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Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 21st November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Raj’s residence
As virat tries to tell vikram, that raj and avni killed each other by giving poison. Vikram faces him stoically, and eyes him with anger. As virat continues with the sob story, Vikram slaps him tight across his face and anjali reprimands him for being the lowest lowlife possible. Virat is astounded. vikram continues slapping him, while avni and raj’s family both confront him. Avni and raj get up and tell him that the game is over. Vikram says that he saw him mixing poison in his food, and then changed the food, knowing the true face of virat. Virat tried to protest, while vikram slaps him shut, and says that now he is truly exposed. Bhawna reprimands him that she lost abhaas due to him. She continues slapping him. Virat turns to anjali,

but she too snubs him off, saying that he is a taint on the brother’s relation, and she is embarassed for his brotherhood with her, and asks him how dare he got so selfish for his luxuries, that he ruined both the families. anjali apologises to bhawna, saying that she cant bring back the happiness that this man snatched from her and her family. They both hug each other. virat eyes them all, busy and concerned amongst themselves, and tries to make a dash for an escape, but raj holds him, saying that he wont be able to escape, as the police is about to reach. just then, the siren gets audible and the police walks in, and vikram asks him to arrest him. Avni stops them, surprising them all. She says that all vented out their anger, except for her and raj. she asks how dare he thought their love was so weak, that he would be able to play with it all. she slaps him, saying that he didnt understand the power of their true love. Raj asks him to be taken away, and they comply. anjali apologises to Vikram, for having such a shameful brother, and that he ruined everyone’s happiness. Vikram asks her not to bother, and says that his soul quivers at a betrayal of this magnitude, by someone who he considered more like a brother over his friendship. raj apologises to bhawna and suket too, for first marrying avni without their permission, and then broke off all ties, by sending divorce papers. Avni too apologises to anjali for coming to this house like this, and for all the torture that she subjected them to. Anjali smiles through tears. Avni says that she didnt know her hatred would get over her love, and blames virat for all this. Akshat says that they lost everything, and raj’s family didnt suffer much. Jaichand says that had they known, they wouldnt have favoured virat, and sent him to jail. Akshat says that virat’s going to jail wont get them back. A verbal heated arguement ensues yet again, and raj and avnmi are tensed. finally raj shuts them both, saying that they have decided to leave this house, as he thought that this would resolve everything, like abhaas wanted, but much in vain. He says that they are a married couple, but this isnt how they wanted it. Avni says that her marriage was a nightmare, and that abhaas’ soul got rest today, and hence asks suket, bhawna and akshat and arpita to go home. raj says that out of gratitude they can atleast do this much. All are tensed. Raj takes avni’s hand and walks past them.

After avni’s family leaves, vikram discusses with his family, as to how genuine raj’s love for avni is, and also how much raj sacrificed for his family, even at the cost of his own love life. They are all distubred and apalled that their beloved raj, who did so much for them, left them, due to their own petty strifes.

Scene 2:
Location: Avni’s residence
Bhawna and suket come home, to find a pic of avni tainted amidst the entire family pic. he emotionally and tearfully eyes it, telling to bhawna that this was the biggest mistake of his life, as avni tried everything to avenge her brother’s death and he threw her out of the house. He wipes off the smear on avni’s face. Bhanwa too thinks that they blamed avni for nothing. They sit beside each other and dose off.

The next morning, bhawna wakes up to find suket, in his sleep, clutching at avni’s pic, and gets overwhelmed with emotions, and wonders where they both must be. later, while suket is watering the plants, Vikram arrives, with a smile, and suket gets tensed, busy watering the plants again. Vikram goes to him, and suket says that avni used to indulge herself in gardening, whenever she used to be upset but not anymore, and wonders where she went leaving them both. Vikram says that he knows he is a person, in whose presence he shall always be uncomfortable, as he is somewhere responsible for his wife’s plight, but he cant change the past, but his present actions, shall determine the basis of their future. suket asks if he wants him to forget the wounds of his son’s death. vikram says that he wont be able to even if he wants, just like he cant forget his parents’s murder. he tells suket that he has seen a lot in life, and that he knows that only love and concern can heal such wounds over time. Vikram asks suket if he doesnt think, that they are being cruel and unjust to their own children, letting their emotions ride over their happiness. He asks if they cant forget their past, for the children who are their future. suket is forced to think, as he eyes him tensedly.

Scene 3:
Location: In the garden
Raj and avni sit in the garden, discussing if leaving the house was the right thing to do, and raj assures her, that this is the right thing, and that had they forced them, they would have done it half heartedly, and that they should let things happen on their own. Avni agrees and asks where are they going. He asks her where she wants to go. She isnt able to say. Raj lays out a map in front of avni, and then making her close her eyes, he asks her to point out one place and there they shall go, and she points on Himachal Pradesh. She gets excited, as raj tells her that this is where they shall go, to make thier dream house in the mountains. The screen freezes on both their faces.

Precap: Raj and avni start their romantic ride, in the middle of which hooligans come in, masked and kidnap them both.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Hi…I think that kidnappers are set by raj n avni’s family to surprise them about their reunion of families….

    1. yes I agree….it’s wiinding down, would be wrapping up on a beautiful note. I love this show and would miss it. I lost a bit of interest when murder became part of the plot. I still wish it wasn’t ending.

  2. soniya chelani

    we too much like n love aur pyar ho gya plz dnt off air it….this show is different frm all zeetv show its trps r also good..then y it is going off air…plz dnt end it plzzzzz…we want to watch this cute love story of avraj….plz dnt off air it

  3. this is what I always talk about these scripts as soon as one story ends happily then something comes and overrides it. imagine it took so long for raj and avani to behappy together and now for this to come and happen hooligan come and kidnap them whats next I am truly disappointed with this decision of the writers having raj and avani kidnapped please come better than that.
    why it is that the hoodlums did not kidnap virat on the way to jail and carry him back to umagadon for the villagers to deal with him that would have been a better story.

  4. i just hop they are not kidnapped by virat peoples them……..
    because i think its time for them to be happy together

  5. D writers ,sadly do their best work whn d shw is ending

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