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Avni says to Abhaas to think that whatever you think about Raj, he isn’t like that. Abhaas says don’t think I am impressed. Avni says you should be, as he played a trick so that Professor’s truth opened up. Abhaas says he would have done it himself, as he wasn’t wrong and he thinks she cares more about Raj than him. She goes away saying she supported him than Raj today, and spoke to him in a way that he must be angry with her; she will handle it as it’s their problem and Abhaas never understands.
Suket gets a call; Mr. Busan says that Suket promised the report. Suket says he is working on this, and the work is in progress; doesn’t he believe him. Mr. Bunsan says he will come to see the progress of work tomorrow; he invested with him only because he trusted him but it seems Suket

is unable to manage it. Suket says I can’t stop you to come. He says had he stopped Akshit, this time would never come.
Avni calls Raj, he was asleep. She says how he is sleeping, she only thinks about him when she tries to sleep. He says hmm. She asks what hmm. He says I don’t know to sing a lullaby; you called so you should speak as well. She says sorry. He says it is ok, now get to sleep. She says it means you didn’t accept my apology. He says what shall he do, there is a problem when he speaks, and when he doesn’t. He is tired and a lot of work to do in office tomorrow so she should let him sleep and disconnects the call. Avni thinks he disconnected without saying I love you- means he is still angry at her.
Suket recalls Mr. Bunsan’s words as he comes to Akshit’s room. He holds his photo and says Akshit son! I want you today. He thinks he must call him back. He tries his number but it is switched off. He thinks about mailing him and opens the laptop; he then looks at his wedding picture and thinks no, closing the laptop shut. Avni comes and asks is everything alright. Suket went away saying his laptop battery went dead so he used to use this one.
Madhuri finds Sanvri with Pooja. She tells Pooja to go away washing her hands and asks Sanvri with what right, she came to meet her. Sanvri says today she came here to fulfil her responsibility as a trustee to the orphanage. Sanvri says she will now decide, whether you are a good mother and keep Pooja. Madhuri cries that she can’t do this to her. Sanvri tells her to be quiet the way she stayed quiet that day and leave Pooja with her alone so she can ask if she is happy here. Akshit and Arpita were coming downstairs. Madhuri tries to point Sanvri’s presence to them, when they don’t understand she calls Sanvri. Akshit runs inside taking Arpita, while Sanvri turns around to see and thinks Madhuri has gone crazy.
Raj brings files to Suket. He asks shall he help him as he worked on these files with Akshit. Suket says he will do them himself. He gets Avni’s text that she is waiting for him at reception. He tells her he is in Suket’s office, dare she come in. She comes in to tell Suket he forgot to bring lunch.
She insists him to have lunch. Raj takes a leave but Avni stops him and says maa sent Halwa for him. The tiffin had a chit saying Sorry. He hands it back to her and leaves. Suket calls Mr. Bunsan to come and says to Avni he will eat lunch later. Avni agrees, takes the chit from the tiffin and puts it in her bag. She is about to leave, when Suket calls her and says Thankyou, parents are proud of the children who take care of them.
Madhuri asks Sanvri will she take her whole time in one child’s follow up. Sanvri says it isn’t a bad idea, I shall spend one whole day with one child. She asks is so much time necessary to test one child. Sanvri says that is how I will get an idea is Pooja’s future secure in your hands or not. Madhuri asks what does she want to say, Pooja doesn’t lack anything here. Savnri asks lacking; does Jashan even has a house of his own as to her information this is your father’s house. Madhuri says she must leave now. Jashan has enough capability to buy his own house as well. Sanvri gets to leave, saying the will meet again soon. Pooja comes and asks her mother about the uncle and aunty. Madhuri points at her to be quiet but Sanvri turns to ask that whom she is talking about. Pooja says they live upstairs. Sanvri asks that to her knowledge, only you people and Raj lives here, who these new relatives are. Madhuri says Jashan’s friends have come and will stay here for some days. Sanvri sits down saying she will leave after meeting them.
Avni comes to Raj and says hi in the office. She says she has to type and official mail on his laptop. She insists him to give her the seat, she types talking aloud that Dear Mr. trainee Raj, I being the daughter of your boss wants to inform you that the best thing you did is to make a space in my heart. Whether you are angry or annoyed, I will continue loving you. Raj poses to be indifferent. Avni’s tears come out of her eyes. He comes to her and tells her he isn’t angry, don’t cry. She says she is crying just to think how much it must have hurt you. He hugs her, saying you’re crazy, my anger vanished looking at you. He looks at the mail box and gets worried that this got sent. She says it is good, it will remain saved in your inbox.
Avni and Raj goes towards his cabin. Raj tells her it was sent to Suket’s mails. Avni was worried. Suket checks the mails and thinks Raj has sent the approval of new project. Mr. Bunsan comes there and Suket gets involved with him. Raj comes running, Suket says he got his updates but tells him to send him all the mails together. Raj says it is alright, you must check them when I have send them all.
Mr. Bunsan says that this work is being done in parts, and he doesn’t think it will get completed this way. Suket says he wants some more work. Mr. Bunsan stands and says he has given much time, and he isn’t ready to accept that he can’t handle the business without Akshit. Suket says he can’t talk to him like that, as he has earned a lot through his business, nor shall he tell him how to run his business. Mr. Bunsan says we will take action against your attitude and call and investor’s meeting tomorrow. If there is some back-loses then all the investors will take up their money from his business. He leaves Suket worried.

PRECAP: Sanvri takes Pooja along to see the room. Akshit and Arpita are worried. Arpita suggest they must hide somewhere, Akshit says she will recognize our things even.

Update Credit to: Sona

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