Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 15th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 15th January 2014 Written Episode, Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 15th January 2014 Written Update

Suket and Bhavna are arguing over one more son abhasa. Suket is pissed off with his behavior and says he is more interested in saving the world. sawari asks babuji to ask tough questions for arpita just like he did when choosing bhavna. Bhavna goes on to check her baby avni, when avni is checking which necklace goes fine on her while mom says up to u as anything will suit u and then reminds her about being imle as its time for the gal whom they are heading to see should be more stunning and avni understands this and they hug each other. Arpita is all dressed and waiting for her mom, when she comes from temple and says she wish the guy selects her, and well they are wondering where her father is, and he comes and gift’s his daughter arpita a beautiful stunning necklace and

they share a emotional moment. Sawari is talking about how things with bhavna was and then sawari tells him that she is willing to find flaws in arpita while akshat says he is there to help arpita and while arpita is praying when she notices akshat call and when he says he is ready to give her answers as he knows questions, and arpita says no need, she will handle things on him and then they argue on same thing and decides on handling on self.

Akshat family reaches arpita’s meeting place and they exchange greetings and avnis; family gift them idol of krishna, then both newly lovers are taking blessing and then every one are seated around the table and then asks about lunch, then sawari knows about arpita order Italian she tries finding fault when arpita says she has ordered indian food about others in family too and every one are happy while arpita and akshat are busy in blushing and stealing glances at each other.

Raj’s brother in law is arguing about commission and all when raj and his friend comes there and tries to pacifies things. bhavna asks arpita about wont she feel sad and bad that after highly being educated she has to sit at home and do house hold work, arpita says its a full time job and all and says thats why her father and she respects her mother, babuji gets up and every one are worried, and he says based on what arpita said reg her fate for her answer on sawari;s question, he says he will pick two stones from pot and if arpita picks up white stone arpita will be married at their place, sawari is wondering what to do about the questions they prepared, avni says its unfair while babuji asks worried arpita to join him and all are tensed, arpita gives one last glance at akshat and then at family, she notices babuji holding both black stones and is thinking how to tell others about it, as it will be leading to insult of babuji and is worried about her and akshat’s match. and then she picks one handwhile every one are tensed. avni asks her to show which stone she picked and all are stunned and sad seeing the black stone except for sawari. avni is worried that this match wont happen while babuji says it will and it will be not due to her fate but her nature, and he defends her saying he has picked two black stones and knows she is watching it and then says she picked one only not to insult him and every one are happy to hear this while babuji says a gal who can respect elders and respect relations is capable of being their daughter in law and then they do the rasam of sharing shagun and every one are happy.

Raj tries talking nicely but jiju doesnt give in for commission, while the guy is giving earful on raj’s jiju and this irritates raj and he ends up slapping and fighting while avni is speaking to devika that match is done, avni is seeing the fight while avnis brother comes to fetch her and she sees raj there and is stunned raj who was about to hit was stunned and holds back.

Precap”Avni is talking to god say raj is more like gunda while raj is worried that avni thinks of him as gunda

Update Credit to: ChillMaarYaar

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