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Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 23rd July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Akshit is worried at home, he looks the clock and sees its 11 already. He says he must find a way to go out. He runs upstairs.
Avni tries Akshit’s call and is worried. She gets Devika’a call and tells her everything is wrong here, Akshit hasn’t been here still and she also found a cigarette pack in Raj’s jacket. Devika says all guys are same, she must check Raj’s teeth, he always chew mint. Avni comes to Raj, he says it’s a lifetime moment for all, what if investors take all their money from the business. Avni notices yellow colour on Raj’s teeth. Bhawna comes and ask about Akshit. Raj says he has to stay here, Bhawna says me and Avni will go to see him. Suket comes there and asks what are you going to see. Buaji jumps in and says they wanted to see if the meeting has started

in the conference room. Suket says there is time in it, and takes Raj with him. Raj tells them to send jiju to look for Akshit. Avni thinks where will he look for him.
Akshit comes downstairs, not finding any way up. He sees an emergency alarm, and takes a burnt paper near it. He hopes someone hears an alarm and informs someone. jashan gets a call from his neighobour and says he will just be there.
Raj takes the coat from avni, wears it and says if he Akshit wont come he will try to handle everything and wont let Suket down. He takes a mint from his pocket and eats it. Avni thinks he really smokes.
Abhaas’ friends say that Raj is a true friend. He thinks he must go to thank him, he will be in office.
The meeting starts. Suket says we will start with the up coming projects of Khandelwal industries. The investors demand to know where has he spent the past money and how much it has been. Suket says he has a style of presentation. But the investors say we want to hear from that particular point, Akshit knew it well. Raj thinks where Akshit has been.
Akshit hears Jashan, he tells him he activated the fire alarm, and you have been very irresponsible. He leaves.
The investors say that these plans are two years ago, and they aren’t interested in past plans. Now the investors will decide whether to go along with your business. Suket says that the presentation hasn’t yet ended. Bauji also says so, but the investors aren’t ready to listen. Avni also requests them to wait for a while before voting. Suket says it’s of no use, as they have made up their mind. Akshit comes there and says there is still time. He gives the detailed presentation of all the investments. He tells them about their upcoming projects, investment rates. He concludes that you job is to invest, if we don’t share the whole details with you doesn’t mean that we aren’t utilizing them. He tells them there are a lot of investors ready to invest in our company, so we can get them. It has been our tradition to keep our past investors, so now it’s up to you to decide. Everyone gives Akshit a standing ovation. The investors apologize Suket that we doubted you abilities. The investors say thankyou to Akshit, he says you must say sorry to his dad. Abhaas also comes there. Akshit says that behind his presentation, there was Suket’s thinking. The investors leave while Arpita comes to Suket. Raj was also coming downstairs. He points Akshit to leave without saying anything. They touch his feet and leave while Suket was to say something. Bhawna, Avni and Bauji also celebrated Akshit’s confidence. Bhawna hopes everything gets well at home as well. Avni was lost, Bhawna notices but Avni thinks she should talk to Rah about cigarette.
Abhaas meets Arpita and Akshit and says he didn’t know dad was in so much tension. Bauji comes to Suket and says he is proud of Akshit. Abhaas asks them to come to home, only for lunch. They look for Suket, he was looking down. Abhaas says what you did for dad, he wont say anything. He asks Bhawna to stop them too, she says what she can do. Akshit takes excuse from Abhaas that they cant come and leave.
Raj says to Avni that Mr. Sharma smokes so much that his hands even sting. Avni says she has so many bad habits like biting nails, but he must leave smoking. She hands him the cigarette box. He says it’s ok; he will leave it only if she leaves all her bad habits. She promises, he throws away the box. She asks has it been so easy, he says he loves her a lot; then says he doesn’t smoke and this pack was a manager’s. He says I hate smoking, she asks was she making fool of her, she will now continue her bad habits. He says no way, you promised or I will start smoking. She tells him to be quiet for a while.
Raj and Avni talked about the relieve. Avni says Akshit did great today. Raj says her dad must have great influence of today’s incident, Akshit gave a great presentation and didn’t speak to his dad. He says he told him that Suket sir should also know what it is about missing a son, so he shouldn’t speak to Suket. Abhaas hears this. He comes to Raj and says that this was your foolish idea that Akshit should ignore dad. He says he came to say sorry to him, but you deserve a slap. Who is he to interfere in their family matter; Raj says it is his family’s matter. Arpita is his sister; Abhaas goes away saying this guy is giving me one after another turn to mistrust. Avni fears that Abhaas had a misunderstanding once again, Raj tells her to be happy today as everything is going to be fine in her family.

PRECAP: Raj says to Suket that he can share anything to him, as he is his own. Sanvri comes saying never think about calling him his own, he is a traitor as Akshit and Arpita are staying at his house.

Update Credit to: Sona

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