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Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 15th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Raj and Avni sat on the floor in the shop. Avni was worried about the family. Raj says he has a solution for it. He comes dressed up and says some dialogues. He changes into a Mughlai dress and says to the dummy has she seen his princess he dreams about. Avni goes and dresses into a princess’s dress and asks where were you my prince.
Abhaas car stops in the way. He goes into the mall, the guard says it is closed. He tells him he wants the water, the guard guides him the way to the cooler.
Raj gives Avni red rose. She says she never thought the day would be so great. Raj says it was a memorable day, just need something to eat. Avni says she is also hungry. Raj goes inside and brings biscuits from manager’s cabin.
Abhaas walks into the mall towards the cooler. Raj notices him

and calls ‘is someone there’. Abhaas asks who are you. He says he got locked in. Abhaas says he will tell the guard. Raj tells him his girlfriend is also with him. Abhaas says he will see into what he can do. Raj tells Avni that soon we will be free. Avni says I wanted to spend some time with you.
The guard gives the key bundle to Abhaas. He opens the lock and is shocked to see Raj and Avni inside. They were holding hands. He asks Girl friend? You went with your friends, how you be with him in stead of a lot of tensions at home. He gets Suket’s call. Suket asks did he find Avni. He says she is with me, and we stayed to eat something. Abhaas says to Raj that he betrayed us and was about to hit him but Avni blocks her way.
Akshit says to Arpita that dad followed mom means he misses me. Jiji appreciates this. Arpita asks don’t you keep the fast. Jiji was eating something, she says I will. Arpita says that you must not eat anything then. Jija comes and says that we are a bit loose in following the trends. Akshit says that one should follow the traditions completely. Jiji says that she keeps the fast each year and then eats the deliciously Tandoori… She stops and says Tandoori vegetables. Pooja calls and they leave. Akshit says to Arpita that she must cook separately. He misses his family.
Suket thinks how the business community thinks he can’t handle business without Akshit. He says he can do it alone too. Bhawna comes to ask him to sleep. He says he has work to do.
Avni argues Abhaas that if he can support Akshit and Arpita why not her. He says it is about her choice, she argues but he scolds her. She says how will he stop him? Abhaas says he wont come to face me, he is a loser. Avni smiles and says look at him there. Raj was standing, Abhaas says to her is she okay. Abhaas takes him by collar and says I must not see him near her. Raj says he loves Avni and will stay around her. Abhaas beats Raj, he falls down on ground. Abhaas says to Avni he isn’t a hero but a zero. Raj stands up and says that you cleaned you hands, now you must clean your heart as well. He says that he didn’t want to beat his son-in-law to be. Abhaas tells Avni to sit in the car. Raj tells her politely to go to the car, she goes inside. Raj says there is no power bigger that love.
Abhaas takes clothes from the wardrobe. His hands hurt; Avni brought the bandage for him. He says thanks, she says he must thank Raj as he told her to do this. Avni tells Abhaas that Raj saved her life in temple; he sent Ridz away at Akshit’s wedding and beat him. She says she loves him dearly, and asks to give him another chance. Suket asks what chance? Abhaas says that there is a function at her college so she wants his party’s support. Suket leaves telling them to go to bed. Abhaas says only one chance; tell him to meet him at 2 tomorrow. Avni cheers and hugs him. She hopes they become friends tomorrow.

PRECAP: A girl asks for Raj’s help in his way, she slips while Abhaas and Avni riding in car and rickshaw respectively see them.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. i want avani parents know that shes in love with raj

    1. I know but not at this moment because suket is still kind of mad at arpita and akshat because of the love marriage thing and also because they hid from the parents. Thay should find out when suket forgives akshit and arpita. Hes almost there in forgiving them. the new problem is between abhaas and raj.

  2. yeah abhas is the new problem but trust raj he will always find a way out

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