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Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 26th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Avni’s residence
As suket along with the neg, also hands over the tender of their newest project, despite arj and avni’s insistence against it, buaji and akshat are tensed. Akshat however silently complies. Buaji instigates akshat again, that this is unjair and injustice to him. But he doesnt comment on anything. Suket asks akshat to get the paperts ready, to transfer the tender to raj.

Later, Suket wonders where akshat got left behind, as he should have come backl with the contract papers by now. Buaji goes to find out, and again uses this chance to instigate akshat to stand up for whats right. Akshat silently leaves with the file. buaji is tensed. Akshat hands the tender file to suket, who signs it, and then finds that akshat’s sign

is missing, as without it, the tender wont be transferred to raj. He asks akshat to sign, and he refuses. Buaji is amused. Suket asks what does he mean. Bhawna is tensed. Akshat expresses that his rights are being infringed upon. suket says that he is shocked to find that akshat thinks this, but akshat is adamant, shocking bhawna and suket. Akshat, instigated by Buaji, stands up in front of suket, saying that til neg it was okay, but now they they ever giving raj shares in stocks, shares and tenders too, and this is going overboard and that he just wants an equal right to suket’s property, like raj’s. Buaji too supports akshat. Bhawna says that avni is the daughter of this house, and has eqeually contributed to setting the empire, and hence akshat shouldnt talk like this. Akshat says that he apologises to speak in front of them, but he has to start a family, and this is his right, and he wont let it go easily to raj. suket asks what does he want. Akshat says that he wants his rightful part, and more than raj, as he is the son, and raj the son-in-law. Suket says that he has a solution, and it may be difficult but it would solve the problem completely. bhawna asks whats he thinking, and he says that he has decided for partition of property and business. all are shocked.

Scene 2:
Location: Raj’s residence
Raj and avni finds Anjali both packing, and is shocked to know that they are leaving for Australia. She says that they are going there, so that they can permanently come back here. Vikram says that they have to finish the business, so that they can wrap up there, and come back here. She says that business aside, they are also going to collect evidences against virat’s fraud, so that he can serve a lifetime in prison. Avni composes her, and anajlia says that she would have to close this chapter. Anjali hands over the responsibility of the entire mad family on avni, and she happily accepts.

In the evening, avni comes to find jaichand dancing, while madhuri is guffawing. Raj too starts dancing, while avni is shocked. Madhuri is overjoyed. The men start enjoying their new found freedom. Avni thinks that this is actually turned into a madhouse. Both the couples, enjoy their uninhibited romance. pooja comes and interrupts avni and raj’s romance, by sitting between them, while avni is amused. madhuri and jaichand enjoy raj’s plight. After jaichand and madhuri are asleep, raj and avni are unable to love and get intimate with each other, while pooja continues to interrupt the romance. But even is answering her innocent questions, they find the way to romance each other. As pooja slips off, to eat, avni and raj get intimate but as fate would have it, she is interrupted by suket’s call. Avni tensedly tells raj that they have been called rightaway, and hopes that there’s no problem. Both are tensed.

Scene 3:
Location: Avni’s residence
Avni and raj come and asks everyone whats the matter, and if all is okay. All stand tensed. Suket tells them what akshat has been insinuating. bhawna and buaji are tensed. Suket tells how he wants to have the partition. raj and avni are shocked. suket asks akshat, that if he doesnt feel bad, he wants to give the first chance to choose between the two halves first to raj, as he deserves this. Buaji is angry thinking that raj would choose the bigger portion. Suket asks raj to choose first, and bhawna too asks avni to make the descision without hesitation. Avni is stressed. raj folds his hands, and says that he doesnt need this, but their love and affection and the sense of belonging. Raj pleads to akshat, that they would be able to earn this property by hardwork, and dedication, but he wont let this be a reason to get in the way, of this new found, and hard earned realtionship between the two families. raj and avni get overwhelmed, while bhawna too gets emotional. raj says that he wont let any strifes come in between them, due to money and property. buaji is ashamed. Akshat asks buaji if she is now satisfied, as she finally understood the true value of raj. buaji is shocked to find that its a planned conspiracy to make her understand and feel guilty. raj and avni ask buaji if they can be forgiven and loved by her. Buaji extends her arms to the both of them, and husg them overwhelmingly, as they rush to her. They all smile. Akshat teases her that she would have to give a big neg to raj too. As buaji asks if she can give him a ring, Avni says that raj already has a ring given by madhuri and jaichand. Buaji says that she would gift them something bigger and better. Avni says that this isnt needed, as gifts arent big or small, but the feelings behind them are geunine. Buaji is tensed, but hides it, and retreats for the night hastily. Avni and raj are tensed.

Bhawna comes in the room and tells buaji that she is very happy, that buaji could accept raj and avni, forgetting all the hurtful past, and her prejudices. Buaji says that she too believes in the goodness of raj now. Bhawna says that even raj’s family is as good as he is, and buaji gets terse immediately at their discussion. Bhawna says that their family too is very good, particvularly Madhuri and jaichand. Buaji gets tensed again at their mention. Bhawna asks buaji to get rid of this bitterness. Buaji says that she doesnt have a big heart like hers, and she cant forgive the fact that the child that she wanted, was given to them. Bhawna says that she understands her thinking, but poojs going to them isnt their fault. Buaji says that she knows, but she still cant gte out of it, and it would take her a long time, and she is taking small strides towards it, and asks bhawna not to pressurise her. Bhawna agrees saying that she knows one day buaji would herself accept them. The screen freezes on bhawna’s smiling face.

Precap: Raj and avni are dancing romantically. Meanwhile, jaichand and madhuri find pooja missing. They search around and alarm raj and avni too, who gets tensed. Avni comes inside, with pooja’s teddy and a letter, saying that someone has kidnapped pooja. Raj is shocked.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Please show mor nd mor seen of raj nd avnis intimate scene..nd dnt end the serial.Plz

  2. one storyline over and over this kidnapping thing in all these soaps must come to a stop
    kidnapping in bhandan, aurpya hoga, sapne suhane, jamai raja, doli amanaki, and qubool hai
    what nonsense is kidnapping all around at every turn this is what makes the soaps boring and monotonous.

  3. when they have got no other idea writers only gona copy 4m other soaps d ideas n put them in their own soap….they think d viewers 2 b dumb i gues…when they fail in grabing d view of audience pulses its only best 2 wrap up d shw n retain their respct by nt geting dwn by writing al d bakwas scripts

  4. Why are you guys endings this serial, I
    this serial is better than some of the others that’s on. Please don’t ebd this serial please

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