Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 1st July 2014 Written Episode Update

Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 1st July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bhawna calls Akshit and asks how he and Arpita is. She says she just want that he be happy always. Suket comes to the lawn and thinks her face is telling that she was talking to Akshit or Arpita. Bhawna comes and gives Suket his tea. She leaves to get biscuits. Suket calls back on the number. Pratab takes the call and asks if she wants something else from the market. Suket says he dialed the number by mistake. Pratab tells Akshit and Arpita that Suket has started spying; he must be eager to know how you people are but as Bhawna said it is his own way, and must be difficult for him to find the right way.
The owner of Rivolia restaurant comes to meet Suket in the office. He tells him that his tips helped him run his restaurant well. Suket asks is he keeping the records, he shows him his mobile.

Suket sees the booking with A. Khandelwal. Suket thinks it can’t be Avni or Abhaas. Maybe it was Akshit as he is sure he and Arpita are in Jaipur somewhere.
Avni tells Devika to let her hair lose, as Raj likes them this way. Raj comes prepared, Jiji and Jija appreciate him. they ask if he is going empty handed, he shows them the gift he bought. Avni comes to the temple and asks for the blessings. Bauji looks at her, appreciates her and asks is she going somewhere. Before she can answer, Suket comes and says that they are going on dinner. His client opened a new restaurant and invited them. Bauji says he is going to sleep, they must go. Bhawna goes to tell Sanvri wondering how he decided to go out. Suket thinks that they must all know that he know Akshit and Arpita are here. He sees Avni and asks she is already ready, was she going out anywhere? She says no, but she had just hadn’t just worn this dress; she also was thinking to go out somewhere with the family. Suket says that he know its her favorite color, and he is happy his and his daughter’s choice matches so well. He says he will take her out. She thinks that he loves her so much, still she had to lie to him; she will call Raj and tell him not to come to the restaurant.
Jiji and jija says to Akshit and Arpita why are they staying at the hotel when their home is available. Raj also convinces them to stay here with his family and gets them to the room. Akshit tells him to go now, he asks what? Akshit says that you must have to go as you are dressed up. Akshit goes to get a suit case left downstairs. Arpita teases Raj that he is wearing the favorite color of Avni, and her gifted watch. He gets a text message, she sees Avni’s screen saver and asks he told her that he will set this screen saver only when Avni will say I love you to her. She asks did she say. He tells her that she said this at the airport; and today is our first date. Arpita is excited, and asks about further details. Raj gets Avni’s text and says that the date has been cancelled because Suket is also going to the same restaurant with the family. Raj says that he wont let their first date ruined and they will go there anyway.
Suket, Bhawna and Sanvri comes to the restaurant. He asks the owner is there any reservations as A Khandelwal. He shows him the table. Avni asks the waiter the same question and imagines Raj holding her hand there. Sanvri asks what she is doing there; she comes and sits there but still imagine herself and Raj there on the table. She sees Raj coming, and thinks that she must stop thinking about Raj or she will see him everywhere. Raj comes and greets them. Avni asks what are you doing here, he says they thought of having an outing. Jiji and jija comes there.
Raj and Avni sit separately with the families. Raj texts her to smile, she says that their first date got cancelled. She goes to washroom, Raj also leaves. He meets him in the corridor; she pinches him to make sure he is really there. He says he promised her that they will have a date together, and asks her to go along him. He takes her to a table decorated with roses, and offers her a chair. The waiter brings food and serves it. Avni thinks he has ordered all her favorite dishes. Raj says that you lose hair looks great. She says that you look smart in this shirt. He asks how your eyes have a new spark. She asks how his face has a different glow ? they say this is love. Raj gives her a red rose.
Avni says that our dress color also matches. She says I didn’t know about it, but you must have; as you always know. They eat together. Avni recalls that everyone must be waiting for her, she must go. He holds her by hand and pulls her closer. He says that this could be our perfect date; she says that you are perfect.

PRECAP: Raj and Avni comes out of the restaurant. Avni says something went missing, they hug.

Update Credit to: Sona

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