Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 25th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 25th March 2014 Written Episode, Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 25th March 2014 Written Update

Everyone asking about the truth and Avni standing mute there and just then Arpita spoke that don’t stress Avni about it as she will tell them truth. Arpita came near Veera and told everyone that its all her fault that she was talking with somebody in her room. Raj was seeing all this and when Arpita was about to tell all that who was with her in Room Raj interrupted and told that he was there in the room with Arpita. He told when that day Arpita’s mehndi not came out good so he got solution and went to her as nobody saw him and Till morning Arpita’s mehndi got dark. Saawri asked as Ritzz told the guy went in the room throw back starirs and Raj told he disn’t want to spoil Arpita image as both know dey are brother sister what he can’t stop people from

talking. He said but after that he came out from front door and even Avni saw him and Avno nodded yes. Arpita and Akshat Shocked as How Raj took full blame on himself.

Arpita said Ritzz is her childhood besty and cousin bro but he tried to spoilt her life but Raj whom she met few dayzz back doing all this for her. Bauji Told everyone that now cheer up as all confusion clear and that boy was just here to spoil the marriage envorinment and now its clear Raj went to his sisters room.

Suket said if bauji done he wants to say something and he screamed at Raj and told him that though he is Arpita’s brother but all this drama not allowed in his home and he taught everyone in this home to be in limits. He warned Raj not to intefer in their family matters. Raj was all shocked and Suket told as he understand or not . Raj nodded yes. Bhawna and bauji all were looking at Raj and worried. Bauji went to Raj and thanked him and also told him not to mind suket’s talks and also told him they earn respect with diffuculty and they dun want to lose it. Raj tahnked everyone and also asked for sry as he was responsible for all this . Then he left place. Avni thought in MInd that how she wish that she could tell Sket everything that Raj is not at fault.

All worried and Avni was all upset and turned to go towards her room as all went towards her and tried to cheer him up. sawwri told hr that she wants that Avni put black ink on Ritzz face and make him rund the city on Ass. all burts into laughter and took group photo. all went towards akshat arpita Room and Bhawna and saawri went to check room.

AA thanked Avni for everythinga s their marraige become posibble only becoz of her. Avni now happy and AA hugged her as Avni told more than her someone else deserved all this love. AA asked who. She replied its Raj and Both nodded yup sure he done very much for them. Saawri and Bhawna came and locked AA in room.

AA promised themselves that they will never lie now onwards and will alwayzz love each other. Akshat make her drink milk and they said it al happens very fats. Akshat told her to change and then they indulge in spending their first nighta s some romantic moments there. Avni was thinking about Raj how he helpd her. She to herslef that this marriage happened all well just becoz of Raj.

Then she decided to call Raj ann then her Phone Rang and she went to take it thought its Raj’s call. It was ritzz otherside and he warned Avni that he going to beat Raj black n blue to take revenge of what they did to him. Avni all worried and shocked. Avni called Raj but he does not pick up. Raj decided t call her but phone not reachable. Raj put phone on silent and Avni tried to message him but its notreaching. she decided to tell suket n bhawna all this and she noticed all were sleeping.

She came outside with bag and Phone and said she should reach to Raj to warn him. She called devika for car but again no phone. She took Auto outside home and went. Ritzz called her again now she wills ee how he gonna treat Raj and then told her as Rja car is coming that side. Ritzz and friends standing with hockeys there. Ritzz smirking and Avni worried.

Precap: Raj and Avni standing there and bg score palying, Raj thanked Avni for coming and Avni said Friends and Raj said yes. Both shake hands and it was looking lke Rja had fight with Ritzz and his hand bandaged and clothes all messy. Just then Suket woke up in tension as he saw some dream.

Update Credit to: ShivinkiJas

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