Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 24th November 2014 Written Episode Update


Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 24th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Raj’s and avni’s residence
Bhawna comes to anjali, trying to reconcile that she knows she would always be an awkward bone of contention between them all, but they shouldnt let that hamper the happiness of their children, and tries to explain to anjali, what it is to lose a child. she gets emotional, and anjali assures and composes her. Bhawna then presents her with the shagun thali, as a mark of new relation, between them, and asks her to accept it for the sake of raj and avni’s happiness.

Meanwhile, at avni’s place, jaichand reconciles with akshat, and madhuri too gets along with arpita, and the men hug each other, forgetting all the past troubles, while the women smile.

Scene 2:
Location: Bus
Raj and avni start

their romantic ride, as they embark on a romantic dance on a sensual number. the car comes to a screeching halt, and raj assumes its a road block. as he gets down, he finds himself face to face with hooded hooligans. they enter into a scuffle. Hooligans come in inside the bus, masked and kidnap them both, and drive off.

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Scene 3:
location: Undisclosed location
Raj and avni are then taken to an undisclosed location, where they are blindfoled, as the goons surround them. Their blindfolds are removed. raj asks what do they want. Finally they take off their mask, and its revealed that its their families, who starts taunting them that they want to spend their happiness together and not with their families. Akshat and jaichand too hug each other. raj and avni are overwhelmed with emotions to get their whole families together, without any troubles of the past, just the moment of happiness and the future. Suket says that abhaas left them, but they got another son in raj, and they thank the lord for all this. raj is overwhelmed and then eyes an emotional bhawna and wiping her tears, says that he would never ever let her cry again. Avni too hugs her. All are emotional and happy that everything is alright. they then take everyone’s blessings. Avni apologises to anjali, and then takes her blessings, but anjali says that her place isnt in her feet, and that she is like her mother. vikram says that makes her dad, and avni smilingly hugs him too. Raj makes avni meet madhuri again, as the sister in law, who’s very b*t*hy. All are amused as they happily banter. its a total family reunion. Avni finds bhawna tensed, and asks if she is missing abhaas. Bhawna says that abhaas wanted this only, that the two families reconcile, and for that, he has sacrificed his life. avni says that abhaas hasnt left, but is in their hearts, and shall be very happy to see them like this, as it was his last wish. they hug each other emotionally. Bhanwa tells vikram and anjali, that she is finally giving away the happiness of her home, her dearest daughter, and asks them to take good care of her daughter.

Scene 4:
Location: Raj’s residence
Later in the night, Anjali and vikram start arguing about honeymoon destination, which is the most memorable time of their marital life, while ral and avni are amused. raj asks them to atleast ask the people who have to go. raj asks avni, and she says that she just wants to sleep. Raj agrees. they begin to go, and vikram and anjali continue to try and keep them back, as part of a planned process, and they continue with their rant. When jaichand comes in the balcony, and gives them the go ahead, they finally let them both go. raj is confused and baffled at their weird behaviour.

As raj and avni come up discussing their weird behaviour, Madhuri tells avni and raj, amusingly that they have just a small surprise for her. jaichand comes out, with a rose in his mouth, and tells them that its all ready. mahduri asks him to shut up and not spoil the fun and asks him to come along, so that raj and avni can enjoy the surprise. They are boggled at their weird behaviour too. madhuri asks them to perform the ritual of getting inside, and that they need to give her a gift. raj says that he gives her his own wife. While they ladies hug, jaichand slides in a jewellery box in raj’s hand, and he gives it to madhuri who is very happy. they both leave. Before entering, raj carries avni in his arms. the screen freezes on their happy faces.

Precap: Finally, after much turmoils, raj and avni finally consummate their marriage, with much passion and romance.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. wooow happy serial ending I like it raj and avani I hope you enjoy

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