris hair she is upset when arpita asks her to tie her hair and walks off with a long face saying she wont be there and avni is worried about her performance and bhavna says she will be back when her mood is good,

Sheru jiju asks raj what is he doing there and had he seen avni, and raj says he had a way of seeing her but it didnot work and looks like nothing is going to work but his love is pure and walks off with a smile in a hope to see avni, abhas tells his friend he is a bit nervous and worried over anchoring and performance and his friend reminds him what for> ur a good with ralies but abhas reminds him that his father will be there seeing him, and then babuji is welcoming every one inside. Abhas starts his anchoring and welcomes every one and says how he believes in love when he sees his brother and soon to be sister in law and welcomes there, akshat walks in with avni while raj misses this and then akshat and arpita are made to sit together where in arpita is a bit upset with akshat as he is not telling her how she is looking and he says he cannot in front of others and asks her to keep quite as he is trying to rem his lines and she says she wont talk to him until he tells her ILU… avni is also looking for raj and raj tries to get into function area but abhas chases him off and raj happens to glance around to see avni sitting and her smiling face which brings smile on his face and he then sees her and his smile widens and he walks after her while abhas is telling every one about the dance rules and marks and invites sawari bua as its her first performance.

Avni is in room calling sawari when raj enters and is lost in seeing her while they play aakho ki song from hum dil de chuke sanam, and he compliments her saying she is looking stunning than wat he heard and she tells him she was also looking for him and when he says she is looking like avni , she is like wat? and he thinks to self wish u could use ur heart instead of brain and she tells him she has to go and look for sawari as her name is called up and hopes he wont get lost in darkness as this room is dark and then both of them notice a candle was about to fall and catches it and asks if each other are ok/.

Precap”- sawari is dancing on ghagara song from yeh jawani, babuji dancing and saket and bhavna dancing on tune mari entry while arpita cousins are planning to do everything to spoil avni dance

Update Credit to: ChillMaaryaar

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