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Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 22nd July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sanvri says she will have to meet the guests. Madhuri says what you have got to do with our friends. Sanvri says we have to know about it, and are they really the guests or you have rented the house. Madhuri says what are you talking about? Sanvri says this is our way to work, if you don’t like it we can take our child along. Madhuri says they have gone out. Sanvri says then I will see their room. Upstairs Akshit and Arpita were worried. Arpita even suggests they must hide, but Akshit says she will recognize our belongings even. Sanvri takes Pooja to go upstairs, as she opens the door Jiju calls her from downstairs. He had a couple with them, jiji also says these are our guests. Jija asks Sanvri to come downstairs to have tea with them but she leaves saying she will come again someday.

and Avni see Suket working in the office till late. Raj says he never saw Suket working so late or worried. Suket gets up from the office, he see the official pictures with Akshit and his cabin. Raj and Avni runs into his office and in a quest to delete his mail he sees the crisis mail.
Arpita tells Jiji she had called Jiju. Akshit says that it is good no one came to know about us. Raj and Avni come, Raj tells Akshit that his dad is in crisis. Avni tells him he is really tensed and was in his room as well. Akshit says he memorizes all the details, he tells Raj to bring the files as he wont let the company and his father’s respect go down.
Avni brings coffee for Suket, and says he will get successful tomorrow.
Raj says the same to Akshit. Suket hopes Akshit was with him. Avni says whatever you want will be yours tomorrow. Avni and Raj talk on phone. Raj asks how Avni is so relaxed. She says, here her dad is working, there Akshit is. She is sure everything will be fine, and she also thanks him to be angry with her and get to the problem. They hopes that everything will be fine tomorrow, and their love will win.
In the morning, Avni tells Bhawna everything will be alright. Bauji comes and appreciates that she told Akshit all about it as it is the right time for Akshit to stand by Suket. Suket comes and says he won’t eat the breakfast as he isn’t hungry. Bauji says you can’t hide your problem with me, Suket leaves. Bauji says that all the problems will get sorted today.
Arpita prepares Akshit’s clothes. She tells him he is leaving for pray to temple. Akshit comes downstairs and meets Jashan. He greets him with luck. Jashan begins to talk on phone, while Akshit recalls his cell phone. He goes upstairs to get it, it fells in the water. Jashan thinks Akshit has left, he goes outside and sees Sanvri and locks the door telling him Madhuri and Pooja aren’t home. Akshit finds him locked in the house.
Raj and Arpita were in the office. She asks Raj where his jacket it. Jija comes and say he has just brought it. Avni hopes all goes good. She finds a cigarette in Raj’s jacket pocket. Raj gets a call, he says investors are here where is Akshit. Jija says he left before me. They try her number but it is off.
Akshit is frustrated how they can be so stupid to lock him. He tries the landline but is dead. Bhawna and Bauji also come and want to meet Akshit. Bhawna is sure Akshit will definitely come. Jiji says may be he is afraid to confront. Bauji says he will soon come. Raj sees Suket, and tells Arpita to hide. Suket asks Avni why she is so tensed; he says she told him everything will be alright today. Whatever will be the result, their hardwork will work. The investors come and ask is he prepared. Raj tells them to come to conference room. Avni thinks what we will do now. There Akshit is trying to open the door.

PRECAP: Akshit says it is 11 already, the meeting must have started. The committee begins to take the decision. Akshit lights fire in front of alarm and hopes someone calls the emergency.

Update Credit to: Sona

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