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Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 19th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Avni and Raj come in the living room arguing with each other about 50 lakhs. Avni blames family members and Raj says they all will show their bank statements and she will also have to show. All were against it, but Raj and Avni smartly make them agree. Virat gets tensed.

All come back with their statements. First Raj gives his to Avni. Raj then tells her to show her to his dad. Virat comes. Raj bumps into him purposely and puts the diary in his bag. Jiji Jiju also show their statements. When Virat turn comes, Raj’s dad says there is no need to check his. He never does anything, but Avni complains and Raj takes Virat’s bag to his dad. He drops diary outside and his dad picks it up. Virat gets more tensed. Before Raj’s dad checks everything, Virat confesses that he took

the money, but he took for a good work. There are many orphanages, so he thought to make some place for elderly people. He then says, even if good work, he shouldn’t have taken company’s money and he forgot to tell because of Raj and Avni’s fights. Raj’s dad returns his bag to him saying he said the truth himself so there is no need to check now. Raj and Avni are mad.

Akshat is very sad and looks at his family photo. He doesn’t know what to do to make everyone happy. Arpita says they will bring Aabhas back as their kid and that way happiness will return in this house.

Avni and Raj come to Virat’s room to take the diary again but they see him burning it ouside. Avni leaves in anger.

Raj comes to their room and tells Avni not to be upset. Avni says they had diary as last hope. How they will prove now. Raj hugs her and assures her he will expose Virat. Before Avni says anything, he carries her and puts her on the bed. He then starts walking away, but Avni stops him and asks him to stay with her. Raj sleeps beside her and she sleeps keeping her head on his shoulder. She was saying something, but Raj tells her to be quiet and enjoy that moment of theirs.

Akshat is helping Arpita in kitchen work. His parents come there. Bhavna tells Arpita she should have told her if she needed help. Arpita says there’s no need for that because Akshat is going to help her every morning. Akshat and Arpita ask them for their smile as gift. Both smile. Suket sees Avni and his smile disappears. He says if she comes here, then smile will never come. Avni asks their permission to go inside, but Bhavna tells Akshat to tell her not to come here. Her parents leave.

Akshat Arpita go to Avni and ask her why she came. Avni says she wants to help them. Akshat says she did biggest help by marrying Aabhash’s murderer. Avni says Raj is not murderer. Akshat says so he made her on his side with sweet talks. Akshat refuses to talk, but Arpita lets Avni talk. Avni says once she helped them and now she needs their help to expose real murderer. Other hand, Raj tells his Jiju Jiji about Virat’s real face and he asks them for help as well. Jiju gets very mad. He was going to go to Virat, but Raj stops and says dad trusts him a lot. They will need proof to expose him. He says he made plan with Avni already and Avni has gone to talk to Akshat. Once she comes, they will execute their plan.

Avni is doing havan puja’s preparation for Aabhas’s peace. Raj and his family come there. Raj says he won’t let her do any puja there. Akshat and Arpita come and say according to their tradition, their daughter is supposed to do havan in her in laws house. Raj still says he won’t let them do. Avni says she will call police. Virat interrupts and tells Raj to let them do. Raj tells him to be there and watch them as he won’t be able to stay calm if he stays there. Raj’s dad agrees saying only Virat is understanding and calm minded. Avni gets annoyed. All Raj’s family members leave except Virat. Avni hopes to expose him.

Precap: Virat goes outside to meet Aabhash’s friend or someone. Jiju is recording video. Avni and Raj are watching Virat. Virat was about to attack on that guy, but he sees Raj and Avni from car mirror. He understands they are trying to trap him.

Update Credit to: Simmy

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  1. Why giving much on virat Expose him soon to make the show more lively.

  2. Why do u make virat to know Raj and Avani are traping him now he will create much more pain for them than he created before, am just getting fed up with first and tanveer of QH

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