Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 20th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 20th February 2014 Written Episode, Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 20th February 2014 Written Update

Sawari, calls arpita asides and asks her why did she em-brass her in front of every one by showing them all her pic and arpita apologizes and walks off while sawari is not done with her.

Raj and Sheru are very excited about Asha dee being preggy while Dee opens up her report and sees it as negative and is heart broken and so are every one. Avni comes to rajs place for practice and asha hopes not to make her sad and asks her to sit so that she can show her moves while dee can sit and watch her and tell her where she is going wrong and then avni talks how excited she is about dee being preggy and how good it will be for their family and then shows her a baby dress, dee feels very sad and bad and walks off from there while raj sees this and avni says that may be dee is a

bit shy and talks nonstop about how excited she is for the kid and is all when raj is irritated and asks her to concentrate on dance and not to get involved in other works and asks her not to waste raj, avni also gets a bit annoyed and says whats wrong with him as she is happy for them and what made him respond him in such a manner and she wasnt wasting any time and so on and shouts at him and says she is not interested in working wth him on dance and walks off ..

Sawari and bhavna family is all sitting and talking about marriage arrangements when bhavna asks her why she gifted diamond set so soon to arpita sawari makes a excuse while her husband is a bit uncomfortable.

Raj is sitting in her room while his sister and jiju comes in asking about avni and raj tells her she left and when dee asks him to call avni and apologizes and talk to her and sort things out while raj says why should he do it and if avni dragged it and left with anger he cannot help doing it and walks off.

Sawari sees avni sitting in garden and working on it and she walks to bhavna and tells her avni must be upset as she is gardening, bhavna says avni when lies or nervous eats a lot or when she is irritated and angry goes gardening, bhavna goes and asks her not to spoil her mood over a fight with her friend if that friend mean a lot then she has to try solving it and asks her to cheer herself up and walks off, avni speaks to self saying raj is not even my friend why should i even worry so much.

Raj is in his room and he hurts himself over a thing dee goes and tries talking to him saying he shouldnt have rushed things and reminds him that avni was excited and was speaking to her and avni had no idea tht it was a false alarm, raj says he knows he is wrong but avni is also wrong and she left with anger and he wont aologizes, she walks off with sad face when sheru ji cheers her up saying it will be fine as sometimes fights bring people close, which makes raj wonder and he plans on sending avni sorry message, while avni in her room also plans in apologizing raj and types a message and backs off thinking raj may misunderstand her thinking she is doing it for dance steps and says no matter how she dances, she will apologizes to him in the end of sangeet.

Raj goes to avnis house when bhavna asks him abut how he is feeling and then they talk about their profession and she praises him and asks him not to forget him to eat and when he does he eats on time and when she asks him what he had, he tries to rem but couldnot and then he denies her offer to make something for him but he agrees to eat a fruit and when she goes, he picks apple and from behind he hears some one saying before eating one should wash fruit and raj says he brushed his tooth its enough and notices its saket and he tries to speak but saket asks him not to when he is eating and walks off. raj wants to apologizes and goes to see her in room and notices she has a dance teacher

Precap: Raj is walking off when arpita cousin stops him and says he is the only interesting thing in jaipur and then point to a small thread near his collar and was about to pick it when a vni sees this and thinks wat a flirt while he is just uncomfortable

Update Credit to: ChillMaarYaar

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