Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 20th November 2014 Written Episode Update

Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 20th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Raj’s residence
As raj and avni go ahead with their plan, raj asks madhuri and jaichand to take the recorder as Virat makes a mistake, once avni begins with her plan. They comply. Downstairs, as the havan continues, one of abhaas’s friend, starts saying that he was very near to abhaas and also had a talk with him the day he died, and he told him that he senses something fishy going on, and that one person is responsible for all this. Avni says that she knows who he is talking about. Virat anxiously listens to them all, and then thinks that avni knows about him being the murderer. She and arpita and akshat intentionally keep naming Raj as the murderer, while his friend protests that he was naming someone else definitely. Avni gets frustrated, and asks

him to leave, as he is causing trouble for no reason. He leaves, saying that he would tell them, if he remembers. Virat wonders if abhaas actually got to give his name to his friend. His friend walks out, and so does virat, much to avni and raj’s plan.

As virat is about to nab and gaga Abhaas’s friend with a handkerchief, who has his back turned to him, and raj along with avni, watch from behind the pillar, but unfortunately, before virat can anger and suffocate him, remembering his name as the murderer, he finds them both together, sneaking on him, through the rear view mirror of the car, and understands that they both are trying to trap him, and he retreats cautiously. Raj and avni think that virat is about to fall in his own trap. but virat walks past having a coughing spell. All are baffled. virat watches from a distance, as raj and avni, and akshat and arpita discuss why the plan failed. virat thinks that they all ganged up together.

In his room, Vikram doesnt listen to madhuri and jaichand’s allegations against Virat, and asks for evidence, as virat isnt anything like this, and he blames avni for being able to manipulate, Raj and then them. He doesnt listen to them, saying that he has utter faith on virat, as he kept him alive, after the tragedy of umatgaon, and that he is embarassed that his children had such weak upbringing. He asks them to be cautious of avni’s evil plans, and leaves. They are tensed.

A frustrated virat starts packing up his stuff, so that before raj and avni can nab him, he would have to leave this city. Vikram comes in and asks if he is going anywhere. Virat pretends to be very hurt, and vikram says that he knows that he is hurt, and that he needs him, when anjali isnt here, his life is ruined, and avni is manipulating everyone one by one, and he can only trust him in such times, as he knows he has always wanted good for them. He says that he needs to save him once again, like the umatgaon incident. Virat says that he loves him and cant give him any trouble, and hence would stay here only, thinking that when he has vikram to bank on, why shouldnt he enjoy all the luxuries.

Madhuri and avni, along with their husbands discuss, in raj’s room, that virat can go to any lengths and hence they would have to be extra cautious. raj says that atleast due to avni taking her case back, anjali would return too, and she hopes she uncovers virat soon, and then apologise to her for her behaviour. They all compose her, and ask her to be patient, as evil cant win for long. They leave, and tell the servant to lay out food for avni and raj, as they havent eaten anything all day. He complies. virat mixes rat poison in the food. the servant comes asking virat if he needs anything. He gives him some money, and then wards him off. Virat evilly thinks that now he would enjoy them having their meal. As raj and avni come at the dinner table, avni is least interested in having food, as their efforts went in vain, but raj convinces her to eat. they start eating together. Virat is amused, and comes to them, saying that he knew that they were all along with each other and teaming against him. Raj gets angry and starts to hold him by the collar, saying that he wont let him do that, till he is alive. virat evilly says that then he would have to die. Raj and avni are baffled, while raj starts coughing and avni too follows. As avni and raj gag and suffocate, and then starts coughing profusely, he tells them that this is their last meal together, and that soon they shall meet abhaas, due to having eaten the poison laced food, that he specially prepared for them.

Scene 2:
Location: Avni’s residence
Suket and bhawna are angry when akshat and arpita come in, and tell where they had been. Arpita goes to bhawna, and asks her to listen to her once, but she doesnt, saying that she always listened to them, but how can they go to her son’s murderer’s place. Akshat says that avni has a motive of going there. Suket asks if they too had a motive. Akshat says that they went to investigate abhaas’s muder and tell them that actually virat killed abhaas, which stuns all, particularly Bhawna.

Scene 3:
Location: Raj’s residence
As they keep dozing in and out of consciousness, as the poison begins to work, Virat leans on them and tells that noone has been able to ever defeat him, and god took away everyone who ever stood against him. In his rant of self boasting and ego, he starts professing all crimes, that he committed right from breaking vikram and sangeeta, for his benefit, so that he could live off vikram’s money, and then how he got to ruin raj and avniu’s relationship, and when abhaas tried to mend things, he had to be taken out too. He says that now its their turn and that once they die, the world shall think, that two lovers gave each other poison and killed themselves. as they lie motionless finally, virat has a huge laugh. The screen freezes on avni’s face.

Precap: As virat tries to tell vikram, that raj and avni killed each other by giving poison. Vikram faces him stoically, and eyes him with anger. As virat continues with the sob story, Vikram slaps him tight across his face and anjali reprimands him for being the lowest lowlife possible. Virat is astounded.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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    It is my opinion, but I think this serial is coming to an end.

    1. This show is ending Dec 2. I hate the way this show went. It was my FAVOURITE, and now it is a JOKE

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