Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 21st February 2014 Written Episode Update

Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 21st February 2014 Written Episode, Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 21st February 2014 Written Update

Updated correct now…

the episode starts with Raj coming inside Avni’s room. He sees her and devika practicing with dance teacher . Raj thinks she has appointed a new dance teacher also
. He comes inside and says he wants to talk to Avni. Avni comes out. He says sorry but Avni says its my fault. I didnt realize I am wasting your time and your jijis time.thanks for your help and I will learn the rest from my new dance teacher. Sorry uou are a busy man. Raj says please listen but Avni goes.

Outside in the hall arpitas mom and cousins have come. They are discussong wedding arrangements. Avni cones there and introduces her dance teacher. Bhavna says ya she has been teaching her since last two dsys. Teacher says no I started today only. Bhavna gets

confused abd says Avni did you change your dance teacher. Avni says yes. The earlier teacher was khadus.raj feels bad.sidhi sees raj and says you are the most interesting person in jaipur and then comes close to him on pretext of removing a thread. Avni see this and says what a flirt he is.

Arpita’s mom says they will go now as there is lots of work. Sidhi says but wont you show us jaopur??? Mom says not till the wedding. Sodhi askd Raj to show them. He says he is busy. Bhavna tells Avni to take them

Arpitas parents and akshats parents are sitting.arpitas dad says we want pratap ji to make the jewellery for us. This is our wat of forgettong old bitterness though we are jewellers ourself but we want pratap to do it. Sawri says do think about it as its about your daughter and her marriage. Arpiatas dad says its not more important then my daughter.

Avni take Ridhi sidhi for sightseeing. Before they leave both of them make fum of avni. Raj hears this and tells Avni to be careful of the two as they are mean. Avni says she can take care of herself

When they go sightseeing sidhi makes fum os small town and Avni defends them. Avni says even small time girls are self independent. Ridhz says she is right. He is getting interested in her. Sidhi says why are you taking her side. He says she is intrtrsting

Raj is following them but he looses them on the way.he thinks of calling avni but then decides to call sidhi. He calls and sidhi says I am missing you. Avni takes it the other way and tells him that he need not worry take time out of his busy schedule
Ridz wants avni close to him and decides to ask avni to take them to graveyard. At first Avni says no but then to prove she is not scared she agrees

At home Bhavna says to sawri that samdhi ji is so nice. They want to forget old bitterness. Hence they gave the order to pratap ji. Sawri says no they want to give open challenge that pratap should show them by making better jewellery then them and goes

Bhavna says to herself that sawris suspicions will never go.

Ridz wants to create situation in which Avni comes close to him. He decides to play a game in the graveyard. He says lets stay alone. Whoever stsys alone longer wins. Avni is scated but agrees. Ritz takes out notices to scare he. He then thinks avni will soon come running into his arms. He closes his eyes and waits. Someone comes he says you are scared??? Sidhi says yes. Ridhs is surprised and shocked. She is very scared and tells him to go. He says but Avni. She says she must have gone by now. They both leave. And avni is left alone. She is very scared. She runs and screams

No Precap

Update Credit to: Nandiniraizaada

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