Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 26th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 26th February 2014 Written Episode, Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 26th February 2014 Written Update

Episode starts with raj thinking hw to give lehenga to Avni.He spots devika n asks her to give it to Avni.He asks devika nt to tell dat he brought it bcoz avni is upset with him..While taking the lehenga inside bhavana n bua ask her frm wer she gt..They r happy dat she brought it fr avni..Avni is very happy seeing the lehenga..She asks devika hw she gt it n all..Avni catches devika lying n asks her to tell the truth..Devika says raj brought it fr u.Avni goes in search of raj to thank him.wen she is abt to go near him Bhavana n bua show her jewllery for sangeeth..Avni arranges the jewellery as ‘Thank u’..Raj sees it.Raj at hme n avni calls him n thanks him fr everythng..Raj tells avni dat she can cal him anytime n share anythng..They both talk till early mrng 2:30.Avni sleeps in btw..

In the mrng Akshat,Bhavana n suket r tensed abt hw to perform..avni stops akshat frm telling his song to bhavana..Bhavana praises avni’s dance steps which she saw while avni’s practice..Raj cmes to speak to bhavana bt she says she is very busy as decorations r pending n she has to dance..Avni cmes there n says “while dancing we shouldn’t care abt whor there…”..Avni says Raj said this to her wen she was nervous.Bhavana leaves..Raj gives avni her payal wich is lost in mandir.Avni asks him if he kept it safe til nw..Arpita’s parents n cousns cme to avni’s hse.Arpita’s mom gives ridz sme black thread n asks him to tie it smewer..

Arpita is helping all aunties to get ready.She does makeup on bhavan too.Bua doesnt take arpita’s help n is angry wid arpita as she pointed bua dng mistake while applying makeup..Bua changes the hair blower temp to high n while changing it with arpita’s blower..Avni cmes der..Arpita’s praises her..bua keeps the blowers der..bua says devika brought u lehenga s she is ur best friend..Avni thinks is Raj also is her Best friend..Raj sees ridz tieng the black thread on wall..He removes the ladder..he tells ridz they left avni in graveyard na so happy flying..Ridz falls dwm frm top..Episode ends

Precap:Raj talks to avni in phne n says she is very beautiful..Avni says she wills end him her pic..Raj asks nt to do so as he wanted to see her on stage directly..Bua has blower n arpita screams buaji..

Update Credit to: shinybandi

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