Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 18th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 18th March 2014 Written Episode, Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 18th March 2014 Written Update

Akshat’s baraat was ready to go all were standing outside. they put broch on Akshat’s turban and then Pratp tied something on Akshat sherwani. Avni asked its a ritual to put kaala tikka to the grrom to avoid evil eyes. Saawri did the same and put kaal tikka to akshat. Avni said now Akshat’s new life going to start. Bhawna blessed Akshat and asked all the happiness and good will for Akshat as he is going to start new Journey. She bcomes emotional. Then all took blessings from Govind ji and came outside to sit on the Ghodi. Avni asked for nake as he did something for Akshat and Akshat gave him a nice set of gold bangles. Abhas asked for himself and Told askaht that it is not fair. Akshat untied one of necklace around his neck and gave it to Abhas. then Akshat sat on Ghodi and

Bhawna meake her feed some grains as shagun. Baraat move towards Arpita’s home. Just then Raj came and Bhawna asked him to dod dance and make everyone dance. He refused as nobody gonna listen him but she insisted and Raj first of all make bhawna Dance and allw ere dancing. Avni saw Raj dancing and become sad. Suket told him to dance as well. On the way Raj saw Avni and Avni staring at Raj and this continues till Arpita’s home.

Arpita was getting ready and girls prasied her for her beauty. JUst then one girl informed taht baraat came and arpita got excited to see Akshat but Girls stopped her as she can’t see Akshat before going to wedding place. All left and Arpita nervous and then she went outside to see Akshat as she waited for this moment since so long and finnaly it came and sh thought Akshat too looking for her. But to hr sadness she could not see Akshat’s face. She came inside again. allw ere dancing and Avni’s sandal broke up. She was about to fall just then Raj catches her and then beautiful AvRaj eyelock. Avni settles herself and agains tarted to walk but she again was about to fall. Raj fix Avni’s sandal and Avni thought Raj comes everytym when she needs him in crisis and she asked one chance from God so that she can help Raj as Raj again becomes her saviour and she told many wrong things to him at home. Raj thought she must be very upset from him but he don’t know the reason.bhawre naina playing in BG. Ritzz was looking for Avni.

Arpita’s parents welcomed Akshat’s baraat and put garlands around their neck to welcome them. Just then Saawri’s sister-in-laws sandal also broke and Saawri blamed aggarwal’s for poor arrangemnets. Abhas teased it is due to her weight not du eto arrangemnts. Saawri scold him for teasing her. Avni came and gave her sandal to that auntyji and said she can walk bare footed but never et saawri miss any function. Just then some ritual to touch the hanging on the eneterance with leaves came. Avni stand there and ritzz starting at her and Raj came and stand by her side and give smirked look to ritzz. Akshat tried to touch that but he failed and then Abhas and one more guy pull him up and he touched that. all clapped and happy. Just then some nose pulling ritual came and Arpits’a mom tried to pull Akshat’s nose. But sawri and all others tried their best to avoid this. Just then mrs. agagrwal distracted saawri but failed and then finally she touched akshat’s nose.

All entered inside and allw ere walking but Avni finds it dfficult to walk barefooted. Raj saw all this and came and he took plate of flowers from sidhi and started to swayed flowers on her path and smiling. Avni awestruck at Raj’s gesture and happy. background APHG title tarck palying Sidhi came and taunted Raj as he wasted flowers for Avni and then told him to go to Arpita’s room as she called him and she left to take more flowers. Avni thanked Raj and left too. Raj went to Arpita’s room and she was nervous. She asked Raj is everything fine about her, Raj nodded no. she said she knew it and today she is going to look bad as something is wrong. Raj told her that all make up, jewellary good but one thing missing and Arpita’s asked wt and started to serach and then Raj told her smile is missing which is going to amke her beautiful bride ever.

Just then Arpita mom came and arpita asked her gain same thing but she said she looked beautiful. Raj asked arpita mom that when Arpita will elave then this home will become silent and sad. Arpita and her mom got emoional but to cheer them Up Raj told them if they both started to cry their make up will ruin and then Arpita not gonna look best bride. Mrs.Aggarwal said by puting her hand on Raj’s face that he know thsi very well how to bring smile on one’s face. Arpita said that’ why she alwayz told Raj is the best. she hugged Raj and told Raj is the best brother and she loves him( I personally love dis bond).

all were busy in rituals and Ritzz standing near Avni and told her to give him ahead massage to avoid any problme in marraige and Avni looked stunned at him.

Update Credit to: ShivinkiJas

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