Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 17th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 17th March 2014 Written Episode, Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 17th March 2014 Written Update

The show starts by Ritz taunting Raj to give him food, He looks in anger but Avni nods at him to do it as he says, The Agarwals leave to their home, and Abhas and Akshat leave to get ready.

Ritz goes to the Mandir and steals the Sarpeench from Akshat’s pagri and gives an evil smile.

Just then he shouts at Bhavna, wow soo good pagri, bhavna and avni comes in, he praises the pagri, bhavna says avni made it. He says wow avni is so talented she new dancing, making pagri and i hope acting too, and gives a look to avni. just then he says aunty there will be something like broch on pagri, i think its missing.. Bhavna exclaims Sarpeench, yes, its missing and tells avni i had asked you to attach it… Avni says yes I had put it but its not there here.. He runs to her

bedroom and searches it but it wasn’t there, she comes downstairs and tells maa its not there, I will het it from Market, I know where it will get. Ritz stand there with evil smile

Just then Raj enters what happen is there any problem, he gets to know the problem and asks avni, “chalo hamjaldi bike pe jaake laate hain!” Ritz interrupt and says aunty Avni and I will get it, because Akshat says I dont do any help, so I’m here at your help, Raj has many works here, Raj in return tells no Ritz you stay here eat, drink and rest, I will get it. Bhavna gets a call from Suket for some work and she leaves saying go with anyone you want but get it in time. Avni being under Ritz pressure says Raj you do your work, I will go with Ritz.

While Avni and Ritz move outside he says I obey my promises and i hope you do the same, he says he likes her and hope she likes him, when Avni looked in anger at him.

Avni says I will bring the car keys, Ritz says NO we will go on bike, and sits on the bike with dirty intentions in mind regarding Avni! And as he removes his bike key, the Sarpeench being in his pocket falls down. Avni gets it and says you stole it from pagri? he says yes, I wanted to go on a bike ride with you. She urges to tell it to everyone. but Ritz blackmails her. If she says the truth, I will tell the truth about AA marriage. Waise bhi shaadi abhi huyi nahi.

Just then Raj comes in and Asks Ritz Pratap is calling him. Ritz leave. Avni calls Raj to say about (i think Ritz Avni Deal) but Raj doesnt listen her and says its alright think she chose Raj over Ritz.. he leaves with out an other word. Avni stays behind telling how do I tell him..

Avni speaks to herself that I think “Ab to bike pe jane hi parega Akshat bhaiya ki shaadi bachane!”

Ritz come back Avni says Its too late lets go!

Ritz with evil smile says ok, just then Avni says I dunno about the bikes but says “arre ritz tyre puncher hai” ritz steps down and notices and scolds raj, Avni blackmails him saying I think I should send Raj to get another sarpeench, I you wish you can give the original one to me. He hesitates but eventually gives her as he was being competed with Raj! Avni takes the sarpeench from him and gets inside home happily!

Akshat and Abhas in his bedroom, Suket and Bauji enters and gives him pushtani Sword, and a big lecture(limiting this intentionally)

Avni comes into the house and says thanks to God at the mandir, and calls her mother, and gives it to her, and lies that she forgot it somewhere and got it now. Raj looks at Avni and smiles.

Ritz comes in and says Bhavna, can you pls. tell raj to get my bike puncher repaired, Raj enters and accepts it just because of Bhavna!

Ritz enters angrily and says Avni, I want to take revenge from Raj, he is the one who punctured my bike. Avni says he didnt do it. Ritz says he only did it.

(flash back : When Ritz when inside house on Prataps call, Avni Punctured his bike’s tyre)

Ritz says he wanted to teach Raj a lesson, and commands Avni to slap Raj in front of everybody on his face. Avni says But… Ritz says if you dont do it, i will forget our deal! just do as I said.. Avni is threaten and haves multiple thoughts about whats Raj thinks about her then!

Ritz re-forces her and she goes to a servant and asks where is Raj, he says he just went outside!

Both Avni and Ritz move out to Garden area, Avni mistakenly ruined rangoli at first but does it intentionally by thinking to create a scene and blame Raj about it.

She then Shouts Raj!!!! Raj enters and she blames him of ruining her rangoli, Raj says he didnt do it, but Avni forces that he did it.

[Raj says if you have any other problem then please tell be I will solve it for you]

Avni looks his face and tells you are the problem, and the scene heats up and as she was about to slap him… Bhavna stops her and says why are you shouting at Raj.. she says her ruined my rangoli, Raj says nothing aunty… and smiles…

Bhavna asks Avni to tell him sorry and she did but just then Ritz enters saying he say Raj ruining the rangoli… Bhavna why didnt you go yet! You have to take Arpita to the venue! Raj hands him his bike keys with anger and says I have asked my man to replace your tyre and looks in great anger..

Bhavna leaves, Raj looks to avni, but as she was about to say something, Raj leaves with sadness..

Avni comes inside home and thanks his servant for sending her mother on time..

[Flashback: When she asked her servant where is raj, she said him to send her mother downstairs to get horse’s food ready.. the servant accepted her order]..

Avni thinks what does Raj thinks about me, and says I hope Ritz doesnt ask me anything more till the Shaadi completes…

The Baraat is leaving Avni’s home, Raj looks how beautiful Avni looking in Sari and smiles at her, Raj is dancing in the Baraat, Avni was also dancing, Bothe Raj and Avni looks at each other, their smiles fade and they part away!!!

Update Credit to: Sammy11

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