Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 18th November 2014 Written Episode Update


Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 18th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Avni’s residence
Arpita is talking to her online friend, when she gives an ultimatum to him, that she shall go back to work only when he meets her first. he agrees and asks her to meet him at the coffee shop. She gets excited and qwears her favourite dress, which she remembers she hasnt worn since after her marriage.

Scene 2:
Location: Avni’s residence
Avni finds virat receiving a call, and then moving out, and decides that this is the right time to find a truth. She starts searching for virat’s room, and finds a toll tax ticket, for umtagaon, and then finds that its dated on the same day, she was in Umatgaon, and wonders what virat was doing then there. She is determined to find out. Avni calls up her Umatgaon relative, and

then she gets to know the reality about virat and all his crimes with sangeeta, and avni. she tells about virat instigating the villagers to kill avni, and now wants to ruin their happiness. She is shocked, and walks out too.

While Madhuri is arranging his clothes, raj’s wallet falls out, which reminds him that he never kept the wallet on the crime scene, then how did it reach there, and that too with the contents strewn around. He thinks that there’s definitely someone involved, who implanted these evidences, and made raj look like the murderer. He is determined to find out who the person is. He remembers having brought back the wallet and license back to the house. He wonders who could have disappeared his wallet to the crime scene. Raj says that noone knew that he was going to meet abhaas except for virat. He understands that virat is behind all this. He walks out. He finds avni, and she tells him about virat trying to kill avni in Umtagaon, and then they discuss it completely, when raj tells her that he had killed abhaas, and then he got raj convicted. she is apalled, while raj consoles and comforts her, saying that virat made them believe that raj killed him. She is sorry that she hurt raj and his family, and that she hates herself. Raj kisses her hands, and apologises too, for hating her and her family, and how they wronged each other. she says that she thought she had lost him, and then hugs him. He too reciprocates. raj and avni are unable and frustrated to find that they have no other evidence against virat, and decide that abhaas’ soul shall rest in peace only when he is punished for his crimes, and try and outsmart his moves, by gathering evidences against him. raj finds his bank statements, and is shocked, that he has stolen crores of rupees from his father. Avni tries to say that they should go to vikram, but raj says that they are all influenced by virat, and they need something more solid. They break into his safe, through the keys, and try and find out his transactions about money and finally get the much awaited details, and think that if they match the number, they can find out who virat was giving the money too.

Scene 3:
Location: Coffee Shop
Arpita reaches and then waits for her online friend, thinking that she is feeling like a young teenager as she used to do with akshat, and then thinks that she shouldnt meet akshat, as this would be cheating on him. As she begins to leave, she gets a message from him, that she shouldnt ditch as he is excited to meet her, and has agreeed only due to her. She gets tensed. She turns around and finds that its the same cafe where she used to meet with akshat and is taken back to their romantic days, and gets sad. she decides to leave, as she feels she is cheating on akshat, but is stopped by a waiter who presents her a coffee, saying that the person over there ordered this for her. She goes to the person, and is shocked when he turns around to find that its Akshat, and is overwhelmingly excited to meet him. She is still in a state of shock, at this pleasant surprise, and how he stood by her in all these troubles and torments, and asks why did this need for online friendship arose. He says that he was embarassed at himself, his behaviour and his thiking, and hurt her so badly, and lost his respect in her eyes, and hence decided to start a freindship with her afresh and bring her back to life, and then get her all the more happiness in her life, that skaht made her miss out on. They confess their love for each other, and akshat says that he was scared when she wanted to meet her, as he thought she would be angry and reject him once again. she says that she is very happy due to his frank confession today, and that he isnt just a husband, but his best buddy. He says that he has fallen in love with her all over again, and is lucky that he got a wife like her and that he is proud of her and her work. They smile at each other emotionally.

Scene 4:
Location: Raj’s residence
Raj and avni find that virat has been giving money to every person involved in creating a feud between the families. She also tells about Parvati’s information, and confirms that virat must have paid everyone, to convict them. They leave the laptop, and decide to go and tell his parents. They find that vikram is again being instigated by virat, and that avni has again captured Raj, and vikram says that he can trust him, only, and asks him to keep avni away from raj. raj tells avni that they cant tell anything to vikram right now, and hence they should behave as if they are still fighting, and shall continue the drama of hating each other, so as not to arouse suspicion in Virat’s mind. The screen freezes on their faces.

Precap: Through a plan, raj and avni point out to vikram that lots of money is missing, in terms of a fight between themselves, and gets him to check everyone’s passbook in the family. Virat gets tensed. As vikram eyes the passbooks, and then looks at Virat’s, raj and avni are hopeful that their plan worked, and virat is exposed.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Finally some love in the show lol


    i lv so mch dis serial

  3. Everyday for the thief, one day for the owner. Virat should be exposed to face the law while Avni and Raj should enjoy their new love and reunite their families for good.

  4. I love RAJ and AVANi everything is fair in love n war finally they get to know da truth my raj n avani love for each other neva fade n their families forgive dem ………..

  5. I love RAJ and AVANi everything is fair in love n war finally they get to know da truth may raj n avani love for each other neva fade n their families forgive dem ……….. :*

  6. good it is about time that virat is exposed for the evil doer he is he destroyed toooooooo many peoples lives including abhass. virat is a seasoned murderer and he needs to get what is coming to him the hangmans noose. his face is so ugly he needs to be put out of society we do not want him around. good by virat and happy riddance to you its jail time now hope you enjoy it.
    I hope some good comes out of abhass losing his life so young that is I hope both families unite with one another and raj and avani have a proper marriage and live happily ever after.

  7. What’s in the laptop

  8. I need today’s episode

  9. At what time should we look out for the written update o Aur Pyaar hogaya–You are oing a grat job of providing the write ups for the anxious fans who wants to know before the show is aired in ZeeTV

  10. Ahhh tankgod d truth is out..oh papji..muah

  11. Y there are no updates for each soap from past few days…today this soap has no written update..y u guys doing like was better that u were uploading updates for each if the serials listed on ur site..plz update soon..

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