Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 25th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 25th February 2014 Written Episode, Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 25th February 2014 Written Update

Sawwri entered in parlour and not happy seeing Arpita there. Arpita welcomed her and told her not to worry as this is the best parlour and she often come here. Arpita praising Saawri’s natural skin and beautician suggest fruit facila for saawri. she call sawwri bua but sawri told her to say ma’am.

Bauji and Suvana in room and bauji asked bhawna if his shave is okie. Suket said his mom alwayz cared for bauji shave and bauji told she used to done it everyday with her own hands. all are remebering Dadiji. Bauji becomes sad and asked Suvana to elave and look for other works. bhavna becomes sad. Bhavna took some album out and thinking it would be lot better if akshat’s grand ma here and would give him blessings as its was her dream. But now she is not with them.


at parlour and happy with facial and said now she willbe the attraction at sangeet. she asked about the ingredients used and Arpita gifted her facial kit. Saawri refused to take as Arpita is younger to her but arpita insisted. Just then Avni msg came and bua read it as there is some twist in sangeet performances.

avani calling everyone and Raj there thinking that if Avni’s foot is fine now. Avni said twist is senior people will do dance on new songs and young ones on old sngs. all said how can they cope up and who will select the song. She brought chits to chose song for all. Avni asked she will select song for bauji. she invited everyone to come one by one to pick chits. all were enjoying and Avni asked Sidhi n ritzz to select the chits. then Abhas came n said its very old song. Raj smiling at side. Akshat refused to dance on song but Avni refused to listen anything. Bhawna asked about Competition of Girl n Boy side. she replied it will happen at last in form of jugal bandi and then who will win perform solo. Bhawna asked her from where she is getting these ideas.

Raj happy seeing her happy. jiju asked him why he is smiling. He pointed at Avni. Jiju tease him and Raj said Avni gonna perform best. Jiju said its ur love for her who speaks but Raj replied its not like that Avni actually worked hard and she will definitely win this competition.

Akshat and Abhas asked Avni about her Chit and she said that chot was actually of Devika and she is not going to dance. All shocked and Raj shocked too.Bhawna asked Avni why she is not performing as she was all excited for Sangeet. Devika told Bhawna that her lehnga she bought for sangeet torn up and now she is sad about all dis. bhawna asked her to buy new one as they have tym but Avni said nothing can be done and she will enjoy all performances sitting. Bhawna worried and Suketu asked her about this that why Avni behaving like this just for one lehnga.Jiju said happily that something special in Raj and Avni too.

Jiju asked Raj that all happened wrong now what. He told jiju not to worry as he will make her perform on sangeet as he will bring same lehnga for her. Jiju asked what if she not like his choice of color. Raj said just trust him he will defo do something. Raj at home and just then servant came to inform that there was same lehnga at store from where Avni bought lehnga. But problem is lehnga is laready bought by someone else and dispatched also. Raj told him to get the address of person who bought it.

Arpita and sawwri came and bhawna praised sawwri as her face was glowing. Arpita and bhawna went to kitchen and bhawna told Arpita that she sent her knowingly with Saawri as she wants to bring them together. Arpita said she understands. outside Saawri was prasing herself and told women that she did all dis on her own otherwise if she listened to Arpita she would come out looking like her. Bhawna and Arpita heard and sad. Bhawna told arpita not to lose heart as she is best daughter-in-law.

Arpita asked Avni why she is refused to dance. She told him that they will check in her wardrobe something nice. Just then sidhi came there and showed Arpita her lehnga. Avni got worried and thought she dun hv this nice in her wardrobe so she decided to stay back at home as she will not be able to wear smthing best at her brothers marraige.

Raj went to tahkur’s who bought same lehnga like Avni. Some person came down and asked Raj his identity. Raj scared and thought he is horrible than Avni’s father . Just then one lady came and Raj told her about his problem. Lady asked him if he is doing all dis fro special one and that lady’s husband said he came for his girlfrind here. But Raj said this lehnga will bring happiness on his Girl friends face. Lady ready to give lehnga but that person refused. Raj took chance and grab the lehnga and put money on table and ran away. Man was furious and was about to call police but his wife stopped him saying he will never understand things regarding love. man saying tomm. they are going to Khandelwal’s for sangeet after that he will see this boy and her girlfriend. he was very angry.

Avni was chosing jewellary set for herself and just then Raj came and looked at Avni and Avni becomes happy seeing him. He told her that she chose best jewellary set. On other side, Arpita talking on Phone and sawri smirkly saying Now Arpita going to staright her hairs with way too hot Straigtner and then she will see how Arpita or this beuty queen handle it. She interchanged Blowers and then went from there.

Update Credit to: ShivinkiJas

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  1. This serial is well written n avni is so beautiful… Oh i hope evrything will be right n hop dat man wont say anythng abt raj to avni’s family.. N what abt savri.. Y is she doing this? She is so cruel!!

  2. nic story.

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