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Abhaas was in his room, Avni comes. He asks did he scold her. She says that she felt he is a pure soul and can’t think of doing anything wrong. Abhaas says he has done magic on her. She says that love has opened her eyes; that girl was his friend and shows Abhaas her photo with him she saw on a social networking site. She says that she loved it when he cares for her but she disliked his way because he is negating the truth. She says that one thing he will have to do for her as well, he will spend some quality time tomorrow with Raj. Abhaas argues that he is busy tomorrow but she says he has to be fair now. he agrees. Avni thinks now she should talk to Sanvri.
Sanvri thinks till now the orphanage must have taken good class of Madhuri. Sanvri calls the orphanage about the report, the man

tells him that firstly he found out that she was doing house chores; initially he thought of complaining but then got to know that the girl was copying her mother, he was astonished to see how she got adjusted with her new mother so soon. The man asks who this to ask so many questions is. Sanvri disconnects the phone immediately and says she must do something else. Avni asks from behind what she will do. She comes inside and asks Sanvri for what is he so worried. Sanvri says she is gaining weight and is worried for it. She goes to the tell Maharaj- the cook to make special diet for her. Avni thinks it isn’t fair to talk to her straight and she should tell her mom about it.
Suket was tensed on phone; he denied he had got a file of property while Bhawna showed it was there. Avni comes there, Bhawna asks Avni if there is something important, and she says she can talk to her later.
Madhuri tells Jashan to relax, as he was worried and annoyed at what Sanvri had done. Jiji says it is her problem and she knows how to handle it. He begins to take wine, she says you never drank; and it won’t solve our problem even now. Jiji takes him upstairs to his room. Akshit comes downstairs and finds the wine glass. He is disgusted that the people here drink even.
Abhaas was in a room, Raj comes there. He asks what is he doing here too early, Raj says he is doing just what Avni told him to. It is his punishment for cheating. Avni gets breakfast for them. Abhaas says who eats Aalo bhujia sandwich in breakfast. Avni tells him its Raj’s favorite and since he is a guest at home they must take care of his likings. Abhaas tells her to leave them two alone. She gives the tray to them and leaves winking at Raj. Raj eats the sandwich eagerly and asks Abhaas what’s his plan. His professor is coming today as he is a student leader. He can make all the strategies for him. Abhaas says he has a work for him. Raj says anything for him; Abhaas takes him out and tells him to make a cabinet for him as no carpenter is coming to do such a small task. Raj says no work is little he will do it. Abhaas leaves. Raj wonders if every member of Avni’s family keeps such tasks for him.
Madhuri is playing with Pooja, Sanvri comes there. She has brought a gift for her. Sanvri says to Madhuri that when you called me here, I thought of bringing a gift for her. Madhuri tells Pooja to go upstairs, Sanvri says she must let her be here but Madhuri calls Pooja’s name and she goes up. Madhuri tells Sanvri to sit. She tells Sanvri that as for humanity she gave a last chance to her to meet Pooja. Sanvri asks why? Madhuri says that I know what you did to us. Sanvri thinks how she knew about this; she asks What is she talking about it. Madhuri says that we know you talked to her on phone, it is fine you are attached to her but manipulating her isn’t acceptable. We have good relations with your family else so I am telling you politely that it was your last meeting with Pooja else… Sanvri stands up and says what she can do to her and she hasn’t given birth to her. You two aren’t worth being her parents, I am eligible for her and I can be her best mother. Madhuri says the orphanage didn’t consider you worth being a mother and you failed in the interview. You should change your thinking. Sanvri asks did you call me here to insult me? After she leaves, Madhuri thinks I know I shouldn’t have talked to you like this but I had no choice.
Abhaas’ professor comes. Abhaas comes to take him and before going inside he says what you are doing is what losers do. Raj says had he not been Avni’s brother… Avni asks so what would he do? She comes and sits beside him and says that he wants to defeat them but they can’t lose hope. She offers to help him as she knows little about carpentry. While hitting a nail, he poses he got injured, she runs after him but there was no injury. They say it is done, Avni says she will polish it while Raj says he will make tea for them as well as Abhaas and his guest.
Raj comes inside. The professor was coming downstairs, his shirt torn. He asks what happened, he says nothing and leaves. Abhaas comes downstairs and asks Raj to keep his own business. Abhaas appreciates the cabinet, a car pulls up and the professor comes with some guys and says that this Abhaas beat me for not leaking the papers. Abhaas asks what proof does he has. The professor points at Raj and says he saw me there and he will give evidence against him. After they have left, Abhaas asks Raj will he be the witness, Raj says it is about his character, he cant tell a lie. Abhaas goes inside telling Avni that Raj is now taking advantage. Avni asks Raj will he really be the witness. Raj says I cant tell a lie. Avni says he will not only be taken down as a student leader but will be expelled. Raj says he should have told me about it inside, but he said shut up to me then. If he doesn’t have to speak straight to me, it is ok. Avni says that now he will take revenge from him. Raj says that I did a lot for Abhaas but you are saying so to me. Avni asks you will give the evidence against him. Raj says I will do what is right, no one can stop me. Avni thinks she never wondered Raj would behave like this.

PRECAP: Raj tells the truth to the committee. Abhaas tells Avni to see this is Raj. Avni leaves.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. why is avani feeling bad is she not in support of truth?isnt being truthful always one of her good qualities?she shld not change cos of her brother

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