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Abhaas says to Avni that this is how Raj is; Avni says that you must explain the situation to him. Abhaas says he know that now Raj will ask to accept their relation so that he doesn’t give the evidence. He takes promise from Avni not to tell anyone at home about his trial as there is already tension.
Raj is worried had he said something more that he should have. He waits for Avni’s call, but it was the professor. He tells Raj that he has to come, a student leader can’t act as a goon and it is about the discipline. Raj promises he will come and says sorry Avni looking at her pic. Avni thinks about calling Raj, and then says what will she talk about. Raj was sitting in his room; Pooja comes and kisses Avni’s pic on his cell phone, she asks him to call her. He denies shaking head. Madhuri

calls Pooja, she goes telling them to hurry.
Pratab comes and greets the orphanage management. They tell him that Sanvri has now become the trustee of the orphanage. Sanvri explains that she thought that instead of sitting home idly, she should indulge herself in some social service. Pratab appreciates her step. After he has taken the leave, Sanvri asks how are the adopted children taken care of.
The manager says that we keep on checking the condition of the children, but they have brought the file she asked for. Sanvri says now I will see if Madhuri keeps me away from Pooja or I will let her go away from you.
Avni comes to the college; Abhaas asks what she is doing. She was worried and says he was alone here. Raj comes there. Professor greets him. Principal comes there; the professor tells the principal that he thought the college papers are getting leaked out. He went to Abhaas’s house to ask, but he told me not to interfere. He tore my shirt and beat me. Raj is evidence to this. He asks to rusticate Abhaas. Raj tells the whole situation to the principal. The principal says he will look into the matter before coming to the final decision. Abhaas stands up and tells Avni this is Raj, he doesn’t believe in your trust on me. They leave. Raj looks at them leaving, the professor asks him to sign the statement; he takes the file and says he will get it in 5 min.
Outside Avni asks Abhaas why he didn’t give any clarification. Abhaas says that he knows the complaint has been made by a professor and some boys are already against him. Raj further confirmed this. It has all ended. Avni says sorry to him. He asks why is she saying sorry, but Avni says that Raj was there because of her and she knows how important that student council was for him.
The principal comes to the meeting room again. The boys says that Abhaas is a true leader, no one can be better leader that Abhaas. It is Professor who leaks the papers. The principal suspends the professor and rejects the complaint against Abhaas.
Abhaas isn’t picking up that phone in car. Avni gets Raj’s call, and gives her the good news. She tells Abhaas. Abhaas says that in spite of that Raj’s statement, I won.
The students and the professor were shouting. The professor says they cheated upon him. The boy says that you cheated with us; you bought your evidence from us in such a low price while you paid Raj so heavily. He even showed us one lac bundle. Raj comes there and says that he knew the professor was getting Abhaas caught, he had no choice. Abhaas and Avni were also there. The boys start to beat the professor, Abhaas stops them. A boy calls him the loser and tells him to take care of his sister.
The boys were discussing that they will see Abhaas. Abhaas comes and fights with the boys. The gang holds him while one of them brings a stick. Raj comes and hits the boys too. They both fight together. Raj beats the boy who talked about Avni. He held his throat, and deterred him not to be seen near Avni’s college. Abhaas and Avni come to hold him away while the boy runs. Raj was in anger, he tells Abhaas that if someone says something about Avni, I will do this to him and you won’t stop me. Raj leaves.

PRECAP: Avni tells Raj on phone he is so good. Raj says he is sleepy and has a lot of work in office. Avni says she will see till when he stays angry but thinks she will have to make his mood. Suket thinks he should call Akshit and ask him to come back.

Update Credit to: Sona

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