Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 26th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 26th March 2014 Written Episode, Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 26th March 2014 Written Update

It is night. Avni is travelling in the rikshaw when the rickshaw stops with a jerk. Driver tells her they have run out of fuel. She pays his fair and starts running on the road calling Raj. Raj picks up the call while driving. He had just said Hello when a car blocks her path. Some men holding bamboo sticks in hands comes out of it and charge towards Raj. He comes out of the car and asks who they were. There Avni is still on the call worried why is Raj not speaking to her. It was Ritz against Raj. Raj says you still not fulfilled with the trouble you went through tonight. But Ritz motioned his men to attack him. Avni comes running there and calls Raj. Raj and Ritz turns around to see as she shouts Raj!. Raj tells her to go back. Raj calls Avni to go back. Ritz says this is exactly

what he wanted and comes near Avni.

Raj struggles with the men while Ritz says Hello to Avni and asks him that she is not afraid at all today. Avni says that she has learned when dogs are after you, you should see them in their eyes instead of running away. Ritz tells her she is very pretty and tries to touch her face. She hit him with her bag, he falls down as she beat him.

There Raj had freed himself. He beat the men with the stick while Ritz gets hold of Avni’s bag while Raj beats him. Ritz slap Avni due to which Raj beats him further. They run away.

Raj says thanks to Avni for helping him save himself from them. She sees his injured arm and bandage it. He thanks him again but she says that she had learned firendship from him. How could she have left him like that. Raj is surprised at her compliment, he doesnot listen a word she said after that. She tells him that she is lucky to have him as friend. She asks “friends forever?”. They shake hands.

Suket is awake while Bhawna is sleeping. Avni returns home. She hoped everyone is asleep and specially her dad is not worried because of her. Suket is drinking water in the kitchen thinking whether Avni was sleeping well or was worried. He goes into her room, she was not there. He calls her aloud. Bhawna also wakes up and goes down to see Avni. She meets them at the main door. Suket calls,’Where did you go?’. Avni says I wont tell a lie. I went out to see Raj. Suket was angry but Bhawna moves forward to ask why did she go to see him. Avni tells them the whole story how she over-heard Ritz and the fight. Bhawna says she must not have gone together, instead she must have awakened them. Avni says she wanted to go alone because she end her fears against Ritz. She says sorry to her mother. She asks ‘did she do right?’. Suket says, ‘She did the wrong as she left the house at this time of night and tells her to back into the room’. He also tells Bhawna to explain his point of view to their daughter.

Its morning. Bhawna and Avni are sitting in the mandir (worshipping place). Avni asks that they should put the first colours of the day to their God, as they pray to them before doing any work? Her mother says yes. She says sorry to the mother. Bhawna tells her that she should learn whatever her father tries to teach her. They would never have forgotten themselves if something had went wrong to her. But she should forget it today as it is Holi. Bau ji comes there. Avni hugs him and greets him Holi. He prays that the colours of our relations remain the same. She complains that this time there is no one her to play colours with. Akshit and Abhas comes in and says she cant wait more to play Holi with her sister-in- law. Avni says she must have known his intentions thus hid herself. Bhawna says, No, she is preparing for the Holi foods. Avni goes to see the preparations. Bau g sends Abhas for his purse to give gift (Shagun) to Arpita for her first food at home. In the kitchen Avni tastes the kheer and tells Arpita that the sugar is very high. Arpita gets worried.

PRECAP: Its Holi. Raj and Avni’s family plays Holi together.

Update Credit to: Sona

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