Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 21st March 2014 Written Episode Update

Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 21st March 2014 Written Episode, Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 21st March 2014 Written Update

Arpita’s parents do the kanyadaan. They all start getting emotional. Arpita’s dad tells Akshat they are giving their dear daughter to him, he hopes the way she brought happiness to their house, she will bring happiness to Akshat’s house as well.

Now Mangalsutra ritual starts. Akshat puts mangalsutra in Arpita’s neck. Everyone throws flowers and claps. Then next is sindhoor ritual. He fills sindhoor in Arpita’s forehead. Avni asks her mum if marriage is done now. Bhavna says one more ritual is left. Bauji says they don’t do that ritual anymore. They all do fast track marriages. Bhavna says Bauji is right, but they will do all rituals as marriage happens only once. She sends Avni to tie something in Arpita’s hair which means when Arpita

comes to their house, it will be Avni who will help her the most in adjusting. Avni does it. Arpita tells her without this ritual, their marriage wouldn’t be complete. Without her support, this marriage may have never happened. Avni smiles at her.

Priest calls the elders to give blessings to Akshat and Arpita. Bauji goes first, then Akshat’s parents. Followed by Swari and her husband, and rest. Priest declares marriage completes now. Arpita’s dad takes Akshat for dinner. Others follow them. Raj comes to Avni and says she got them married. Avni says, not her, they got them married without any problem. She thanks him. Raj says your welcome. Avni leaves. Raj smiles looking at her.

Everyone’s having dinner. Bauji praises the food. Arpita’s dad gives credit to Raj and his Jiju. Bauji gives a gift to Raj. Raj asks Bauji to keep Arpita happy. Bauji tells him not to take any tension. Sawari says enough of all this, let’s do bidaai. Avni says not so soon. It’s time for sweets. Akshat says he can’t eat anymore. Avni says she is not talking about that sweets, she is talking about sweet poems which will be sweeter than the sweets. Both Akshat and Arpita will say a poem for each other. Both refuse. Raj tells them to close their eyes and it will automatically come out. Sawri asks him if he has any experience. Raj smiles looking at Avni.

Avni asks Akshat to start. Akshat doesn’t know what to say. His bro tells him he will help. His poem with his bro’s help mean, what do I say who you are to me…you’re the reason to live.. you’re my blessings.. always support me.. you’re only my arpita. Bauji praises his poem.

Arpita starts and Raj helps her. Her poem with Raj’s help means, she doesn’t know from where to start, should she thank her destiny or God. She won’t forget that time, moment, that met her with Akshat. Everyone claps. Arpita feels shy. Avni says she was too good and now it’s time for bidaai.

Avni goes to get her phone. While she’s heading back, her saree gets stuck in something. She goes in the mandap to fix it. Bhavna sees her and gets lost in some thoughts. Suket comes and tells her everyone is waiting for her. She asks him to look at Avni. When an unmarried girl sits in the mandap, then she gets married very soon. Bhavna then gets tensed and says, Avni is so innocent. How will she take all the responsibilities? Suket says, whatever is in destiny end up happening, no matter what. Avni gets up and comes to them. She says she was fixing her saree. Both her parents look at her emotionally. Avni asks them what happened. Bhavna touches her cheek and smiles. Avni asks shall we go?

Bidaai starts. Everyone’s very emotional and crying. Arpita hugs her parents. Raj tries to calm her down. She hugs him and cries. Bhavna looks at Avni and cries. Arpita again hugs her mum. Sidhi gives her a thaal and she throws something back. Raj keeps calming Arpita down. Arpita’s parents greet Akshat’s family. They give them Arpita’s photo and folds their hands at them. Arpita sits down in the car. Raj puts a coconut under the car’s tire and car leaves.

Bawri gives a car as gift to Akshat and Arpita. Everyone praises the car and says must be very expensive. Sawri says anything for Akshat. She gives the keys to Akshat. Arpita refuses to take it. Sawri asks what more she wants. She says she wants her blessings, there can’t be anything greater than that. Arpita says with all respect, she wants to give that car back to her. Bauji agrees with Arpita. Sawri doesn’t seem happy, but doesn’t say anything.

They are entering the house now. Avni stops them and asks for nek (money). Akshat says he doesn’t have anything left. Avni says then come when you have something. Akshat says she has become very smart. He asks Abhash to pass him some money and then he gives that to Avni. Avni asks what is this? again 10 rupees. Everyone laughs. Avni says in 10 rupees, you don’t even get bhaji, and he wants her bhabhi. Bauji asks Akshat to take out more money. Akshat gives her an envelope and asks if she’s happy now. She says yes and welcomes her bhabhi, Arpita.

Then there is grah pravesh ritual of Arpita. After she enters, everyone prays. Bhavna tells Arpita that she’s their daughter, not bahu. They will love her same as Avni and she hopes Arpita will care about their family’s respect. Arpita says yes. They do next ritual where Arpita picks up bunch of thaals. Lesser the noise, easier her marriage life will be. She makes no noise. Everyone claps. Avni says there will only be peace in this new rishta now. Bauji says wedding went fine with God’s blessings and prays to have same blessings on their family. Avni too thanks God.

Other hand, Ritz says, I am coming Avni.

Precap: Ritz meets Raj. He says he has come back to teach them a lesson. Raj grabs his collar and asks where is Avni. Ritz says he didn’t do anything, just one kisssss……….. Raj seems very angry.

Update Credit to: Rahi

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