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Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 24th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on
Bauji and Pratab comes to the dinner table. Pratab says what Akshit did today must have a great impact on Suket. Bauji asks Bhawna what she has cooked. Suket picks a Bharwa Karela and eats it. Avni thinks dad never ate this before. Sanvri comes saying she just heard what happened in the office, Akshit and Arpita are still here, they lied to us. and this must all be that Aprita’s fault. She was speaking non stop saying Suket must have scolded him, Suket tells her to be quiet now, he has no right to scold Akshit. Suket leaves the table. Bhawna was going upstairs when she gets a call from Umad Village. She was worried, Bauji comes and asks her what is the problem. She says she has to leave Jaipur soon, Bauji says how can she think about it at this time. She says she got a call from Umad village; Bauji

says then you must leave.
Arpita appreciates Akshit’s presentation and says dad was really proud of him. Akshit says he must have asked his dad for apology, but Raj forbade this. Arpita says this must have given an impression that we are asking an apology in return of what we did. Jija comes there celebrating and asks Akshit to join to. Akshit instead gets angry and says he must have checked the house before locking, what if he had gotten a bit more late. Jija says that at the last moment, Sanvri ji came so I had to hurry and lock the door. Akshit says why did you lock the door seeing Sanvri bua, she is such a nice lady and take care of you all. Madhuri says that we did this so that she must not know you people are here. Akshit leaves saying I am sorry you people are suffering because of us.
Bhawna asks God for safety. Bauji comes and says that he told everyone there is some Pooja in Suket’s mother’s family. Everyone comes downstairs. Sanvri says what type of Pooja came so instantly. Bauji says it takes place every year; it is just that I am not going this year so I am sending Bhawna. Sanvri says that I must also go with Bhawna then, Bauji says that someone has to be at home also and as a daughter in law Bhawna must go. Bhawna says to Suket had it not been important, she wouldn’t go. Suket says he is fine. She then tells Avni that she has to take care of her dad and look after the house as well. Pratab takes Bhawna. Sanvri says to Suket that Bhawna’s leaving is a bit skeptical; she might be going to live with Akshit. She must go to check it.
Raj calls Avni. He asks to tell him that Suket’s heart moulded. Avni says maa had to go out of town, and she is the one upon whom dad pours his heart. He won’t tell it to me. Bauji doesn’t want to interfere, and Sanvri bua is already against Arpita bhabi. The one who is left is Abhaas bhai. She says there is one more person, that is You. Raj says that I can never do this in front of her dad. She says dad will definitely tell you. She insists him. He finally agrees.
Sanvri was in car, she says this time she has been wrong. This time Bhawna has really gone outside of Jaipur. Sanvri’s call had been dialed to Madhuri’s house. Pooja picks it, but no one attends. Madhuri calls her for lunch; she leaves the receiver on the table. Sanvri notices it and hears Arpita apologizing Madhuri for Akshit’s behavior. She was shocked to hear Madhuri and Arpita speaking, and tells the driver to go to Madhuri’s house. Sanvri comes inside and sees Arpita and Akshit having dinner there. She leaves from the door.
Suket was talking to Mr. Bunsan on phone. He says there are ups and downs in life, important thing is we will be working together. Raj comes and says that all the files have to be updated after the meeting. Suket asks him what is the importance of his father, especially when he is angry. Raj says he has scolded me a lot but I always saw his love as he wanted my well being. He asks why Suket is asking so. Suket says that I have two sons, still I am alone. With one, my thinking doesn’t match, and the second, I made him afar me myself. Raj says that its ok sir, I am your owns. Sanvri comes angry, and says that he must not be believed as Akshit and Arpita are staying at his place, she asks since when has it been happening. Raj says from the day one. Sanvri says look at him, he works for us and favors them.
Suket comes to Raj and says thank you to him, for keeping Akshit and Arpita along. He says hadn’t he been here, Akshit and Arpita must have been staying in hotels. Thank you so much, you must leave now. Sanvri was angry, and asks Suket what he did. How could he hide Akshit and Arpita at his home? Suket says that I understand everything, Arpita is his sister; at least he fulfilled the responsibility of a brother. Avni was happy about it.
Raj tells everyone about it. He says Suket is happy that you people are staying at our house and not hotels. Akshit asks in which tone he said this, was his tone sarcastic or was he really happy because as much as he knows his dad he must never be happy. Akshit and Arpita leaves. Raj says it was my good day, Madhuri says that it is good because hiding them had been a problem, and Sanvri also comes daily so this won’t be a problem now. Jija hopes this drama ends soon. Akshit hears the conversation.
Avni was preparing for breakfast. She calls Raj and tells him she called her alarm service. She tells him she is nervous, she doesn’t want to take Sanvri’s help. She also says they can’t meet for a few days as she has a lot to do. He tells her to fulfill her responsibility, he will do his and her alarm phone will ring in time.

PRECAP: Suket hears Avni asking Devika if he will like it, Devika says he likes all you gifts. Suket wonders whom she gave this shirt to. Avni gets worried when Raj was coming wearing the shirt to Suket.

Update Credit to: Sona

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