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Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 25th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

In the morning Avni hurriedly arrange all the breakfast. She thinks about forgetting Bauji’s limopani. Abhaas comes and takes it to help. On the table, Pratab says Sanvri must help her. Sanvri says she didn’t ask for help and Avni is after all a grownup now. They look for parathas, Avni says she has forgotten to make them. Pratab tells Avni to go inside, prathas are inside. She goes into the kitchen worried; Raj was there in the window with parathas. He says Arpita sent them. She says to Raj there should be a gift for him. Everyone appreciates the parathas, Pratab whispers that Suket might be missing his daughter in law’s parathas. Avni’s parcel comes. Suket tells her to go and see what she ordered. She calls Raj and tells him she received the gift she ordered for him. Suket comes there,

she disconnects the call. Suket says thank you to her for managing everything so well, she says it was my responsibility. She gives him a shirt she ordered for him. Abhaas brings Devika along. Avni gives Abhaas a shirt too. Suket notices another shirt. Suket was on the doorway when Avni asks Devika will he like this. Suket hears this. She tells Devika to give it to him.

Arpita was worried that Sanvri came here. It was accountant. Jashan says who did this 50,000 deposit. Akshit comes and says I did this because we are staying here. Jashan asks Madhuri to bring the money and returns it, they go upstairs. Akshit says to Arpita that last night they were worried upon our stay here, and now they are denying taking money.

Suket was worried about the shirt she had to give to someone. He calls Raj and tells him that he will stay home, he must bring the files here. Raj calls Avni to tell he wore the shirt today and he is coming to her home. She thinks this means dad is working at home today, Avni goes to Suket’s room and hears him worried if some guy is there in Avni’s life. Raj was coming upstairs. Avni takes him along into the kitchen and begins taking off his shirt. He gets worried and before listening to her goes out. Sanvri meets him out and asks what he is doing here. she says he kept Arpita at his home, she doesn’t want to see his face. Avni comes and says he must leave. Raj says Suket sir called me. Sanvri goes angry. Pratab says Suket bhai is in his room, let’s go. Avni calls them and says they must take the juice along. She throws the juice on Raj’s shirt. Avni says how you can go to dad in this shirt, Pratab gives him his jacket which he wears. Pratab leaves, Avni push the jacket’s zip on. Raj goes annoyed that she is behaving a bit awkward today.

Raj comes to Suket’s room and gives him the file. Avni also comes there with the juice.  Suket asks him about the jacket, he says Avni poured juice on his shirt. Suket asks for the pen, she gives it to him before he opens the jacket’s zip. Raj asks if he can discuss a project with him. avni says there must be a reason he didn’t go office, she wants to spend some quality time with her dad. She says bye to him, After Raj is gone, Avni asks Suket what he would like to eat.

Avni calls Raj, he says firstly she doesn’t the mistake then doesn’t wait to call. Avni scolds him for not picking the phone. He says you behaved so awkward, I was angry to you and wasn’t picking the phone. She tells him about Suket knowing about the shirt. He says they must really have gotten then. She says we must be very alert. Raj says we must meet. Avni says it is difficult. Avni says it isn’t possible, she tells him she has to go market for grocery tomorrow. He says he will help her. They plan for the grocery shopping together.

In the morning, Sanvri comes and says they are making Pooja do a good work singing nursery rhymes along with the breakfast. She says they must be given a certificate. Jija asks she got their adoption prohibited. Sanvri says she is evident that they are teaching her to lie. She calls Akshit and Arpita downstairs. She says this is your lie, Sanvri says you made fool of me that day. They even made this Pooja a part of it. She asks Akshit he is living with such people, but his wife is a wrong lady. Jashan asks that if she didn’t get Pooja she has no right to take Pooja, as she is happy here. Sanvri tells them to go to orphanage and meet the management. She keeps Pooja along her.

PRECAP: Suket asks Raj and he is a good friend of Avni, if there is a boy in her life. He tells her to stay with her and spend time to know if there is a guy in her life or not. 

Update Credit to: Sona

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  2. savri is getting too personal with pooja

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