Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 19th February 2014 Written Episode Update

Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 19th February 2014 Written Episode, Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 19th February 2014 Written Update

Raj and avni are talking about food and both talk about arpita and akshat and about their valentine day when avni states its her brothers best day and she asks him to understand why she wont eat his chocos and before he could pacify her he notices bhavna and saket together and both are worried about her parents seeing them together and but well her parents walk right into avni and asks her about what she is going there, with raj and avni tells them that they were waiting for akshat who went to parking and raj was there as akshat has called him to talk about food and saket asks about how could akshat goes likes that and both raj and avni blocks path so that her parents wont see arpita and akshat sitting in other side of hotel, and avni was calling akshat when akshat picks up

and says he is with avni and when saket asks him to let him talk to her and that worries akshat, raj and avni, while raj sneezes loudly making akshat turn around and he notices his father and he asks arpita to take back door and go while he goes to his father and raj excuses himself from there while akshat thanks raj for waiting with his sis, raj walks off and arpita meets him outside thanks him and tells him that she forgot her mobile inside, raj goes to get it avni diverts their parents attention and akshat asks them how come there are here at hotel and her parents are uncomfortable, avni notices her moms new ring and flower and then teases them and raj sees this and feels sad that his valentines day is incomplete when bhavna stuffs a choc in avni mouth saying enough and raj is happy.

Avni walks into house with a smile while sawari and abhas tease her about eating all chocs and takes box from her hand when they notice its empty avni says its so yummy she ate all and tells them about her parents date and they all tease bhavna.

Raj is happy that avni ate his chocs and tells same to his jiju and jiji and says one day she will say i love u raj

avni sends him thanks message when he says he got a surprise for her tomorrow and send her his address and asks her to be there and both wishes goodnight . avni reaches there and he welcomes her inside, while she is hesitating to enter as she donno much of him, inside aasha and sheru are thinking about how asha will do dance while asha is promoting zee tv award and teases she is madhuri while he is not srk and says srk will be raj and he will take his gal with him, raj turns around only to see avni is standing still and asks her what happened, and she was trying hard to explain him how uncomfortable she is , and then his mother comes in there and introduces herself and then gives him thumps up while avni is clueless, and asha tells him if she looses then she will quit dancing and then asks avni to wait and goes inside to welcome them with aarti while sheru ji tries to talk her out of it but she wont and raj covers it saying asha was doing aarti before they came home and welcomes avni with open heart and then seeing mess in her house she scolds her hubby and that makes avni laugh and then asha tells them to wait as she will get them something to eat and asks sheru ji to come inside with help and when avni says she will do it and sheru says not to worry as he is used to and is stunned to know that its not same in her family, and when both gals are practicing raj claps loudly for avni and sheru ji asks him to tone done, and avni praises the locket asha is wearing and asha says sheru has gifted it to her 3 yrs ago and he reminds its not 3 but 7 as they are in love before wedding and avni asks them if her parents were ok with it and they say yes and raj tells her sheru was in catering just like his family and every one loved him and dee says even her parents were of love marriage and raj will be same to and when avni asks about gal raj diverts and asks dee to teach her new steps and while doing it dee feels dizzy and both guys later on jump with joy knowing asha is carrying, avni smiles seeing them so happy

raj goes to his sis and hugs her while dee says its good to be conformed about it from doc and they were about to head to hospital and raj says she will drop them and was about to talk to avni about it she says understands and cong them

arptia and akshat family are together with choosing their dance, when every one are waiting for avni and she apologizes for being late and sawari tells them that she will dance on remix version and arpita supports saying sawari was looking stunning in jeans and kurti and sawari is stunned and arpita shows them pic and every one are so happy seeing it and sawari is embrassed with it and looks at arpita with anger.

Precap: raj is scolding avni not to interfere in other matters and concentrate on dance and avni gives it back to him

Update Credit to: ChillMaarYaar

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