Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 20th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 20th March 2014 Written Episode, Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 20th March 2014 Written Update

Avni comes to Arpita and Akshat. Arpita asks where she was since so long. Avi says she was looking after the guests. Arpita says she has to make this marriage happening as per her promise. Raj comes there and says she will definitely fulfill her promise. He then tells Ritz mum that Ritz had some urgent work so he left for Mumbai. Avni gets very happy knowing Ritz left. She says in her mind that she can finally enjoy the wedding now. Sidhi says how he can leave like that, he can go after wedding, I will call him. Raj says it’s too late, he would be in flight by now, and it’s good they will be less bothered now. Everyone laughs. Avni smiles and leaves from there.

Raj follows her and stops her. He says he promised her that he will never lie to her. He tells her it

was him who sent Ritz away. Avni asks why. He says whether she tells him her problems or no, but the God always tells him. He has setting. Avni laughs and then thanks him. She says she also doesn’t want to lie and then tells him everything Ritz told her to do. Raj tells Avni to enjoy the wedding now, so happiness is everywhere. Suddenly flowers fall on them. Baawre plays in the background. Both smile looking at each other, and then remove flowers. There is some left in Raj’s hair and Avni helps him out. Raj glares at her. Avni signs him all cleaned now. He smiles and leaves. Avni stops him and thanks him for doing so much for Akshat. Raj says he did for Arpita too, she takes him as a brother. They are together to make their brother-sister happy. Both have eyelock again and smile.

Bauji greets to Raj’s jiji-jiju. He praises Raj’s family. Jiji says Raj also praises them a lot. Bauji then goes somewhere. Avni greets jiji. They are called as it’s phere time. Raj smiles looking at her.

Avni and co are trying to hide Akshat’s shoes. Ritz mum tells Sidhi to steal the shoes. She says she won’t touch anyone’s shoes. Raj comes and says he will steal them. Aunt wishes him the best.

Raj on a mission of stealing shoes. Avni figures it out he came to steal the shoes, but she is sure he won’t find. Avni and Swari go to him and ask what he’s searching for. He says nothing. Swari tells him not to waste his time. Raj says he was just searching his thing. Avni asks him whether he will make them fool. She says they know what he’s searching. They usually work together, but this time, Avni says, she can’t help him. She challenges him to find the shoes. Raj says now he will definitely find it. He says excuse me and leaves.

Raj find the shoes with all the flowers. They are beside Bauji. He goes and chats with him and smartly steals them. Avni is shocked. She asks him to give her the shoes and runs after him. Title song plays as Avni chases him. Raj tells her no matter what she won’t get the shoes. Avni lies to him that those shoes are her dad’s. Raj gets tensed. She says her dad doesn’t like without shoes. Raj goes to give him the shoes. Avni’s dad asks why he’s giving him. Avni takes them away from Raj and says they are Akshat bhaiya’s shoes, but Raj thought they are yours. Raj is shocked. Avni’s dad leaves. Avni smiles at Raj and runs. Raj’s jiju tells him that he lost, bad luck. Raj says if there is Avni’s smile in his defeat, then he doesn’t mind losing. He smiles looking at Avni.

Sawri comes to the mandap. She asks Raj’s jiji from which side she is. She says she is caterer’s wife. Sawri asks her to stand behind then. She feels bad and stands back. Raj comes and asks why she’s standing there. She says she is feeling hot due to fire in front. Priest calls bride’s bro. Raj goes there. He does the rituals. Avni sees knot is coming off. She goes on the mandap and ties it harder. Bhavna smiles. The rounds (pheres) start now. Avni asks her mum whey they take 7 rounds. Bhavna explains meaning of all pheres to her. Raj is standing behind Avni and he throws flowers at her instead bride and groom. Avni says in her mind, all those promises are so good. It’s such a good way to start life together. It won’t be difficult for Akshat and Arpita to fulfill those promises as they already love each other. She wonders what will happen with her. Whether she will also fall in love with someone to whom she will give all those promises and her whole life. Raj throws flowers at her and she turns back to him. She throws bunch of flowers at him as well and laughs. The rounds finish. Arpita and Akshat smile at each other.

Ritz is heading back. He is frustrated as he couldn’t attend the marriage. He sees the guy with whom he had an accident. He hears his conversation with someone and finds out it was all Raj’s plan. He says to himself, you didn’t do good with me, now you guys wait and watch. I am coming back!

Precap: Avni is sitting in the mandap. Bhavna is looking at her from a distance. Avni’s dad comes to her and says everyone is looking for her. She tells him to look at Avni. When a girl sits in the mandap, then she gets married very soon. Bhavna then gets tensed and says, Avni is so innocent. How will she take all the responsibilities? Avni’s dad says, whatever is in destiny end up happening, no matter what.

Update Credit to: Rahi

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