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Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 16th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Suket was scolding someone on phone to call a meeting. He says that all the records should be kept ready like Akshit used to do. Suket leaves, Bhawna says that she will pack his breakfast. Sanvri says that she finds Suket quite tensed these days. Bhawna says he has some business tension. She calls Narayan to pack the breaksfast, Sanvri says that she also has to send sweet poori’s to Pooja. Bhawna asks how is Pooja, then says that she got such good parents; she must be fine. Sanvri thinks she will prove that no one love Pooja more that her.
Avni is worried and tells Raj on phone to dress up properly. When he doesn’t take her seriously she thinks of going with Abhaas. She comes and appreciates Abhaas, he warns her not to butter. She says Raj will come to meet them at 2. Abhaas says you

aren’t going anywhere, I am going alone. He hands her the newspaper to read. Avni tells him that there should be no fights. He doesn’t guarantee her. She is worried and says she must do something.
Sanvri makes a call and introduces herself as Madhuri- Pooja’s mom and confirms about the timings of vaccination.
She tells them she was just cross checking. After she hangs on she says that today the people at Ashram are going at Mashuri Jashan’s house to see how they are taking care of Pooja. Now I just need to see that there is all wrong. She calls Madhuri, when answered she disconnects and goes to get juice for Pooja. Sanvri tries again, Pooja replies. Sanvri asks how she is, and asks if she is happy with her parents. She says they do a lot for her, so she should also thank her. Sanvri says she must do all what they do for her like bringing the food, water and dusting at home. Pooja agrees, Sanvri tells her to keep it secret. Sanvri says that what the Ashram management will think after seeing Pooja working at home.
Raj comes to Abhaas, and asks did his car go out of work. Abhaas says that does he have no work except to wander around his sister. Raj tells him that he works with the catering, helps Suket and is also planning to start his new chain of hotels. Abhaas says that you plan to give competition to his dad. Raj says he just want to give a good life to Avni like her parents have given her. Abhaas thinks he has come all the answers learnt. He tells Raj to ride a bike; Raj goes to it and finds that all the gears are upside down. Abhaas says that a challenge is all to a bike rider, but you will run away watching any difficulty in life. Raj accepts the challenge and takes the bike.
Madhuri says that she must go to wake Pooja’s father for lunch, Pooja brings food bowls to the table. The Ashram management come and finds Pooja calling her parents. Madhuri comes and says thanks to Pooja. The management comes inside and says they are making her work at home, they thought they will keep her happy but they actually wanted a maid. Avni comes and says that he has got it all wrong, they do a lot for Pooja. Avni says that she talked to Pooja today, she wants to be like her mother and wants to copy her. Avni says I am Suket Khandelwal’s daughter and won’t do anything against the Ashram’s reputation. The management notices, and leaves. Jija thanks her but Avni says she knew what was going to happen and tells them Sanvri got it done. Jiji says she has no words to say thanks to her even, her daughter would have been snatched today. Jiji says she must talk to Sanvri. Avni leaves.
In the way a girl asks Raj for help as her car has gone out of order. He says he will get the mechanic but the girl asks him to take her along as she is all alone here. He agrees and tells her to sit on the bike. Suddenly with a jerk the girl slips, Raj holds her. Avni and Abhaas who were coming behind separately on car and rickshaw see this. Abhaas comes to him, Raj explains but Abhaas doesn’t listen. Raj tells Avni that the girl’s car was out of order. Abhaas says he will check it.
The car starts. Abhaas says the car is well, but he just wanted a chance with the girl. He leaves saying to Avni to tell him not show his face to him again. Abhaas leaves, Raj asks the girl to tell the truth but she leaves saying anything. Avni also leaves.
Abhaas thanks the girl, who was Shilpa. He says that he got his sister. Shilpa says that Raj is a good guy, he didn’t take advantage she gave him and wasn’t even ready to let her sit on his bike. She says he has won the character test. Abhaas says that you don’t understand such guys, he is very smart.
Raj explains Avni that he wasn’t wrong. She points the scissors to him and tells him to be quiet. She says that she knew he wouldn’t have bandaged his wounds and starts to bandage them. Raj says I thought you will also think like your brother. Avni says I haven’t seen a decent man than you. Raj says how your brother will understand this. Avni says with time, he will also get this.

PRECAP: Madhuri tells Sanvri that she is meeting Pooja for the last time today. Sanvri stands up and says that the love which I can give to Pooja is incomparable to yours. Madhuri says that the orphanage management failed you in the interview.

Update Credit to: Sona

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