Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 24th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 24th March 2014 Written Episode, Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 24th March 2014 Written Update

After marriage rituals continued and Abhas sit in arpita’s lap and asking for shagun. he said he wants it and he will not egt up tyill d time he not get any shagun. all were playing pranks. Bhawna was about to go outside for some refreshment. Raj stopped him and said he will look after all this and she needs to be here only. Bhawna said he is here as Arpita’s brother he can’t do but Raj insisted and he went outside.

Avni came towards mandir and thanked god for completing marraige on time. just then she herrd voice as Ritzz was behind her.She turned and got shocked. Ritzz told her that Raj made good plan but now he is here to take revenge. Avni told him how bad brother he is as he want to spoil Arpita life. Ritzz walking all behind him.

Bhawna called Avni for kangana playing rasam. she told her that dun she want to know about dis rasam as till now she asked about every other rasam in detail. Avni nodded and sat there. saawri put ring in plate of milk n petals. Avni was worried and ritzz giving her ooks. Ritzz told avni to meet him in Avni’s room. Avni worried and went there. it was dark all around and Avni panic and calling ritzz. Ritzz was in room. Avni asked why so much dark here.

Ritzz replied they tried to send him in dark and now this dark dey is okie . Avni asked wt he wanrs and ritzz replied he lyks her lips very much and wants a kiss. Avi shocked and asked what the hell he is talking about. Avni steps backward and Ritzz step forward. Raj came with refreshment and bhawna hanked him and told him to ask riteish about refreshment. Raj shocked and asked he was in mumbai then. Bhawna told now he is here. Raj went to serach for ritzz as he suspected Avni in danger. Ritzz tried to misbehave with Avni holding her hands and lean towrds wall. Avni hit him and ran from there. Raj saw Ritzz and asked him Avni’s where abouts. Ritzz replied he done nothing much.

Avni went downstairs and started crying. Bhawna saw this and went towards her. She hugged bhawna and started cryinga nd told everything to bhawna. Ritzz told Raj that he is here to revenge and will amke them suffer. he said he just asked fr kiss from Avni. Raj furious and started beating Ritzz black n blue. Raj brought him downstairs hitting. All shocked at this. Suket scold Raj and shouted at him for misbehaving and was about to hit Raj when Bhawna came in front and stopped him. She said Raj is doing all good and Ritzz deserve this as he misbehaved with Avni. all shocked and akshat , suket, abhas,Raj pounced on Ritzz all together.

Bhawna stopped them and said he deserves punishment from a woman as he tried to insult woman pride. She slapped Ritzz and told him that woman are no more crying babies. Now they are stronga and have self respect. Saawri came and slapped ritz and told him they teach their girls to stay in limits but also teach them to be strong. saawri taunted arpita about her brother. Arpita came in front and slapped Ritzz like 4 tymes and she is ashamed as ritzz is her brother and now she has no relation with ritzz.Suketu came and slapped Ritzz twice and aksaht , abhas, raj started hitting ritzz again.

then he stopped all and said he has something to say as it is not an arranged marraige but love marriage. All shocked. He said if u dun believe him then Avni also heard the Convo. Avni shocked at this as now truth can be out. Raj too worried. Abhas and Raj kicked Ritzz out. Bhawna asked Avni about this and asked her everyone can lied to her but Avni never so she should tell her truth. Avni in dilemma.

Precap: Arpita was about to told then at that day the person who enters her room was.. Raj interrupted saying that person was he himself who wnet to Arpita room.

Update Credit to: ShivinkiJas

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