Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 25th November 2014 Written Episode Update


Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 25th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Raj’s residence
As raj carries avni in his arms, inside the room, they are overwhelmed to see that the room is decorated to celebrate their wedding night. Raj comments to avni, that they finally got what they wanted, and are celebrating their marriage just the way they wanted. raj tries to get avni to kiss him on the lips. She is shy and rushes away. Finally raj gets her to be intimate with her, and she too reciprocates his love for her. Finally, after much turmoils, raj and avni finally consummate their marriage, with much passion and romance.

The next morning, Avni wakes up Raj, but he wishes her and then turns aside to sleep again. when he doesnt wake up, she drops her wet hair on his forehead, to get him out of his sleep. He wakes up, saying

that his another wish came true. When she asks what, he says that this is how he wants to be waken everyday, and that he wants just this. Avni says that its good, and leaves. but raj insists childishly for a kiss. Avni asks him to close his eyes, and when he does, and puckers his lips, she kisses him on the cheek, and then is about to rush out, when he stops her, and tries to kiss her on the lips, but she putys her hand in the middle. she rushes out, while he is disappointed.

Avni serves everyone breakfast at the dining table, while she is flustered as everyone teases her on her wedding night, and she is embarassed. raj comes and starts giving excuses that he was handling business calls hence got late, while showcasing a kiss imprint on his cheeks. Avni notices the impression of kiss on the cheeks, and shows it to raj, while he asks if her cheek is itching, hence she is signalling like that. all are amused at avni’s plight, and raj’s blissful ignorance. Avni leaves. raj asks if he did anything wrong. anjali amusingly asks him to go and find out. Avni wipes it, and raj gloats that they are married, and if they are, then they would kiss each other anytime. Akshat arrives just then, and madhrui teases them on the kiss on the cheek. akshat says that he has come to take them for the pagphera ceremony. they are happy.

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Scene 2:
Location: Avni’s residence
While Bhawna is busy excitedly preparing snacks and sweets in the kitchen, for avni and raj, buaji doesnt like it. buaji instigates her how can she forget the fact that abhaas’ murderer is from that family, and their own relative, and commnents that she actually has a huge heart. Bhawna says that anger and hatred only spoils relations, and they have enough history of hatred, to prolong it any further, and hence they decided to put a stop to it for the better. Bua says that she wont be able to impress them. bhawna says that avni and raj arent at fault for what happened, and asks bua to forget everything and start afresh, and if she cant, then she is welcome to leave the house. Bhawna leaves. buaji is sure that they are frauds and that she wont be befooled by them.

Raj and avni arrive, and bhawna expresses her desire to get all the rituals properly, post marriage, as she couldnt do them pre-marriage. They all dont let raj and avni work, treating them as guests, while they ask them not to treat anything as special. As they continue being formal, and suket and bhawna get to attending them, raj says that if this continues, then he would leave. bua says that she is already being demanding. Raj says that if avni is the daughter, then he too is the son, and he doesnt need attention as a son-in-law, and he just wants everyone to be normal. Bhawna brings a sweater, and avni is shocked that this sweater if for abhaas. raj says that he cant take it. bhawna says that just now he said that he is the son of the house, and she made it lovingly for abhaas, and asks raj to accept it for her happiness. Buaji is frustrated. Suket says that he too wants to give him a gift, which isnt as priceless as bhawna, but its still from his heart. he hands raj a file, and raj finds that they are the property papers. They are shocked to find that whatever suket gave to abhaas has now gone to raj. raj says that he cant take it, and that its good for him, that suket thought of him as being so special. But suket insists, and raj complies. buaji is instiagted that suket is favouring raj, over the son of the house, akshat, and thats injustice to him. she decides to do something about it.

Avni takes raj to her room, and tells him that since she fell in love with him, all she could think of was spending every single moment with him. She starts reminisceing all their past romantic moments with him, while he makes fun of marking every date with every significance. Avni checkmates him by asking the date that they first met. raj gives an answer, and then one more, as avni’s expression shows that he answered wrongly. Avni starts saying that all married men are the same. But then raj surprises her pleasantly, reminding her of all their special dates, and avni overwhelmingly hugs him.

Buaji finds akshat sitting alone in his room and working on the laptop, and instigates him about how raj is getting what akshat rightfully deserves, as he too has to start a family now, and that suket and his family should focus on him, rather than on the beloved son-in-law of the house, who is taking whats rightfully to the son of the house, i.e. akshat. She asks him if he is working to expand the business for raj, as suket just gave everything away, and raj is reaping benefit for all the hard work that he is putting in. She tells him that her own husband never got anything, and never demanded too, then why should the case be any different from Raj. Akshat is tensed, but he asks her not to think about this and bother herself, as its completely fine, and he doesnt mind at all, about suket’s descision. as akshat gets busy in his work, buaji sits tensed, thinking that akshat is behaving like a fool. the screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Akshat, instigated by Buaji, stands up in front of suket, saying that til neg it was okay, but now they they ever giving raj shares in stocks, shares and tenders too, and this is going overboard and that he just wants an equal right to suket’s property, like raj’s. Suket says that he has a solution, and it may be difficult but it would solve the problem completely. bhawna asks whats he thinking, and he says that he has decided for partition of property and business. all are shocked.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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