Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 21st January 2014 Written Episode Update

Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 21st January 2014 Written Episode, Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 21st January 2014 Written Update

At Raj Home
Jiju came with breakfast In Raj’s Room and told raj that his Jiji is still sleeping. Raj was in his thoughts .Jiju asked him abt this. he told Jiju that he made a Map of her(Avni’s) Home and Jiju saw it and Raj explained all his LOgics to find Avni’s home. Jiju apppreciates his talent but laughed at his craziness. Raj told jiju that Person turns Crazy in Love its Obvious.

AT Avni’s home
‘Sawri called bhawna.. Sawri asked Bhawna her well being..she replied she is making tea for Abhas.. saawri asked Bhawna if Abhas met Suket. Bhawna said Not yet then Saawri asked abt Arpita issue and bhawna told her to hold on and she will decide after asking baujii. saawri unhappy and then cut the phone.

At breakfast table Suket was not happy seeing

Abhas fav. food.. Then abhas came and congratulate Akshat
Abhass goes on Talking and said nothing in home happens without sukets premission.Suket was Angry
Abhass was talkng abt rally. Suket told he is alwayzz involve in fightings after seeing abhass injured hand.
he told to call doctor as if he gone outside like dis it will effect their reputayion. Ahass left in anger and suket too.
Akshat and dadaji told bhawna not to wry . bhawna told bhauji that sawwri saw arpita in concert with some guy and saawri ready to break the alliance., akshat shocked. bhawna told sawwri can’t lie. bauji n arpita discussed all dis and were confused. bauji told this matter is very sensitive. we need to think on it carefully and then decide . I m with u.

At Raj home.
jiji shocked to see raj and Amit. they adopt typical government employee style with oily hair n specs. Both were in their characters fully. jiji confused. Jiju came and started to Flirt jiji and said i was no one before meeting her and now he has everything family and all.

all were laughing and jiji told Jiju u did everything to won my heart and knew everything about me but raj idiot know nothing not even her name.
jiju told Raj to respect girls feelings and if she said no then Leave her..its her decision u can’t force anyone.
Raj was Happy and agree with jiju. then Raj left with Amit to Find Avni’s home.

At Avni’s home
Abhas was showing rally pics to Avni … she was happy and excited. then bhawan came asked him why he talked rudely with Suket. Bhawna n avni told Abhas that suket is nice. ABhas told Avni that once go against papa’s rule then u will see hw much nice he is. Avni told all new things to Abhas. then suddenly bhawna gets worried and left from there.
Bhawna was thinking about the words of Saawri forArpita. she to himself “My heart is not agree with what
saawri said but she can’t even lie.She thought every coin has two sides n compare it with how Raj save Avni but people could think other way. Same is the case with Arpita. She called saawri abt it.
Raj and amit going home to home to find Avni but disguising themselves as census Agents.Amit was irritated but Raj was laughing n enjoying.

AT Arpita home
Arpita and her mom talking about sarees n suits . Then door bell rang and Arpita saw Akshat outside. She went outside hurriedly. Akshat told everything to Arpita. Bhawna and Sawwri at Arpita’s home. Arpita and her mom greeted them . Both said some thing important to talk Akshat hiding behind sofa.

Arpita mom worried and asked them abt prblm. saawri started in her own way and told everything and asked fr answer. bhawna told Arpita not to worry just clear misunderstanding. arpita told she went to concert with her cousin vinay. Her mom said she also took my permission. bhawna was happy that MU cleared.

Avni Told deevika that she don’t know how to thank a Boy . Where i can find that boy. Devika told him not to worry if you cannot that boy will definitely find you. he will come straight to your house and ring door bell. then at same moment Door bell Rang and Raj is outside.

Update Credit to: ShivinkiJas

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