Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 17th November 2014 Written Episode Update


Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 17th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Avni looks at her family photo and hopes once they find out she has come here for revenge, they will understand her. Raj storms in the room. Avni asks him to leave, but he says he’s her husband and it’s their room. He tells her that her fear is going to come true and forcefully tries to get closer to her. Avni asks him to stop, but he keeps chasing her. Avni manages to run outside the room, but no one else is at home. Raj grabs her. She pushes him and he falls down the stairs.

Avni’s parents look at Avni and Abhash’s photo. Avni’s mum says parents make their children reason to live and both their children left them. Now it feels like their life is stopped. Avni’s dad says his daughter taught him never to trust anyone. Tears fall from his eyes as he

leaves. Avni’s mum says she’s mum in end and wishes Avni stays happy wherever she is.

Raj is on floor. Avni says he deserved this as punishment. She thinks he’s doing drama, but he’s really unconscious. She then gets worried and tries to get him up. She too then falls unconscious in tension. Their souls come out. Raj tells Avni he’s going for ever. He always loved her and he never wanted this hatred and revenge kind of life. Avni says he can’t go. He says if that’s how she can be happy, then be it. Raj’s soul leaves. Avni gets up in a shock. She asks Raj to open his eyes. Raj’s family comes in and they call doctor. Virat accuses Avni for attempting to kill Raj and calls police.

Virat tells whole story to police and they say they will need confirmation from Raj before arresting Avni. They go to Raj, but Raj says it was just an accident. He apologizes to police and they leave. All family members get furious at Raj why he saved Avni. Avni is amazed that Raj still saved her despite all the hatred, there’s still love. Raj says in his mind that love will never end. Avni tells Jiji she will stay with Raj as she’s his wife, but Jiji says no. However, Raj tells Jiji to let Avni stay. Jiji leaves.

Raj and Avni are alone. Avni helps Raj sitting and takes care of his wound. Baawre plays as they get closer. Avni then goes to get water when she hears Virat saying all his effort is going waste because of this love story. Avni wonders what he meant. Other side, Raj also thinks there’s something else and both Avni and Raj decide to go till problem’s root.

Precap: A lady tells Avni that Virat is very bad person. First her mum, and now he’s trying to spoil her life. Raj thinks who else knew about him going to meet Abhash and strikes that only Virat knew.

Update Credit to: Simmy

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  1. great that vir at is about to be exposed.

  2. really he is about to be exposed???? It is way overdue

  3. good let the truth comes out now about virat it is about time his storyline is dragging out tooooooooooooo long. throw his ass in jail for all the murders he committed. day runs until night catches up with it bring down virat he is tooooooooooooooo evil. let him get whats coming to him the same way he killed abhass let him be thrown over a cliff that is what we will call poetic justice. away with virat now with his ugly personality he too is an aconda.

  4. Guess the show is ending December 2nd but still going to miss it please avni and raj come in another serial I love this show and the baware song going to miss APHG :….(

  5. Plz don t end the show I love it plz plz I want this show ..plz do nottt

  6. Mishkat and kanchi are awesome …i lovethem and their jodi plz come together in another show aftr apgh bt plz donot end this show …it should run min 5 yrs…..i pray for this show and Raaj and avni…

  7. I will miss the show….but surely not the recent storyline with that Virat!!!! I wished the could have just changed it not ENDED!!!!! I hope the ending doesnt stop abruptly like Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se and Pavitra Risha…I hope we at least get to see some future of Raj and Avni.

  8. What i am hering the show is coming to an end. this is one of my most favoite show–love Raj, Avni & Suket. Please hurry up with exposing Virat–can’t wait

  9. krishna priya

    thank god…this virat is going to be get caught nicely….frm the past of umargoan till avni and tragedy life’s secret….let the truth solution for tha abhaas death is know..avni ad raj will kill viral…blo*dy buck….i love..both avni ad raj..plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz dnt end the show….

  10. plz plz plz ….dont end the show …the jodi is to cute to end the show…at least give an insight to their future…exposing virat is going to be epic…dont end the show…no way!!! 🙁

  11. Finally!!! Yessss! I was watching this show thinking when is this bullshit will end but finally the true is coming out!!!!

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